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Episode 11: The Todd Glass Show
Mike Koman
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #11: Mike Koman

Todd’s old friend and roommate, Mike Koman, comes on the show to discuss the proper etiquette for living with roommates, recent political events and more!

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  1. Jimmy says:

    And now Mike Koman’s engaged to Ellie Kemper…so he won.

  2. dan says:

    So I’m too lazy to read all of the comments but they seem to be focused on the Obama stuff. My opinion on that is MEH (and Mikes a closet republican)…but of all the podcasts so far, Mike Koman, you sir, had the funniest bit with the song in the end. Literally, tears streaming down my face.

  3. Willj says:

    I absolutely love this show! However, this one was a bit painful to listen to. Frankly, I kept waiting for the longer arguments to turn into a bit.

    Todd, I totally had your back this episode. Mike was way off.

    I was disappointed that nobody mentioned Obama’s statement wasn’t just political posturing, but also the position of the Commander in Chief defending valued members of the services.

    He isn’t just a politician stating personal opinion about soldiers, he’s those soldiers’ boss. I’m sure those soldiers are glad to know that their boss didn’t just let this one slide.

  4. Julia says:

    He makes my pants want to get up and dance.

  5. Sally says:

    I just finished listening to all the podcasts for a second time. While this one isn’t the strongest, it was still really funny and compelling. More bits and jingles please!

  6. Sam says:

    Doesn’t it just boil down to this?: Obama shamed the GOP candidates for not denouncing the booing of a solider – which does seem too easy a lob, and barely noble. Obama would’ve been *much more* noble to shame the GOP for not denouncing the booing of a *gay person*. That would also have been more accurate – they were booing him for being gay, not for being a soldier, he just happened to be a soldier, which only adds hypocrisy to their bigotry. The bigotry is way worse.

  7. Jimmy says:

    As a short addendum to my response to Lee:

    Todd set up a straw man fallacy in which he claimed that Obama was being a (I hate to use this word after Sarah Palin, but it’s the right one) maverick, going against the grain by condemning them. In fact this was already a huge news story, and many media outlets and public figures had already spoken out against it. Todd’s ignorance in the field allowed him to argue something that was patently false.

    Again, I absolutely love the show, but this episode was uncomfortable not because their was argument, but because Todd never came to the realization that he’d made a mistake. Even in his intro to the episode recorded the next day he still was blaming Mike.

  8. Jimmy says:


    I’m not saying that Obama shouldn’t have made that statement, or even that he shouldn’t have made it in the very public forum that he did. What I am saying is that there is nothing particularly admirable about this. Todd and to some extent Daniel were praising him as if he’d made some great sacrifice to say this. I saw a recent poll in which only about 25 percent of Americans disagreed with allowing gays in the military.

    I ended my comment with this sentence: “This doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing to do, but it doesn’t merit applauding the president for his courage” and yet your response was that “What you’re essentially saying is that when the right thing to do is also the easy or the advantageous thing to do, it ceases to be right.” I think it was the right thing to do, but it is not a sign of Obama’s strength as a president. Even a very conservative politician would speak out against booing American soldiers IF his opponents had allowed it to pass.

    My opinion may vary a little from Mike’s, but the basic kernel is the same, and it’s not categorically wrong. It’s not categorically right either, but the way Todd handled it made me cringe.

  9. J says:

    Loved this episode as usual. The arguments were interesting and getting an insight’s to Todd as a roommate was gold, so funny that he’s always been a overprefacer! For those who didn’t like the arguing, I’d be surprised if it’s a trend, not that I’d mind. It’d actually be cool if Todd did “debate” minisodes. Loved the Goebel debate episode from C&EE, could be like that. Anything to hear more TODD. Keep it up!

  10. J says:

    Loved this episode as usual. The arguments were interesting and getting an insight’s to Todd as a roommate was gold, so funny that he’s always been a prefacer! And I vote for 2 podcasts a week!

  11. paul says:

    Echoing most comments, I’ve never had such a turnaround from pure excitement to listen to a podcast to deleting it before it’s over. The political arguing was too much. If that’s the way Todd chooses to go from here on out, that’s fine! I just won’t be tuning in anymore. Other episodes, best podcast ever! Not giving up hope!

  12. Josip Vujcic says:

    Well, in Todd’s defense, sometimes 15 minutes isn’t enough for him to finish a thought or even a sentence. And that’s why I love to listen to him, because I know he could start something and then get completely sidetracked and finish it later. I look at this show as a ‘ride’, and have no problem if it suddenly goes from ‘dancing pants’ to serious politics, it makes the whole thing so much interesting. I’m getting bored with some podcasts that are still good but are starting to follow a strict pattern and are getting way too predictable. I also give Todd credit for not editing the whole discussion out. You may agree or disagree with him, but he allowed you to see how his brain operates. Anyway, the show is free and you can always fast forward to some rape jokes if that’s your cup of tea!

  13. Rbaix says:

    I don’t have a problem with conflict on comedy podcasts. But it took 15+ minutes of interruptions before Mike was finally allowed to state his INITIAL position. A debate is meaningless until viewpoints have been clearly established.

    Todd should let others speak for themselves. It’s painful to hear him cut off the guest mid-sentence, misinterpret their point, thrash a strawman, then repeat.

  14. Lee says:

    Jimmy and Brad – What you’re essentially saying is that when the right thing to do is also the easy or the advantageous thing to do, it ceases to be right. What’s worse is that the core logic behind what you’re saying reduces all of political discourse to a chess game.

    To start, please tell me where exactly the “governing arena” is in the age of the 24 hour news cycle in a campaign year. If you could, please tell me how the President could have addressed that issue WITHOUT it somehow filtering out to the media and becoming a political move.

    I’ll happily concede that you have a point that he could just have easily condemned the citizens who were booing in the audience but, at the same time, it’s not those people who are claiming positions of moral superiority in pursuit of political office. What needed to have attention drawn to it wasn’t that there was a crowd of ignorant, monstrous zealots booing a gay soldier but rather that it was THAT crowd that was drawn by these politicians. The disgusting behavior on display that night was an example of what these people, who seek power in government, enable. In any case, who in that audience had any power to put a stop to what was happening? It was the people on stage who were in the position to decry what was going on and none of them would.

  15. Josip Vujcic says:

    I listen to way too many podcasts, but this is the only show where I instantly hit playback as soon as it ends because I can’t wait for a whole week for the next one. I think I have a pod-crush on this show!

  16. jaylo says:

    guys… they are friends, friends have heated discussions – and i for one thought this episode was great. it’s called the todd glass show, and todd’s opinion is clearly going to be the consensus of the show, whether you agree with it or not.
    not my favourite so far, but still a great episode of a really, really great podcast that is fast moving up to the top of my imaginary, perpetually changing podcast chart.

  17. ChrisT says:

    Someone had to say what Obama said at least to highlight what happened, I personally didnt get Mike’s point and by the end he basically admitted to just being contrary.
    I enjoyed the show but was surprised Mike didnt come to his senses because I dont think he believed people should be able to boo a soldier just because of his sexual preference and no politician should speak up.
    Also I enjoyed the show argue every week if you want as long as your honest about your opinions and not just doing for the sake of it .

  18. Brad says:

    Agreed with all the previous posts. I think this is a great show, always good for laughs, but the debate portion of this ep felt like a punishment. Mike’s position during the Obama debate DID make sense, so it was painful to hear you guys belittle him and tell him he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Just because you can’t follow what he is saying, doesn’t make him wrong. And you did very clearly tell him he’s wrong. I’m not saying I agree with him, but he was making sense.

    So many times in this show’s run, you guys start fake arguments and it ends with a BAILOUT! I kept waiting for the bailout, and even after the political debate ended, and little arguments started up, I couldn’t figure out the tone. It was extremely uncomfortable. I will say kudos to Mike for staying calm and never raising his voice. It felt like he was getting attacked for everything towards the end.

  19. Jimmy says:

    Todd I’m a big fan of the show, but this was a mess. On the Obama debate you were treating Mike like he was being unreasonable and ignorant, but in fact YOU were. Just because Daniel was agreeing with you does not mean the listeners were. It is not a radical position to disapprove of booing soldiers, gay or otherwise, and to make that statement in a POLITICAL arena rather than in a governing one is what made the difference. Obama did not critique citizens for booing the soldier, but politicians he is running against for not stopping them, which is what reveals it as a calculated move. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing to do, but it doesn’t merit applauding the president for his courage.

  20. Karen Engal - Arizona says:

    Didn’t enjoy listening to two people argue on a comedy podcast. It’s not fun and just uncomfortable, had to skip forward through most of it.

    Love the jingles.

  21. Vincent S says:

    I don’t want to take back what I said but that episode hurt. People argueing about argueing about music and other stuff, it’s endless and not fun. I’m sorry but this episode isn’t for me. I know you couldn’t anticipate a guest’s reaction to everything and everything being about anything that comes up in that time, any topics and reactions are going to be in record. I’m still a fan (not the stalk you and rape you variety. I can admit it to boost your confidence if need be) and keep up the great work and such and such.

    :/ can’t really complain, I get this entertainment for free and most of the time it’s top notch.

  22. Joe Kickass says:

    If I wanted to listen to people argue for 2 hours I’d have dinner at my parents house. Less politics and more rape jokes next time.

  23. Scooter says:

    Hey Todd, your podcast rocks and is a nice compliment to the bevy of casts I’m trying to keep up with week to week. I always make sure to leave time for yours! Really dig the unique style with the bits, breaks and stories.

    I’m totally on your side about having a clean house to live in. I lived with 6 other guys in college and it got so bad that I stopped talking to one of them for 3 weeks. The two worst wouldn’t chip in for toilet paper so we all ended up keeping a stash hidden in our respective rooms. Those two douches opted for the ol’ shit and shower approach instead of shelling out a couple bucks for paper.

  24. Joe says:

    Oh my god I read about your podcast in who gives a fuck magazine

  25. Jesse says:

    Todd.. I really enjoyed the other episodes.. Try to avoid more of these.. Sooo laborious and going in circles. I’m a fan, just sayin

  26. Vincent S says:

    I haven’t commented on your podcast yet but I think this show is the best on the line-up from Nerdist Industry because it has always made me laugh so hard. Just wanted to say you guys rock.

    Onto the listening!