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The RICK AND MORTY Concept Album Has Its First Music Video

Rick and Morty fans, are you ready to get schwifty with Allie Goertz? Back in September, Goertz raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter to create a concept album of music inspired by Rick and Morty, the Adult Swim animated series created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

Earlier this week, Goertz released her Rick and Morty album, Sad Dance Songs. To mark the occasion, Goertz also posted the music video for the album’s first track, “Dance Bitch”.

As part of her Kickstarter campaign, Goertz enlisted music video director Paul B. Cummings to create the video for “Dance Bitch”. At the time, Goertz promised that “Dance Bitch” would have a video that would be “funny, sad, and filled with blood.” And she kept her promise, along with some very NSFW language!

Sad Dance Songs

In the video, Goertz casts herself as Rick, with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch as Morty. Demi Adejuyigbe, Dani Fernandez, Alexis Gibson, Ryan Gibson, Marina Meshkova, Erin Mallory Long, and Brodie Reed are the background dancers/victims.

“Paul B. Cummings wanted to do the video and got a crew,” Goertz said during an interview with Inverse. “It forced me to become accountable. It’s like a prank to me—how well that Kickstarter did—but it’s also weird. I couldn’t just drop a surprise concept album. On Album One, everyone already knew the songs, and for a dance album about a cartoon show, this is all very different.”

Sad Dance Songs is available for purchase on Goertz’s bandcamp page, along with her previous comedy album. Goertz is also a part of the extended Nerdist family as one of the social media managers for Comedy Central’s @midnight. We think she is wonderful.

What did you think of Goertz’s “Dance Bitch” music video? Share your thoughts below!

Image Credits: Allie Goertz

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