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The Return Of Childish Gambino

Since we’ve been on a roll with Community posts lately, here’s one more: In case you haven’t heard (or read the tweets), Childish Gambino is back. Donald Glover’s alter ego has a new five-song EP available, and it’s absolutely free.

Here’s a sample (the video’s been available for a couple of weeks now, and the song’s been out for about a month), with the appropriate title “Freaks and Geeks,” and beware, if you’re at work or near people with sensitive ears, it’s NSFW:

Download the EP here. Like, now.

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  1. Daemo says:

    When does he stop doing the lil wayne impression? I like this guy but his flow is bitten hard and his lines are really weak. ‘An elephant never forgets so my dick remembers everything’?

    If you think this is good look up a real rapper like mf doom or jay electronica.

  2. Dan says:

    It should be illegal for someone to be so ridiculously talented in so many different facets.

  3. Anita says:

    Only rap music worth listening to these days.

  4. GODDAMN Donal Glover is on point!!!
    I just picked up a ticket to his I Am Donald Tour.
    I’m big into hip-hop, mainly underground type stuff, very conscious stuff. At first listen it sounds very mainstream hipPOP but when you really listen to the lyrics homeboy is on fire and smart as hell!

  5. 7Cyns says:

    My *favorite* Nerdist podcast is the one with Donald Glover. It made me start watching Community and following him on Twitter. If The Simpsons ever want me back (and they do, oh yes, they do) they would make Donald’s episode with Hall and Oates.

  6. Chris says:

    I can’t stand rap on the radio, but Childish Gambino is sweet, sweet music! Thank you, Donald! *fist pump*

  7. Robert Aguirre says:

    He has the greatest puns like the spiderman line and about xxl not letting be apart of the freshmen class

  8. Wesley Marshall says:

    Downloaded the album this morning fucking great job Donald. I mean I was in no way a fan of rap. But he can sing to and his raps about things I like. I mean fucking rapped about Goku. Can’t wait for the next full album.

  9. Westley Roberts says:

    I am loving the evolution of Childish Gambino, his songs sound fuller and he comments on a couple of things in his lyrics are just getting better and better every time he opens his mouth. He even commented on the Donald Glover/Spiderman situation in one of his songs.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Any one who doesn’t like Donald Glover is oblivious to anything good. Not just amazing Nerd rap, but amazing rap.

  11. WWKD says:

    I’ve been trying to tell everyone I can about this. The EP is amazingly solid. A lot of rappers…. Hell, a lot of musicians these days can’t put out an album where more than half the songs are really solid. But this EP, all five tracks are solid, and if it weren’t free, I’d pay more for it than I would most LPs that come out these days.