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The Red Band Trailer For Spike Lee’s Take On “Oldboy”

The official red band trailer for Spike Lee’s remake of the Oldboy with Josh Brolin as the kidnap victim who gets out after 20 years and tries to find out who did it and why is out. Brolin does his best Liam Neeson “I will find you…”

Compare and contrast with the stylish 2003 Park Chan-wook-directed South Korean version, likewise based loosely on the Japanese manga and the middle part of the vaunted Vengeance Trilogy:

The release date is set for October 25th. Interested? Was this remake necessary? Post your thoughts below, especially if you’ve seen the 2003 version or read the manga….

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  1. hutchero says:

    Hmm I think it’ll be worth a watch but inevitably it can’t live up to the epic WHOAAAAAA of the original

  2. Jenn says:

    Why buy the cow when the trailer practically gave away the milk for free? I love the intensity of the original and how the truth was so well hidden. I don’t have much hope the remake will have the same majick.

  3. T_ says:

    That trailer was utter CRAP! I mean, WTF. The trailer “spoon fed” all the mystery and allure that made the original film a classic to the viewer. I would not waste my money on this film after seeing that trailer…just watch the original movie and forget this remake was ever made.

  4. Anthony says:

    Oldboy ranks as my #2 favorite movie of all time, so I was trepidatious about this remake. The trailer looks like it might be pretty good. I’ll definitely be hitting a theater in October.

  5. TJW says:

    If Tarantino wrote and directed it, many would have nerdgasms. But, if Spike Lee wrote & directed Django Unchained exactly the way Tarantino, it would have been pannned. Spike Lee has made great films and some not so great films just like Tarantino. Both directors are outspoken about art & society but Tarantino always gets the pass when people hear he’s doing a project.

  6. Al says:

    Interesting that Spike Lee will accuse other people of being racist for, regardless of context, using key words. Then he commits to a project that exists solely for an audience that needs more white faces. “What if we took out the koreans, and replaced them with white people?” – A Spike Lee Joint.

  7. Mark S. says:

    I dunno. Something about it seems wrong. Like the mystery’s been stripped too much, it’s teeth have been dulled, like the key thing was the violence and the story was watered down around it. And I’m sorry, but I can not take Jackson remotely seriously with that hair.

    But whatever – so far just a trailer – I’ll be seeing it regardless.

  8. CJ says:

    I guess Spike Lee couldn’t afford to hire Denzel Washington to play the main role (actually, maybe he’s trying to prove filmgoers something by not having Denzel in the main role) ….

    I wonder if filming this movie is the cause for Josh Brolin being found drunk and with a lack of sanity in downtown Santa Monica (If so? Give this guy an Oscar Award for getting into the role) ….

    Anything else coming to theatres in October worth our time & money? So far, this is one film come October, I will go see ….

  9. I’m interested in this mostly because it’s Spike Lee’s take. I would never had put him with a remake of this film. Intrigues me and the cast that he put together. Wondering more about his interest in the story and his vision for this. Maybe he just wanted to make a kick ass movie!