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Real Housewives of Horror

The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF HORROR Episode 2 – Slasher Speed Dating with Chris Hardwick, Nicholas Brendon & More!

The Real Housewives of Horror are at it again, and if you took a gander at yesterday’s preview, you’ll know that Heather and the other housewives are going slasher speed dating! (If you didn’t take a gander, well, why the heck not?)

This week, Barbara Dawn (Brooke Seguin) just can’t seem to let go of her ex — the late, great, hatchet-wielding Cage Trollman. Sporting a Satanist chic eyepatch after last week’s unfortunate debacle with Yuri (Jessika Van), Barbara Dawn is set up on a series of speed dates via the hot new dating app, Slittr (Tindr meets first degree murder). Heather, Roxanne (Briana Lane), and Gabrielle (Laura Ortiz) join in the fun as a veritable cornucopia of murderous bachelors throw their hats — and knives, scythes, pitchfork — into the ring.

From the Grim Reaper to our own Nerdist Overlord Chris Hardwick (!) to Isaiah Mustafa to Buffy the Vampire Slayer star and comics writer Nicholas Brendon, each bachelor has a little something special to offer. Barbara Dawn has her pick of the terrifying litter — but who will she choose? Watch all the drama unfold in the video above.

Which homicidal maniac would you take on a second date? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter @NerdistDotCom.

The Real Housewives of Horror comes from Brea Grant and Kevin Pereira and the team over at SuperCreative, with episodes directed by Sandeep Parikh. This week’s guest stars include Chris Hardwick, Nicholas Brendon, Keahu Kahuanui, Todd Stashwick, Matt Glass, Jeff Winkler, Kit Williamson, and Isaiah Mustafa. New episodes air every Thursday, right here on!

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  1. Grover says:

    These are genuinely great! Maybe the best thing Nerdist has produced so far.

  2. FuryAnni says:

    So hard to choose.  But, Barbara has a blind side.. she wont see me coming.   Something familiar about that Fester guy. I like it.

  3. Maria says:

    Oh how is a girl to choose. This was a just a smorgasbord of absolutely charmingly homicidal boyfriend material men. Chris has to up his game tho. Did however inspire to so extreme homicidal violence . Have to give him points for that 😉 XDReally enjoying this little series. Great job guy’s. Keeping my fingers crossed for more episodes.  

  4. Amanda Lake says:

    Oh Xander…Nooooooo! And poor Chris. LOL

  5. careystephen says:

    Was that a Xander siting? Woah.

  6. Samhainix says:

    Only Real Housewives I like. Thanks for continuing the series and keep up the great work

  7. kerrell says:

    That was hilarious, I’m so glad the show came back.Roxanne just taking people out also love Brea Grant’s character she plays it so well.Chris was great and very funny. Thank you Nerdist and SuperCreative for making this happen.