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The Questionauts Have Landed!

The Questionauts is the newest member of the Nerdist Podcast Network, in which hosts Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard (both TV comedy writers/producers in their day jobs) give the “straight dope” on questions sent in from listeners on topics ranging from Neuroscience to Pottery Upkeep. No question is too difficult or too obscure. Their first episode answers listener questions on skunky beer, soda bottle labels and lice in swimming pools.

Listener questions fuel this fortnightly audio podcast, so if you’d like an answer, tweet them drop them an email or fill out the question form on their site. Better yet, you can call their voicemail hotline: 414.604.6368 and hear your voice on the show!

What the Who the
The Questionauts Program was a Cold War government plan to memorize all human knowledge. In the days before Wikipedia, hundreds of men lived in underground bunkers, reading textbooks, literature and old newspapers, preparing to repopulate America’s knowledge banks in the event of a Russian nuclear attack on our nation’s libraries and encyclopedia storage depots. The Cold War thawed, and now Heimberg and Hilliard — two of the last remaining Questionauts — are looking for a new way to apply their vast understanding of science, religion, art history, sports… the whole shebang. A call-in podcast seemed the obvious answer.

Listen to the first episode right underneath this sentence!

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  1. Anonymous Burrito says:

    A mass genocide of amusementimetres!

  2. Taryn says:

    The BS answers are funny, and they have a good, serious delivery. I’d be more impressed and inclined to continue listening though if they could make the actual answers funny.

  3. LesserBeing says:

    Meh. (do people still say that? )

  4. Tom says:

    I subscribed to this on I-tunes, apparently only episode 2 is available there. Odd. Will have to download from here after work and give episode 1 a listen later.

  5. Rocketogre says:

    Gonna need this on Zune ASAP pls and thanks 🙂

  6. Abbey says:

    Very funny. Looks like I have a new podcast to look forward to!

  7. Steve says:

    What a great show! So funny and just a fantastic concept. I will continue to listen if only to hear how it evolves (and to be entertained of course). Great work nerds!!!

  8. Nic says:

    Sooooo ummmm… Am I an idiot who knows nothing, or are these answers meant to be joking?

  9. Bill says:

    OK, after hearing the head lice reply I now know I was listening too hard. Very funny. I’m a dork. Nice work.

  10. Bill says:

    Cool first episode, but I have to comment on the beer skunking issue. Unless I’m slow to pick up on any irony in your reply to this question, I don’t think you were correct. I’m a home brewer, and I can tell you from experience that the #1 cause of “skunked” beer is the reaction to hop oils to ultraviolet light. This is why most beer bottles are brown and beers bottled in clear or green bottles tend to be skunked before being served. Notable exceptions are Miller beers and Corona, which use additives to avoid this problem.

  11. Oh cool! They played my question at the end! However, they got the answer wrong. LOL But I suspect that was by design. 😉 Good stuff!

  12. Chris Hardwick says:

    rob: that is definitely the literal translation but it has also come to mean “to reduce in numbers”, usually where population is concerned.


  13. rob says:

    You meant to say devastate not decimate. Decimate means to reduce by a factor of 10. Devastate not decimate.

  14. Livius says:

    I love this. It’s so funny to bad it was only 25 minutes. They’re so serious answering these questions. The answers and what they link to are hilarious. Kilo of Coca Cola LMAO

  15. Dave Hobbs says:

    ” Call your Coke whatever you want” should be their sign-off!

  16. Ade says:

    Sounds very similar to the UK’s Answer Me This, i shall listen now.

  17. Nick says:

    “Nerdist: Making Today the Yesterday of Tomorrow” needs to be a T-shirt before tomorrow’s yesterday.

  18. ow wow says:

    I heard the opening tune and I had to comment right that the theme to ‘In Search Of…”?

    (nothing else to say, haven’t heard anything else yet)