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The Quarantine Song

Now THIS, good people, is the textbook definition of “lemonade” from that irritating saying about lemons. Professional Australian Christiaan Van Vuuren has apparently been placed under strict quarantine due to TB. To cope with the isolation, he started making music videos in his hospital room under the name Fully Sick Rapper.

Good on ya, mate! And let this be a lesson to all of you lazy creatives with no excuse for not making stuff! It’s like my grandpappy always said, “Don’t wait until you get TB to make cool shit.” He was prophetic that way.

Follow Christiaan’s medical steeplechase at @FullySickRapper on Twitter or see his other “keeping insanity at bay” vids on his youtube page.

via @paix120

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  1. ebasedBOB says:

    What an impressive and creative way to cope with a situation like this. I’m subscribed to and following all of Christiaan’s social networks now… Can’t wait to keep up with his progress and new videos!

  2. jacques hughes says:

    I meant ‘possibly’. Obviously.

  3. jacques hughes says:

    I think you’ll find he’s from Australia (possinby New Zealand). Brits aren’t that creative as a rule.

    JH (a Brit)

  4. Gribbles says:

    Wow brits are all crazy

  5. Stephen says:

    I’ve been looking for those Chicago bulls shorts for years.

  6. Deltus says:

    Excellent job, makes me feel quite lazy.

  7. Emmma says:

    he wasent born w/ balls…….(hopefully or he’s just gay)

  8. Heather K says:

    This makes me wonder what Tom Hanks would have done with a web cam instead of that depressing vollyball named Wilson…

  9. PFB says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Think of the creative revolution a big outbreak of TB could create.

  10. Glen says:

    What a total badass, it’s the only way to deal with sickness, humor!