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The Other Chris Hardwicks

Foolishly, I used to think I was the only Chris Hardwick. Then, the internet open-hand-slapped me back into reality. Turns out there are tons of us—covering every profession from systems analyst to friar. Then my self-image altered slightly and I was able to sleep at night knowing I was the best Chris Hardwick Rubik’s cube solver. Sure, I couldn’t solve it everytime and I needed the book, "The Simple Solution to the Rubik’s Cube," but I just knew I had to be the best Chris Hardwick at it. Until I wasn’t.

It turns out my closest Googlemate is something of a cube wizard whose only weakness is a strong disdain for unorganized colors.  If you take a curious trot over to his website you can see all sorts of cube-rocking kick-assery that would make Erno Rubik himself exclaim, "What have I done??" I’ll bet dollars to other dollars you thought a person could only solve a 3×3 cube in some non-flashy way, didn’t you? You are a fool! The Other Chris Hardwick solves cubes blindfolded (yes, BLINDFOLDED! like a common sightless person!), with one hand (you’d better step it up, amputees!), 4×4’s, 5×5’s, and even theoretical cubes that have to be rendered in virtual reality and solved using math and junk. Clearly, the only way any of this is possible is through a dark pact he must have made in which he "borrowed the Devil’s hands for a period of no more than four times forty years or until such time as GRANTOR  sees fit to reclaim them, along with BORROWER’S soul." (I’m paraphrasing because the actual contract is much wordier and my Aramaic is pedestrian at best)

Perhaps we’ll meet face to face one day and I’ll be all excited, because our moms thought of the same names or something, and he’ll sort of acknowledge me, giving a half-hearted wave around all the cube groupies that no doubt perpetually populate his person, embarrassed that the "Shipmates" guy is pestering him in public.

Check out this video below of Other CH solving a 4x4x4 cube. I hope your mind is wearing a condom cuz it’s about to get blown by a stranger…

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  1. The Nerdist says:

    Fantastic! I followed a link to (yes, they failed to use the contraction) to see how many registered voters in the UK are “chris hardwick.” Apparently I’m “as rare as a wombats* wingnut” because there are only two. And this with a Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire…

    *Why do you hate apostrophe’s over there?

  2. shardcore says:

    you may want to investigate the work of dave gorman:

    he travelled the world looking for other dave gormans…

  3. Margie says:

    In Margieland, You will always be The One and Only Chris Hardwick, making it The Truliest Happiest Place on Earth…..=)

  4. Mandy says:

    Yeah, but you’re my favorite Chris Hardwick! Say it all together *awwwwwwww* haha. And the only Chris Hardwick to wish me a happy birthday : ). Thanks, btw! Okay I’ll quit being sappy and go back to being nerdy now…