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The Nerdist TV Show is Back on BBC America March 30th

bbcanerdistpromoGRIDHey, when we posted earlier about the new run of Doctor Who episodes starting March 30th, we weren’t yet able to officially say that along with Doctor Who, BBC America will be airing the first of the new run of episodes of The Nerdist.

But now, we can. So we are. Chris, Jonah, Matt, Phirm, et al. will be back with more visual excitement and comedic activity as part of “Supernatural Saturday” on BBC America, following Doctor Who and the new series Orphan Black on March 30th. We’ll bring you more details closer to the date, but for now, start preparing. It’s never too early to prepare.

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  1. Sir_D says:

    Late adopter of The Nerdist Show on BBC America but I love it! Just finished watching all the episodes on Comcast and the latest Dr. Who. It is like a Nerd Superbowl!

  2. Ben Ragunton says:

    Awesome news… I love the Nerdist TV show and just can’t get enough of it!!!

  3. embrace your nerditude says:

    Dear Tillman, not just Atlanta…the world needs more Chris Hardwick!

  4. Tillman Smoot says:

    Atlanta needs Chris Hardwick.

  5. ArchGirl99 says:

    I can’t wait! I found the podcast and YouTube channel as a result of the Nerdist TV specials.

  6. Overlord says:

    @Purewitz they’ve done us one better. All episodes get put up for sale on itunes.

  7. purewitz says:

    Please also put the BBCA The Nerdist TV show episodes on The Nerdist YouTube Channel. It would be so awesome, if you did.

  8. CXRengel says:

    Nerdist and new “Doctor Who” at the same time? I don’t think I can “SQUEEE” enough about this.

  9. embrace your nerditude says:

    yay. YAY! Triple yay! Now, if only we could get a Doctor Who companion show on the same order of “Talking Dead”, my tv viewing experience would be nearing perfection. Nerdists unite! Join me on the mission for a “Talking Who”. Look WHO’s Talking? Nah, that’s best left in the past. Whatever you want to call it, BBCA please consider expanding the WHOniverse.

  10. F’ Yeah! I’m stoked for all those shows.

    Orphan Black looks like a morbid, co-located version of Quantum Leap.