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All Star Celebrity Bowling

The Nerdist Channel Presents “All Star Celebrity Bowling”: Geek and Sundry

This week’s competition on the Nerdist Channel’s All Star Celebrity Bowling pits nerds against geeks… wait, they’re just about the same thing, right? (Note: DO NOT REOPEN THIS DEBATE) Team Nerdist — Chris Hardwick, Justin Willman of Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown fame, and Nerdterns Jenny Fine and Mo Fathelbab — faces Team Geek and Sundry — Felicia Day, her The Guild co-star Jeff Lewis, Executive Producer Kim Evey, and Sword and Laser co-host Veronica Belmont — in a fierce battle at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s The Spare Room. The Geek and Sundry folks are bowling for the Best Friends Animal Society (, because awwwwwww.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I’m so excited for next week’s! These have all been fun so far.

    More Sex Nerd Sandra though! She’s so adorable.

  2. Lucy says:

    I literally eeped a little bit when I saw that the Mythbusters are going to be on next week! YAY!

  3. Bowling says:

    There are a wide range of strategies and techniques that you can use to improve your game and your score.

  4. Matt Grandis says:

    Justin’s dark powers are amazing! But I have to repeat myself — might there ever be longer cuts of this? I feel like missing out great stuff.

    Personal opinion: drunken bowling Veronica is even more adorable than regular Veronica.

  5. J KingKong says:

    Im pretty sure I would have received the most Cat Poop Coils

  6. Allen Thomason says:

    So…since you guys had a scientist type person on the podcast to discuss religion, are you going to have a theologian on to discuss science?