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All Star Celebrity Bowling

The Nerdist Channel Presents “All Star Celebrity Bowling” #1

And so it begins.

The Nerdist Channel is alive, and the first show is now available for your viewing pleasure.

On the debut episode of Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling, Team Nerdist — Chris, Alex Albrecht, Steve Agee, and Kyle Clark (Nerdterns) — take on Team Machinima (Adam Kovic, Khail Anonymous, Bruce Greene, and Matt Dannevic) in a battle for kegling glory and the All Star Prize Pot (for charity) at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel’s Spare Room (a/k/a All Star Arena).

Will Team Nerdist prevail against the forces of the Dead Pixel?

It’s here! It’s a thing! Click here and subscribe so you’ll get word about each new show as it posts. And click here right now to see All Star Celebrity Bowling, the best bowling show since the heyday of Bowling for Dollars, or at least Candlepins for Cash. Go bowling!

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  1. Jessica-Star says:

    It was really fun, and I got my husband to watch and enjoy it too. Bowling brings people together. There was even an educational moment where we learned how to properly pronounce Machinima after all these years.

    Thanks Nerdist! I look forward to all the shows and will try to get more people to subscribe.

  2. Ben Clarkson says:

    I love that Chris created a show in which he can be the awesome jock!

    I should do the same thing but with non-famous people and Super Smash Brothers.

  3. Shannon says:

    Loved this! My suggestion would be a quick intro of everybody’s names and maybe their affliation with their team (writer, host, etc). Wouldn’t add much time to the video and might help give viewers someone to root for (besides our obvious bias towards Team Nerdist). Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Laura says:

    Adding my voice to the “too short” chorus, only because this is a fun idea, and I liked what I saw. Please sirs, I’d like some more! The opening where they introduced everyone felt rushed, and the little bios that flashed on the screen were hard to read. I have glasses, so am a little blind, but that was my visual impression.

    Also, if you ever wanted to put together a reader/viewer/listener team, I lettered in bowling in high school and own a scented bowling ball.

  5. pbnews says:

    How about some average looking guys? All these fit, tanned supermodels might alienate regular-looking dudes like me…

  6. Jess says:

    Cool show. I think you guys should get all of the FuckYeah… (Nerdist, ChrisHardwick, JonahRay, and MattMira) from tumblr to come on the show as a bowling team. Then you could have the FuckYeah Bowlers.

  7. Gene says:

    Great show, but 6 minutes felt too short. Something like this should be a 20 minute episode, with some time spent getting to know the opponents (and/or whatever they’re promoting, because you know that’ll happen at some point). Did they ever get to hear the Carmen Electra story, or did Chris keep that gem in his pocket? Also, it would have been nice to learn about the charities that they gave the money to.

  8. Patti says:

    That was great!! Watching these guys bowl makes me feel less bad about my own lousy 145 average. A must see! Looking forward to more!!

  9. The Nerdist Youtube channel just exploded! Thanks for all the great content, I’m diggin’ the All Star Bowling. What cameras did you use? I’m an up and coming film maker myself and I’ll be at the Nerdist show in Boston in May. If you want I could help shoot some behind the scenes content for the Nerdist channel. Since most listeners don’t get to see the live show, it would be cool share some footage. Grats on the Nerdist Channel.