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“The Nerdist,” 10/9c, BBC America, Tonight (3/30). Watch!

All right, you know by now to watch The Nerdist tonight, Saturday night, 10/9c on BBC America, following Doctor Who and the new show Orphan Black, assuming you’re in the U.S.A. (In Canada, look for The Nerdist on Space, Sunday night, 7/6c/4p) Anyway, you should watch, and if you don’t want to take my word for it., fine, go ahead, but read the review in The Hollywood Reporter, in which Allison Keene says this:

“BBC America should be given due for crafting a show that is actually for and by nerds. The Nerdist is a lot of fun, with its jumpy pace and many activities, and with the references flying around like X-wings, there’s no pandering to those not in the know. Instead, it gives the feeling for once that the cool kids are the ones who can casually discuss cylons, the Tardis and Mordor, not the other way around.”

Hah? HAH?? You want more? Go see Entertainment Weekly‘s preview clips, which they’ve made unembeddable here because they can. And then watch The Nerdist with special guests Dominic Monaghan, Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman… oh, just watch the whole BBC America lineup for Supernatural Saturday, because you can. And should. Watch. And if you wanna chat about it, post your comments below.

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  1. Xeroz says:

    It wasn’t anything to do with the shortness of it, It just really felt like it was something of a ‘filler’ episode. You know, like what you’d expect around a holiday, or the week an awards show was on. (again, I know it was Easter weekend), But, It was also the ‘First’ show of the season… not a ‘filler’ near the middle/end of a season.
    I guess it’s kinda hard to explain.
    Just try this… Go back and watch some of the ‘older’ episodes. (ignore the run-time difference) and tell me this one was ‘without a doubt’ better than those. Putting aside the whole excitement building up to new Dr. Who episodes.

    And again, it’s not that it was particularly bad in any way. I just didn’t get that ‘warm/fuzzy/nerdy’ feeling from this particular episode.
    One way I suppose you could put it… It almost seemed like some of the comedy aspect of it was a ‘little forced’. Maybe a little ‘less natural & more scripted’ than the previous shows did.

    Anyway, like I said. I’m a fan, so I’ll hold out hope that future episodes will be better. And, I’m not criticizing just because. That’s just how I felt about this, and I really do wish only the best for everyone over there @Nerdist.

    PS: If ‘Buffy’ comes up at any point in the show, Matt has got to bring up Chris making ‘what was it?’, something about the music in the show & finding something that was better…. crap, I’m gonna have to go back and listen to that ep. of the podcast now.

  2. @Ryan I respectfully declare that you are WRONG. Matt Mira has become a comedy super hero since growing the beard. His super hero ability is a super fast sharp wit!

    @Xeroz I think it was the editing that gave the show the weird rushed/frantic feel. But they do have to trim the show to 40ish minuets.

  3. amysrevenge says:

    I’m so happy that I could watch this on the SPACE website. 5pm on Sunday night (in my time zone) is a terrible time for me, but internet-o-clock is perfect. 🙂

  4. Ryan says:

    That beard is way too thick to look good on Matt, it just looks awkward.

  5. NerdGeekMom says:

    Does anyone else think Matt & Jonah are starting to look alike? …well, when they are sitting down anyway?

  6. Mandy W. says:

    I’m so glad that The Nerdist is back on BBCA! I do enjoy seeing Chris, Matt and Jonah on t.v.! But I’ve got to agree with Tom, please stop screaming Chris. We are just as excited as you are but it comes across as weird on the show. An occasional well-timed one, like how you are on The Talking Dead, is excellent. I know that changes happen and sometimes its not within their control but I do miss the 8-bit intro with the Anamanaguchi song Jetpack Blues. It’s almost like taking away the “Enjoy your burrito” at the end of the podcast. They are both a staple of The Nerdist industries. And, yes, more Mike Phirman interaction please! He is fantastic and I want to see him more in this version of the show just as we saw him in the earlier version. I loved the game segments and stand up at the end. I am looking forward to watching more!
    P.S. I wish I could purchase Nerdist wears, t-shirts, mugs, you name it! Chris, we want to give you our money to support your awesome stuff, let us!

  7. Xeroz says:

    I’ll just start by saying: I’m a regular fan of the podcast and really liked the previous Nerdist shows on BBCAmerica. And, I’m usually not one to point out little things but I did feel I should give you my honest opinion about this episode.

    Maybe it was just me but it felt a little off. Like it was something thrown together at the last minute. Which I know isn’t the case, it just seemed like something that you would expect on a holiday weekend. (Yes, I realize Easter was this weekend…) But, surely this was filmed about a month or so ago, right? If I remember correctly, Matt mentioned having to go to Toronto in the podcast a few weeks back. (I’m guessing maybe partly for the segment in this Ep. of Nerdist?)
    Anyway, I’m only being critical because ‘personally’ it felt a little bland and possibly rushed. But, I do still look forward to new episodes in the hopes that they’ll be better.

    Side note: @ChrisHardwick , Matt, & Jonah…
    If you do decide to visit Japan, like you mentioned in the podcast a week or 2 back, you might want to consider visiting Miraikan, , who knows you could even use something like that as a segment on the Nerdist TV show… I’d probably be pushing it to try to convice you to mention anime during something like that but at least consider the museum… and maybe even do a podcast from the hotel or something at the end of that trip.

    (Just a few thoughts from a mind with too much imagination.)

  8. Jez says:

    I’m so bummed. I want to watch ‘The Nerdist’ TV show, but I live in Australia and we don’t get such cool things. :’-(

  9. Brian says:

    And by haopen I actually mean happen. As in how do we make this happen?

  10. Brian says:

    Guys!!!! I’d really love to purchase the Nerdist coffee mug as seen on this show. How can we make that haopen?! PLEASE must have for my collection!!

  11. Brett says:

    Matt Mira, why did you never have a beard on AOTS? lol

  12. @filthy Beautiful! Canada, you’re up to date! And thank you, Space!

  13. Showbiz Emelle says:

    PLEASE, Chris Hardwick, before you bring on a so-called comedian to do an interminable amount of so-called comedy, PLEASE, for the love of all that is nerdy, PLEASE find an ACTUAL comedian who has an ACTUAL sense of humor! I love British humor, and all of your references to British television that you “discovered” on PBS (as did all Americans) were perfect examples of what I’m talking about here!

    I had to spit out my burrito while that guy was attempting to be funny… mostly because the audience had to be told when to laugh, and I wasn’t given the same notifications. That guy was NOT FUNNY. If you ever have him back, I will cease consumption of burritos forever.

    The REST of the show was awesome. Keep that $#!t up.

  14. filthy says:

    Perry I just watched it on Space and it was a new episode of the Nerdist.

  15. @DarthAdvantus Not sure about that – the syndicated TV listings indicate it’s from last year, but Space’s web site blog heralds the new format and set and it’s an hour-long time slot, so watch anyway and let’s hope it’s the new one…

    • Darth Advantus says:

      It seems that the same folks @ Space that kept calling yesterday’s episode of Doctor Who a Season Premiere had misreported the episode to the TV listings. It had the pilot episode shown on all the TV listings. At least this isn’t as bad as showing the series finale of Alphas on the wrong day like Space did.

  16. Darth Advantus says:

    Sadly SPACE in Canada is starting with your pilot back from Sept 2011 which means Canadians will be watching episodes that have been out of date/relevance for 1.5 years. Good old Bell Media scrimping on the costs.

  17. Tom says:

    Just finished watching the first episode of the 2013 Nerdist season:

    Chris, OH MY GOD. STOP SCREAMING ALREADY!!!!! The microphones are working perfectly fine

  18. Scott S says:

    It was nice that the show was given some room to breathe, with the extra half hour, but there was no interaction with Phirman, except for the very beginning, and I always liked seeing him in the earlier shows.

  19. Aahz says:

    Another new shirt for Jonah after the commercial break.

  20. Heather says:

    Awesome! I’m so excited for everything on BBC tonight.

    I was lucky enough to meet Chris during his Fish Ladder days. “Rodeohead” live is awesome. (A 2004 Dem fundraiser.)

  21. Gary Bravender says:

    I’m already on my 3rd hour of Dr.Who.Hadn’t seen Dinosaurs on Spaceships before. Guest appearances by 2 Harry Potter alumni (Ron’s dad,&Filch) Just read @mariabamfoo ‘s tweet apparently good eats backstage a today’s taping shoulda gone Dammnitt!!!