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The National: Will they ever stop being awesome?!

The National, one of my favorite bands, as well as friends from Cincinnati, has released an “Alternate Version” of their beautifully heartbreaking song “Terrible Love” in video form. Not typically depicted as jokesters, frontman Matt Berninger and bandmates Aaron and Bryce Dessner use the video to capture some wine induced goofiness. The video, which is comprised of handheld shots of the band on their High Violet tour, is a video collage of tender and irreverent moments. It goes to show, you really can’t get Matt Berninger down from high objects; the man loves to climb.

The video doesn’t specifically mention the whereabouts of the band, but it doesn’t matter. It captures how incredibly humble and fun this group of boys are, regardless of their environment. Not only do they know how to have fun on the road, but they’ve shown amazing initiative and generosity on the Dark Was The Night collaboration, which raised over 1.2 Million dollars towards AIDS research. Hats off to you, boys.

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  1. John says:

    The last venue shown in the video is Massey Hall in Toronto.

    I work there. Those shows were awesome.

  2. Michele says:

    Found a new favorite band! Also, I should start carrying a flip around…

  3. Lynnie says:

    Finally got to see them! I love it when Matt wanders the crowd!

  4. Amber says:


  5. Lizard says:

    Love this! And love them!

  6. Sergio says:

    Best. Band. EVER.