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Episode 34: The Mutant Season
Dylan Sprouse
The Mutant SeasonThe Mutant Season

The Mutant Season #34: Dylan Sprouse

Actor and artist Dylan Sprouse comes on the show to tell Gil about acting and his art! There’s also talk about the tooth fairy and a philosophical conversation about consciousness!

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  1. mariahohohohohoj says:

    E da malati chiedere e dare numeri,nemmeno lo conoscete,non potete conoscere una persona solo da una serie,che stupide cazzo

  2. I would like to make a dream come true for My Down syndrome sister who is 54 and in love with you. She will not live much longer and I am trying to make a dream come true for her and that one dream is to meet you and /or your brother. Any thing that is possible would be so incredible. Your posters are all over her walls and she talks about episodes she remembers constantly. It would be so sweet if you could figure something out. Even skype perhaps. Call me at 913-302-7877 and let me know if there are any possibilities. Thank you. Kelly Daniels.

  3. zack and cody's big fan (cody nutt) says:

    HI dylan your awesome
    i kinda miss cole :,( please come back

  4. Vlad says:

    Dylan Hi, I’m from the city of Kirov your site is awesome, but I did neponyal where do you live in the moment. I know you do not give nobody your phone number vserovno but I want to ask if you can please give me your phone number, do not worry I will not tell it to anyone if you can tell me if it please you egodash that came to my address Elektonnye http://[email protected]

  5. rytasha says:

    i love dylan sprouse can u come to dubai please

  6. Antonette Bautista says:

    I saw that pix from my page.. i cvan’t believe it.. any I have a poser friend and his name Dylan Sprouse Tommy AND HE’S NICE BUT HE BREAK MY HEART BECAUSE HE’S LIeying and he’s not true DYLAN SPROUSE.. HUHUHU 🙁

  7. Moeko says:

    Hello!! Welcome to Japan!!
    I wait this day since 10 years ago…<3
    If You have a time, go to the Tokyo Disney Resort. There is a very good place. As well as California. I love you so much.