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The Music Geek Track of the Week: “Two Cousins”

Week two of this fantastically fantastic feature!

“Two Cousins,” the new Slow Club single caught both of my eyes this week. This adorable indie-pop duo is comprised of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, both singers and guitarists. After watching their music videos, it seems as if the band’s primary goal is to make the listener happy, but also slightly hypnotized. If you thought the “Single Ladies” video was intoxicating, check this one out. It’s not as perfectly choreographed, but it will, without fail, leave you smiling. I certainly hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. Dave says:

    That was great! Another great nerdy band if you like old timey music (a little bit of blues grass and vaudeville all mixed up into one sound) then check out The Two Man Gentleman Band. I have gotten to see them live twice and they were awesome!!

    The song Prime Numbers is probably one of my favorite.

  2. greg says:

    The people who don’t appreciate the nerdistry and geekery surrounding a video of a couple of guys performing dance steps that are 70-90 years old and the subculture that still exists around that style of dance are risible. The vast majority of folks who know enough about Charleston, Lindy Hop and other forms of swing dancing are majorly geeky/nerdy. Just check out the obsessiveness that some of them display.

    Didn’t we post a Mario & Luigi lindy hop performance the other day?

  3. DerekSchmeling says:

    So I wanted to let my swing geek out and let folks know that these guys were dancing Charleston steps. A lot of really awesome 20’s, 30’s, and solo Charleston. Much of the sort of things that came out of the swing era, and these guys were awesome dancers!

  4. Adam Lehman says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. Just as you predicted, made me smile…

  5. newguy says:

    it’s titled “geek” track, not “nerd” track; the term “geek” is most used when talking about a passion about something, meaning there are sports geeks, music geeks, movie geeks, tv geeks, computer geek…

    so a post by someone passionate about music can be considered a “geek” track, though maybe not a “nerd” track…

  6. bob's your uncle says:

    I actually have to agree with joe non. While I do enjoy getting a jump on new music, I don’t understand how this article is anything nerd-related.

    These two tracks have been great so far, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t really gotten my nerd on with these recommendations. At least the first Geek Track had some sort of (rambly) description ( that lends itself well to nerdom and obsessing over any particular topic.

    I just feel I can get this type of article on any other blog. I want a nerd perspective on music, rather than a few new tracks that some nerds may enjoy.

  7. non joe says:

    @joe non- so’s your face.

  8. francis says:

    Digging this track becca, totally a single ladies vibe to the video! @joe non- take that stick out of your ass and listen to the song…it might cheer you up (probably not though, it seems pretty far up there)

  9. joe non says:

    I have great pejorative to the sites horrible misuse of geek in place of better words , the nomenclature is grating.