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The Music Geek Track Of The Week: “In Your Light”


I currently live in Chicago, so a fifteen-minute walk outside, according to top scientists, is similar to being bitch-slapped by a throng of Siberian gypsies. Walking to CVS for Craisins and Nivea (For Men!!) shouldn’t be a life-threatening ordeal, and yet, I almost always end up looking like a Titanic survivor by the time I get to the topical analgesics aisle.

Not today, though! Don’t get me wrong, it was fucking freezing, but I had “In Your Light” by Gotye playing on repeat, and when I closed my eyes it almost felt as though, for once, I wasn’t being buried alive in permafrost.

Here are some reasons you might want to play this song in the blistering cold:

1. Gotye — aka Wally De Baker — is based out of Melbourne where he is currently enjoying a very hot summer (that bastard).

2. The lyrical focus could be very easily interpreted as an ode to the sun or the warmth of a lover –- “In your light just when I’m in your light/And I won’t get by if you take that light away.”

3. The production is ebulliently bright and optimistic. Like, Phil-Collins-Tarzan-soundtrack optimistic. Come to think of it, I distinctly remember feeling as happy as the intro scene of a Disney movie –I did get some pretty weird looks. I think I might have even given the homeless guy outside of CVS a thumbs up.

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  1. kfizz says:

    The vocals are great, but all the music is kinda generic and too bubble gum for me. I could not even tell it was Goyte tell I hovered over the youtube embed. After 14 years of playing music from grade school all the way up to now in my mid 20’s . Even thou I am a drummer, I can still tell the musical merit of a song based on quality of the musicianship. It intrest me how non musical people perceive music. I was listing to the rooster teeth podcast. When one them said all guitar’s sound the same to them. I think they were talking about jimmy hendrix’s star spangled banner. Nothing against the rooster teeth podcast , just using it as a example I heard.

  2. diemrbond says:

    If you enjoy this, go and find his older song ‘Hearts A Mess’ – bloody brilliant. He has been kicking arse over the Australian music scene lately…

  3. Braedon Carswell says:

    I’m not really big on most pop, but Gotye’s music is really well written, Eyes Wide Open is one of the best, and least corny songs I’ve ever heard that deals with issues of consumerism and athropogenic climate change.

  4. Joshua Glass says:

    Very Phil Collinsy. His song “Somebody That I Used to Know” is probably my favorite song right now.