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The Lego Loooooooove Boat

That there in the above picture isn’t just any cruise ship made out of Legos. No, it’s The Love Boat made out of Legos. The Love Boat with crew and Special Guest Stars. Made by Lego craftsman Ryan “The Brick Man” McNaught, it’s being shown at the Brickworld Lego convention — there’s a Lego convention? — in Chicago.


Our crafts expert Mindy Holahan saw this and, knowing that I’m a sucker for any ridiculous thing made of Legos, sent me a Red Alert about it. There’s a whole gallery of photos here, showing the incredible and hilarious detail that went into this masterpiece. It has a Lego pool with Lego chaise longues, Lego bars and kitchens, a Lego below-deck movie theater, Lego cabins, Lego steerage… According to the Brick Man’s post in January when he unveiled this thing, he used just over 250,000 Lego pieces and included the whole crew — Captain Stubing, Doc, Isaac, Gopher, Julie — and “a whole series of 80’s washed up TV stars including none other than the Hoff!” IT HAS THE HOFF! IT’S PERFECT!

Now, if he’ll only start work on Lego Fantasy Island….

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  1. kal says:

    The ship is fantastic!!!! i also would like to ask someone about some star wars items..pls email me. ty kal

  2. Rob R says:

    Woah! I live in Chicago, I had no idea this was going on! Trying to see if I can check it out sometime this weekend.

  3. wayno says:

    What, no shipmates joke?

  4. Sobadiash says:

    No way…this is close to my house!

  5. smartbunny says:

    LEGO Shipmates!

  6. The little figures are fairly easy to dress up. I’m sure the Hoff’s showing his chest hair. Although it would be perfect if he was on the ground with the cheeseburger.

  7. alan says:

    How can you tell it’s the Hoff. Is he eating a lego cheeseburger on the ground with his lego shirt off? Seriously, how can you tell?

  8. David says:

    pssh, get back to me when they make the other half…

  9. Lokey says:

    I love that there’s a shark attacking one of the life boats!