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THE LEGEND OF KORRA Heading to Digital Outlets Exclusively

From a narrative perspective, the current season of Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra has been stellar. New airbenders have cropped up, we’ve met an earth queen, Lin has a sister — it’s just been great stuff all around. However, things haven’t been so bright for the series from a ratings perspective. The highest rated episode of the season (the premiere) was only able to top the lowest rated episode of last season in the same time slot. However, these ratings aren’t surprising, as Nickelodeon rushed out the season three premiere to air with zero marketing following an accidental leak by one of the network’s international branches.

In response to the ratings, it’s been announced that, in a bold move following the airing this Friday, all remaining episodes will premiere exclusively in a digital format on and the Nick App (among other third-party platforms such as Xbox and Amazon) in a week-to-week format.

No matter what becomes of Korra’s third season, Nickelodeon already has the fourth and final season well into production, so there’s no pulling out of it now. Our hope is season four will make its way back to television screens next year, but even if it doesn’t, as long as we get to see it, we’ll be satisfied.

What do you think of this sudden shift by Nickelodeon? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I hate this. They just pulled the rug out from under us tv watchers and just abandoned us. I realized there were no reruns or episodes OnDemand  but it took my till yesterday (the last televised airing) to find out about the move from a friend on facebook. This was just poorly done.

  2. Adam says:

    Been watching this with my family. While I have no problem watching it online, my parents don’t want to huddle around the computer just to watch an episode of Korra.

  3. gridsleep says:

    You people are being nice. If you look for some of the cartoons being posted in Cheezburger and Deviantart, and read the Korra bulletin boards, the Nick executives should be electrifying the fences and letting out the hounds as they quiver in their rooms clutching shotguns like that one gangster in Batman who knew the Joker was out to get him. Really, there are probably Korra themed lynching parties gathering as I type this.

  4. Eddy says:

    Yeah…Nick dropped the ball on Korra. This is honestly one of the best shows out right now (Especially this season-just great so far), but I havent seen a single commercial for this season outside of the showing itself

  5. LBF says:

    Love this show. Now that I have my daughter watching it, Nick pulls this crap?!? 

  6. RRP says:

    What do I think? I think there are some idiots behind the scenes at Nickelodeon. A panicky early release with no marketing…%[email protected]#&!!  I love the Legend of Korra–to see this wonderful show treated so shabbily just makes my heart hurt.

  7. ATK says:

    Well this seems to pretty much end the Series. Glad we will get book 4 but this doesn’t give me much hope for the franchise to continue. This season has been stellar. Yes, book 2 was weird to say the least but If nick really wanted to save it they would throw some marketing behind it and maybe try to make a deal with Adult Swim.