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The Legacy Music Hour #74: Asiatic Music

Brent and Rob focus on 8-bit and 16-bit era video game music with an Asiatic/oriental sounding influence and in doing so, they discuss Eastern philosophy, chopsticks, and Street Fighter II.  Full track listing below.

Game – Composer – Song – Company – Console – Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

The Revenge of Shinobi – Yuzo Koshiro – China Town – Sega – Genesis – 1989

Sangokushi Retsuden: Ransei no Eiyuutachi – unknown – China Unified – Sega – Mega Drive – 1991

Super Mario Land – Hirokazu Tanaka – Chai Kingdom – Nintendo – Game Boy – 1989

Live A Live – Yoko Shimomura – The Birds Fly in the Sky, the Fish Swim in the River – Square – Super Famicom – 1994

Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition – Yoko Shimomura – E. Honda – Capcom – Genesis – 1993

Samurai Shodown – Yasuo Yamate (Tate Norio), Masahiko Hataya (Papaya), Hiroo Ikeda (arr.) – Tokyo Kabuki Theater – Takara/SNK – SNES – 1994

The Ninja Warriors – Hisayoshi Ogura – Up Stairs (Name Register) – Taito – PC Engine – 1989

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja – Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko – Oedo (Kid Ying’s House) – Konami – SNES – 1992

Battle Golfer Yui – Naka-chan 3-sai, Kenta-kun. Yada!, Maru-chan wa omotta, Kyoporiran – Theme Dibot – Santos/Sega – Mega Drive – 1991

Shinobi – unknown – Stage – Sega – Sega Master System – 1988

Avenging Spirit – Takahiro Ogata – Stage 1 – Jaleco – Game Boy – 1992

Super Ninja Boy – Eiji Miyabi (Neon Kidd) – Peaceful Chinaland – Culture Brain – SNES – 1993

The Legend of Kage – Hisayoshi Ogura – Name Register (Fog Princess Theme) “Feast” – Taito – arcade (Japan) – 1985

Brutal: Paws of Fury – Doug Brandon – Bridge in the Mountains – Eurocom/Cybersoft – SNES – 1994

Street Fighter II Turbo – Yoko Shimomura – E. Honda’s Ending – Capcom – SNES – 1993

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  1. Alan Scott says:

    I am sure you aren’t going to check an old episode but I just discovered you guys and podcasts in general and I can’t stop listening. You guys are awesome. Ok so my comment on this episode was because that song that you both couldn’t figure out what it sounded like, to me, sounds like the old TMNT theme music. Turtles in a Half Shell was in my head when I was listening to this.

  2. henry says:

    The blues makes heavy use of pentatonic scales. Specifically, the ‘blues’ scale is a minor pentatonic that includes a flatted fifth, or tritone. Thus, the black keys are minus one note from a blues scale and would seemingly be an appropriate name for a blues based band.