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THE LAST OF US Concept Artist Shows Off An Older Ellie

Over the weekend, The Last of Us concept artist Marek Okon released an image that teased what looked like an older Ellie from The Last of Us 2. Now the completed image has been made available, thanks to TLoU‘s creative director Neil Druckmann, who said about Ellie on Twitter, “Still braver and wiser beyond her years” and continues with “Marek Okon’s fan art is incredible — I’d play it.”

Take a look at the astounding image below:


And while it stings a bit that this is just a piece of fan art and not part of a sequel, Okon did tease, “Is it about The Last of Us 2? Not really… Maybe… It’s classified” on his Facebook page.

We may not get a sequel anytime soon, but we still have the PlayStation 4’s remastered edition of The Last of Us to look forward to.

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  1. grim says:

    She awfully close to the water. Hope she finally learned to swim.

  2. Jeprox says:

    I want The Last of Us 2 be about Ellie running away from Joel and the Fireflies because she wants to know what really happened in the Hospital. I think Ellie would be the anti-“The One”, when she was a kid, Ellie was willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good but now I think because of Joel, she will never it again.

    I think it would be great if you play as Joel going through missions w/ Ellie and as you progress through the game Ellie starts to question Joel, and learns more about what he did. Then you play as Ellie and runs away in order to find answers. It’ll be like the fugitive Joel and the Fireflies are now hunting for Ellie.

  3. bc says:

    i love this

  4. Souljackt says:

    In my experience she didn’t survive the flying horse glitch at Eastern Colorado university 🙁

  5. Aaron says:

    So Ellie grows up to look like Ashley Johnson. Who would have thought.