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THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is Extreme Will Forte Brought to You by Lord & Miller

Like absurdist premises utilized to take a deeper look at the basest human instincts? Love comedy TV but feel like it needs a heck of a lot more Will Forte? Still obsessed with the delightful storyline twist from The LEGO Movie? Then step right up and take a good, hard look at the first trailer for one of Fox’s recently unveiled new series: The Last Man on Earth. It’s EXTREME WILL FORTE, in an easy-to-digest, weekly half-hour comedy show format.

Set in 2022 after an unlikely event, Phil Miller (Forte) is the only man left alive on earth. Once a loving family man with a shitty job at a bank, Miller has found himself the sole proprietor of this here blue marble we call Earth and he’s decided to take to the open road in hopes of finding somebody — anybody — else who might have survived this curious, life-ending event. But things? Things aren’t looking so good for our main man. One really is the loneliest number! (Seriously, even zero is better.)


Still, the show hopes to do the whole lemons-out-of-lemonade thing; finding the silver lining to having a whole planet to yourself (outside of the millions and billions of animals who will ultimately overtake it and you and oh god there’s so much to be afraid of!). Loneliness, the existential worth of humanity, and all that happy-go-lucky upbeat stuff are extreme but also wildly universal feelings we all share — a sentiment that’s become the series’ directors’, Chris Lord and Phil Miller (…hey wait a second! I see what they did there!), comedy bread and butter.

But this trailer did get us wondering: how would you spend your days if you realized you were the last human on earth? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Tom Slattery says:

    Interesting, but … Science fiction is hard to be funny. I did a similar story.

  2. Yeah this is going to be getting watched.

  3. Rhydon says:

    If I was the last man on earth I’d spend my days increasing my alcohol tolerance. That would probably occupy most of my free time.

  4. TJ Heesch says:

    i’m totally in!