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The New Kevye West Video

What happens when Kevin Pereira discovers Kanye, expired milk and unnecessary pitchbending all at the same time? WONDERFULNESS. Big ups, Kevye!

*HISTORICAL SIDE NOTE: Remember when Cher introduced the pitchbend that would later become pop music’s ubiquitous douche badge with her song, “Believe”? It turns out that it was an accident! The sound engineer was trying to auto-correct her voice so much that the waveform jumped to the next note. Because they hate Mankind, they left it in. Now that’s what you call a “crappy accident!” Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Angi says:

    I totally loved this vid. Pereira is just funny. And, it really does sound like he can sing. I think I’m gonna look to see if he’s done some singing without the “correction”.

  2. Derek says:

    what is the site of the windows program that kevin mentioned? great vid btw

  3. mackie says:

    That was a pretty cool rap.

  4. Horacio says:

    I think Kanye somehow used the death of his mother to boost album sales and kevye kind of poked fun at it. The guy has street cred, proven by the following link… lol (I don’t know if you remember these kids but they say that he’s one of them)

  5. Chris Hardwick says:

    Horatio: Wow! I gotta say, the threatening rap was impressive. My favorite part of it was hearing the producer or camera person say very cheerily at the end, “That was good!” Also, I must be a dolt because I hadn’t picked up on the thing that guy’s mad about. I must be out of the music loop.

  6. Horacio says:

    This guy, who is no way related to Kanye, is pissed about Kevye parody.

  7. stewieX says:

    That was insightful and informative… Thank you Mr. Hardwick for letting us delve into the knowledge base that is your mind. 😛

    As far as the KP video goes, its genius!

  8. Teaflax says:

    I wouldn’t call it a pitch bend, but a pitch-jump, since it doesn’t bend the note at all, but skips from one right to the next.

  9. celo820 says:

    I loved this. This was so awesome and it just goes to show you how creative you can be just with garage band and a rockband mic.

  10. Robichau says:

    It’s no Jon Lajoie clip but it had it’s moments. A++ for the Kanye parody. Yay deserves to be parodied as much as possible.

    To the guy above who says, “…Worse than two fatties having sex” This guy contends there is much much worse. How about a long lost pR0n clip of the golden girls or maybe a shady web cam clip of your parents conceiving you? Yeah. WAY worse.

  11. C says:

    i love cher.

  12. Casi says:

    I don’t agree with Forchy either, Kev was hilariously as aways, and as for that open windows thing, why look? I usually steer clear of looking at them at all times.

  13. Kenny says:

    Dude…he kinda looks like Brad Pitt with the shades on…

  14. I don’t agree with Forchy…that was hilarious! I hate that stupid auto-corrector crap. Every idiot that is unable to sing uses it and it’s about time someone made fun of it. The best part was the end when he was all over the place!
    And my fat neighbors, on both sides, always have every door and window closed up even on a hot day, so I luckily don’t get to see them going at it (shudder)


  15. Forchy says:

    ummmmm….. ummmmm… that was uhhhhh, ummm baaaaad, i feel bad saying it, but EPIC EPIC EpIC EPiC FAAAAAIIIILLL…. sorry Kev… that’ was worse than watching two fatties have sex…. and yes my neighbors left the blinds opened & did it, so i know, oh god here comes the vomit