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The K Ohle #68: Get Lost with Derrick Brown
Episode 68: The K Ohle
Get Lost with Derrick Brown

The K Ohle #68: Get Lost with Derrick Brown

The tables are turned in this Austin edition of Get Lost – Kurt is blindfolded by friend and poet Derrick Brown and taken somewhere he has never been. And it’s a good one!

Kurt kicks off his Roustabout Tour at the Bell House in Brooklyn on Feb 25th! Get tickets here!

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  1. Curious Cat says:

    Hey Kurt and Lauren! My husband and I have been  together 5 years. I love this man a whole whole lot, he is handsome, caring and the all around package. The problem is that last month we were going over our finances and coming up with a budget to start saving for a house and I came across something alarming. We were going through our monthly expenses and on his credit card bill I found some charges for a porn site. I did some research and discovered it was for a cam site where you interact with people and get them to do things etc… He doesn’t have a webcam on his computer so I know he isn’t showing off his goods but it still makes me feel weird that he is interacting with other women online and more so- paying up to $100 in one month!!!! I don’t mind if he dips into porn once and while at all! I totally get it, but I feel betrayed by the sneakiness of spending behind my back and somehow it feels more personal than the run of the mill porn.  What would you do in a similar situation? Why would he ever feel the need to pay for porn in this day and age? And am I right to feel like it’s more personal? Thanks guys! 

  2. Kevin says:

    Relationship Question: What do you do when one person in a relationship thinks the other person spends too much time hang gliding? (From your response, I hope to learn a lot about hang gliding.) Thanks.

  3. Chris says:

    Relationship: How do you decide who does what “job” each of you do in your household?

  4. Yohei says:

    Relationship question: For couples that live long distance (I’m asking about international, but any long distance applies), when is a good time for one or the other to make a move to be a closer to the other? 

  5. mike says:

    Dating Question: I’m living at home while I go back to college. Needless to say I’m a little embarrassed. Should I keep it a secret for as long as I can or just come right out with it?

  6. Jordan says:

    Relationship question: How to I quit pining over that guy?

  7. stich says:

    Relationship question,  I’ve been with my partner for 3 years we bought a house together.  But when we kiss now I get grossed out. What the fuck does that mean what do I do about that.

  8. Rev. Spooner says:

    She has a short one and I’ve been told I have a Border Collie, can we work this make?

  9. ben says:

    Relationship ?: How do you approach your significant other about moving in together?