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Episode 56: The K Ohle
The Boat Show with Adam Herschman

The K Ohle #56: The Boat Show with Adam Herschman

Kurt sits down with movie star Adam Herschman (Accepted, Harold and Kumar, Soul Man) to talk some shit about boats. Topics include almost every aspect of boating you’ve never heard of. Kurt talks about mushrooms (not the magic kind) and Democracy.

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  1. Arabrabbra says:

    I love this show and Kurt SO MUCH! I wish the episodes were longer, but I think they end them so they don’t lose the bit toward the end. All his other podcasts are great also. His standup special was amazing

  2. bastien says:

     Really? A rape joke?! What the hell is your problem, Kurt? That is never–NEVER–okay! I thought you were better than that, but clearly I was mistaken. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. MiketheBoater says:

    I love the boat show, just wish this one was a little longer. Last weekend I talked boats with my friend and your podcast has really helped me wrap my head around what boating is all about. My friend said something that I’d love to get your opinion on: “A man is to his boat as a feather is to his hat.” It really struck a chord with me, so I went out to my boat and glue a feather to the hull. Is this frowned upon in the larger boating community?

    • CatamaMan says:

      I would say that’s a pretty spot on phrase but I wouldn’t go so far as to glue feathers to the hull.  Not only is it frowned on in the community but the last regata I was at where someone had done that I saw them not only disqualify but also tar and feather the boatsman.  You see, people don’t like to be tar and feather’d anymore than boats do, Mike.

      • To be fair, I heard that boatsman you’re talking about was the Sea Gull from the 1997 Regatta in Orlando . There’s a lot of controversy about whether the officials were ridiculing him for being a bird with a boat, or if they were trying to re-feather him after that horrific defeathering accident when his crew failed to tie a successful Granny Knot.