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Episode 98: The JV Club
Daniele Gaither
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #98: Daniele Gaither

Come hang out in the principal’s office with the hilarious and talented Daniele Gaither (MADtv), read up on your Mary Higgins Clark, and if you’re lucky, you might even become a member of the elite club the Rumbling Knights.

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  1. Jenny Smith says:

    Thanks, this was really great. And so insightful. Being from Canada originally, I really wish that I could teleport Daniele back to Toronto where I grew up to relive her teenage years. I feel that it was so much less segregated. Being a white girl, I was surrounded in different cultures and my black friends ended up being the cool kids who ditched me upon turning 17 and instantly aquiring a Jamaican accent! It would have been a switch for Danielle. P.S. I was also in a breakdance club with Russell Peters as a child. He used to tease me so much and I told him that he would be a comedian someday. How’s that for insight?

  2. PJ says:

    “Back when I had potential”. Oh, do I know that feeling. And school musical castings… Really like this episode, so much fun.

  3. Scott B. says:

    it’s always a good show when the time passes so quickly!! You expect improve people to be fast on their feet, but she was exceptional! by the way, John Forsythe was the voice of Charlie and played Blake Carrington (married to Linda Evans and Joan Collins) on Dynasty! Finally, I’ve never heard the term ‘raggle taggle’ before this podcast, LOVE IT!!!

  4. Esdeem says:

    Another really great episode! Daniele’s story was fascinating and I really appreciate her sharing it so openly. I also really loved the mention of the hand written novels… I did the same thing in junior high, and later sent it to my then-girlfriend(now fiancee). She still has it, too.

  5. Daisy_Till says:

    I knew that I recongnized the voice. Daniele was so hilarious on madtv. Loved her stories from growing up in the South. Those kind of hardships i feel def make you who you are. Also Janet how about making an appearance on You Made It Weird?