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The JV Club #80: Kate Micucci
Episode 80: The JV Club
Kate Micucci
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #80: Kate Micucci

Trom-bone up on your knowledge of marching bands, polar bears, and Peter Panning your way into adulthood with the simply delightful Kate Micucci in Episode 80 of The JV Club. BYOP (Bring your own paintbrush)!

Action Figures Remixing Iconic Movie Scenes Will Blow Your Mind

Action Figures Remixing Iconic Movie Scenes Will Blow Your Mind

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Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Guts Will Fill You Up with Deliciousness





  1. Mark K. says:

    I’m about a month behind on episodes and finally got to this one. I was so excited to see Kate on my playlist and this episode did not disappoint. I love G&O and always excited to see Kate pop up on TV from time to time. I think she is probably the most adorable person in entertainment.

  2. Scott B. says:

    I’d just like to say I’m from Philadelphia, PA, and WE did have Mischief Night! in fact, most neighborhoods didn’t sell eggs around Oct. 30th so kids wouldn’t have them to throw at houses and buses!

    Unless there are 2 cowboy cities in NJ (and why not?), I thnk Kate was talking about Cowtown, NJ, which at least a few years ago STILL has small rodeo events on the weekend!!

    Can’t wait to see her polar bear swimming in a lunar pool painting!!

  3. Steph says:

    RE: the episode’s intro to Elly’s question (I hope you find this) – The song is called “Small Time” from CABIN’s album “Govern The Good Life”. I’m a huge fan of this band thanks to Maggie!

    I LOVED this episode! I didn’t know anything about Kate at all before this and I just fell I love with her. I relate to this SOOO much – childhood of music, feeling like the same person now as your kid self, happy to be at home or hanging out with mum/dad, loving romantic comedies but didn’t date, love reading trashy magazines and having a fascination with Hollywood and a perfect day starting with pancakes rather than sex

    great MASH future and all round wonderful episode
    Get well soon JV!!

  4. Paul says:

    Kate is delightful! This is now maybe my favorite episode of the podcast.

    I hope my daughter, as she grows older, has a bit of Kate’s outlook on life. Especially her independence and ability to do things on her own term that she enjoys without worrying what others think. To create her own art. All of the things!


  5. Abitcrap says:

    What was the name of the historical fiction book JV name dropped?

  6. Sheldon J says:

    I have such a crush on Kate Micucci! Great podcast. 🙂

  7. Edward Gundrum says:

    Love the Hershey Story. I loved that ride when I was a kid. Favorite part that it smelled like chocolate (which the whole city does) and the tree shaking machine.

  8. Bob says:

    Surprised Kate didn’t wish to play trombone perfectly!

  9. Alec says:

    It’s interesting to think about the defining traits that a person will carry on through life, even as they continue to grow and broaden with experience. I wonder what the 22 year old Kate Micucci who was shocked at the idea of doing more than making out would have thought about The Loophole. 😛

  10. Michelle says:

    This page when I was listening to the podcast had an advertisement for Sandra Bullocks Gravitity movie on it….. too cute. Like you! They still have the Carousal of Progress at Magic Kingdom….. nobody goes on it, unless it’s really really hot and you need some A/C and don’t want to wait in a line. 🙂

    Love you JV in both Burning Loves!

    You are both too fun! 🙂

  11. GuanoLad says:

    Kate Micucci and Elijah Wood together would be overwhelming! The four biggest eyes in the world all in one place.

  12. PJ says:

    Aw, Janet, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break your heart… Your French is really good (I shouldn’t have said just “not bad”, I sort of feel like Mako now). You should totally do a podcast all in French, say with Jodie Foster…

    Also, model trains: LGB is where it’s at. Nothing beats G-scale ;).

    And I also love to hate fake snow in movie. You can so tell when it’s not real.

  13. David H says:

    I think that pancakes, kite flying, skee-ball and a Sandra Bullock movie with Kate would be a perfect day, especially if we are pirates.

  14. Jacquie F. says:

    I am cracking up at her story of faking playing the trombone in band. I did the exact same thing. If you play and you are terrible people can hear it, but if you just fake it and you’re standing next to three other people playing there is no way anyone can tell.

    I remember sitting in concerts just watching the girl next to me and miming her hand movements with the slide through the entire thing.

  15. beavis says:

    thanks you that was fun.

  16. Gary says:

    I’m really glad that you didn’t record this in an Olive Garden. (RIP “Making It”)

  17. Nichole says:

    I could relate a lot to this particular podcast. I also felt like I always had a sense of self, and still feel like the same person

    I’m from PA and I’ve never heard of people doing “Mischief Night”

    Chocolate World in Hershey Park! I was born in Hershey! I did like the older version better haha, now it’s like singing cows. I used to get scared in the oven part too!

    I used to skateboard with my high school crush as well! I *also* had my first kiss at 18

    While You Were Sleeping is such a classic!

  18. Troy says:

    The Carousel of Progress! I loved that ride. You sat in a theater and the stage revolved in front of you to reveal each time period.

    Love you Kate! Also went with marching band to Disneyland and totally remember the shock of Disneyland Behind the Scenes.

  19. Harvey Walker says:

    A lot of episodes feel shorter than they actually are, often due to the lighthearted/fun/emotional/engaging nature of the conversations, but man, this one was just so pleasant that it really felt like it flew by! I had to check the timestamp when MASH began to prove I’d not inadvertently jumped ahead.