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Episode 73: The JV Club
Autumn Reeser
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #73: Autumn Reeser

Two special guests join Janet in Episode 73, but only one of them – the fantastic Autumn Reeser (Thrilling Adventure Hour, No Ordinary Family) actually speaks. Topics include summer camp, the perennial talent of speedy typing, and getting attacked by tiny fish. Plus: Janet admits the shocking truth: she’s never been to Hawaii.

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  1. maria perez says:

    @ janet: I LOVE that you took your time to read our conversation.It is just surreal!
    @ Paul: Do you have a fav. episode so far??WHAT A QUESTION!!that was an unfair question!!The unfairest of the questions!!how could someone pick a fav. episode!!???!i m sorry I put you on the spot like that! 🙂
    you wont believe this BUT i havent listened to ANY of those podcast YET!(Oh Dear,…I am so behind)! going on holidays on Friday (a.k.a ‘the day of JV Club’ , from now on!) and the bus journey will be a 4-hour-trip so…I guess I will be entertained!!!

  2. Paul says:

    @Janet 🙂

    @Maria – I can’t pick a favorite! Although, the Sara Silverman one was great, and the Carla Gallo (I just discovered the show Undeclared), and Linn Shaye, and Emily Gordon…

  3. janet says:

    Well, I have to say this is a first- I LOVED the conversation between Maria and Paul here on the Nerdist site! And PJ- thanks- you’re right! I’ll get there eventually!! Joseph- HULK SMASH!!!

  4. maria perez says:

    @ Paul: I am glad you liked iti loved tooo(as you know!) Since I listen to the JV Club randomly, I dont think my ”recent’ podcasts coincide with your BUT I must say that taking into account the actual order of the episodes, my fav ones were Emma’s and Jessica’s!Loooved those two!very emotional and inspiring!
    oh! Yesterday I listened to Tig Notaro’s live podcast at SF and it broke my heart into a zillion pieces!!it was very hard and sad to hear her comment on all the crappy things that hapened to her in a very brief period of time!thank God Janet was around to make her smile!

    Thrilling Adventure Hour??? …I Do Not know what that is!I must check it now (right now!!)IOh thanks for your suggestion!I am open to EVERYTHING…so be my guest and enlight me!!

    PS : Do you have a fav. episode so far??

  5. Paul says:

    @Maria – I did! I’m just finishing up the episode now. I have to say Autumn’s episode is one of my recent favorites.

    Have you checked out the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast yet? Autumn is a part of that and it is brilliant!

  6. maria perez says:

    @ paul: Did u enjoy Autumn’s podcast?!I cant wait for this week’s podcast!!!!Thursday is now my fav. day of the week!

  7. PJ says:

    Spiders again! It was Amy Acker who was once paralyzed over Xmas as a child from a brown recluse bite… But anywho, my grandmother didn’t visit Hawaii until she was in her late 60s, so you have plenty of time Janet. I have never been myself, and like all tropical destinations, I don’t really care to. I’ve been to Miami in August once, I suffered enough heat and humidity for a lifetime.

  8. Paul says:

    @Maria – thanks for the response. It may sound funny, but that makes my day!

    I think you’ll find that Janet attracts the type of audience that is pretty open and accepting, so you should feel comfortable in sharing.

  9. maria perez says:

    @ Paul – Thank you very much for your comment!I really appreciate it because I’ve wanted to comment on this podcast’s forum for a loooong time but I never dared!I am a bit behind in terms of episodes cuz I started listening to the JV club podcast three weeks ago.Presently, I listen to a few episodes per day and I always feel like I have a lot of ideas, feelings and things i would like to say and now on, i will not be afraid to share my opinion with you all !thanks again Paul for being so welcoming!Enjoy the podcast!


  10. Paul says:

    @Maria – that was an awesome comment you posted. You didn’t make many grammatical errors at all. I couldn’t even imagine how many mistakes I’d make if I posted a comment in Spanish.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that. I haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet, but your comment makes me want to listen right away.


  11. maria perez says:

    I looovvveeed this week’s podcast!!!I have always been a fan of Autumn’s work and I knew she was funny BUT thanks to this podcast I got to know her a bit better and she is, simply, ADORABLE!Also, I’d like to congratulate her on her second pregnancy!
    Normally, Janet and her interviewees talk about being daughters and siblings (and what that role entails) BUT I think that having the perspective of a mother, once in a while, is very enriching and emotional!I love learning about how mothers educate and bring up their children and also about how they feel when they think they are messing things up! cuz… what is life, but a combination of messing up and learning from our mistakes.
    Also, grrreat chemistry between the two of you guys (+ lovely unborn baby + Scott). There are very interesting topics mentioned in this podcast including motherhood, love (hate) for (certain) animals and sports!plus mash game!& amazing movie references!

    Furthermore, since I’m from Spain and I have NO idea about the places/theme parks/camping sites… around the US that you have mentioned…I found this podcast very educational!I had to google a tone of places!

    I must say that I admire your attitudes towards life cuz you are very active and I feel like I can learn from you and your philosphy of life!you guys made my wanna jog and do sports …so thanks for motivating me in so many levels!

    Last but not least, I would like to thank Janet publicly for giving me a shoutout last week and say that The JV Club podcast has changed my life in so many ways.Now I feel part of a community and part of the American Culture even though I am miles and miles away!thank you very much Janet for everything you have done for me so far.You light up my life!
    loads of love from Spain,
    ps:I apologize if I made some grammatical mistakes

  12. Joseph Young says:

    There’s a lot of joy I feel in this episode. A lot of new beginnings, new babies, new ideas, new passions. The pleasant energy is such that by the end you can almost reach out and grab a chunk of it.

    Hulk Smash,