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Episode 67: The JV Club
Jolie Jenkins
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #67: Jolie Jenkins

Hold onto your hats and sew your glasses into your jacket pocket for this illuminating episode with writer and actress Jolie Jenkins (Body of Proof) as she and Janet delight in chagrin over misguided wardrobes, eating lunch in your car, and the powers and pitfalls of having motivational speaking in your immediate family. Bonus: Visit the JV Club Facebook page for Jolie’s cookie recipe!

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  1. elisabeth says:

    First, THANK YOU FOR ADOPTING!!! My husband and I do a lot of work in CIncinnati with rescuing dogs and have DEFINITELY noticed some people in rescues are way better with dogs than with people. When I foster I encourage people to do a short term trial period because I DON’T want the dog or the person to end up in a situation that is not ideal. Keep pushing and asking questions! Also I try not to pair dogs in which one has a distinct physical advantage because fights do happen (doesn’t make the dogs bad dogs, it’s just how they argue, and everyone argues) and I don’t like one dog to be able to really hurt the other dog. Second, I LOVE you, love your podcast, I am a Christian and I know that you aren’t but I love hearing how you and your diverse guests see the world, and I appreciate the respect that you show to everyone!

  2. Scott B, says:

    I hope you do get that huskie!! (“Get That Huskie!”, starring Jane Varney, Neil Parrick Harris, and special appearance by The Janitors!, coming this Fall from Nerdist Studios). I never thought of animal adoption being as stressful as children adoption, but I guess the same conditions still apply, matching up the right homes and families.

    Speaking of match-ups, I’m admitting I’m on eHarmony, and the 1 question I always ask is, ‘What music or music groups were your teenage crush(es)?’ It’s SAD how few women I’ve been matched with have had them! On the other hand, if I do hear from someone that they loved New Wave/Punk/Goth/Grunge, I know we have potential! That insight entirely comes from being a ‘Janitor’. Thanks Janet!!

  3. TM says:

    Or, even, gamine…though perhaps a starving boy in the street did tend to come to mind…

  4. Todd Mason says:

    Well…that and that there’s gamin and then there’s Mia Farrow in ROSEMARY’S BABY anorexic…her Geist helped sell the character’s plight…

  5. Todd Mason says:

    As usual, an amusing and charming conversation…and the only thing that comes to mind to comment so far is that it’s a “cootie catcher” because (if it’s like the folded paper thing I recall from elementary school) it resembled the kind of pinching paper/device one might use to catch and squeeze lice…”cooter,” depending on definition, is either much more delightful or, in the less happy definition, at least less disease-carrying (or at least less actively so) than “cooties”…

  6. PJ says:

    OK, I have allergies that prevent me from eating certain foods, but I’d be sad if I couldn’t have a glass of milk to accompany cookies (vegan and gluten free or not). Hurray for lactose tolerance!

    And the most frustrating thing about treadmills and stationary bikes is that you’re not moving forward one inch, your horizon doesn’t change. Seeing the change in scenery of a hike or a bike ride, feeling the mileage makes all the difference.