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Episode 66: The JV Club
Clea Duvall
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #66: Clea Duvall

The perennially awesome Clea Duvall (Argo, Girl Interrupted) talks bullying, bands, and bringing back your best vintage tees in episode sixty six of the podcast; meanwhile, Janet tries to come off as cool as Clea… and fails (no surprise there!).


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See Joaquin Phoenix in Full JOKER Make-Up

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  1. annie says:

    I do really thankful for this clea podcast ,,and what I’m so excited is clea really want to go to bali..oooh thats in my country,,i wish i could meet you in bali…and if you need a guide ,,i’d be very honour to be your guide..:)) .you have a lot of fans in Indonesia including me….:)))

  2. Nichole says:

    omg I remember the Zima commercials! haha

  3. EG says:

    Hey Janet! I actually KNOW the guy who named the product ZIMA. I dated him, even. Great show!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Clea is talking about Tegan and Sara when she mentions her twin friends šŸ™‚

  5. PJ says:

    Bands? I stick (almost exclusively) to classical music (music peaked with Beethoven, it has gone downhill since), that way I never feel old at a concert. Seriously, most of the performers I enjoy have been dead for a while, even those from the rare 90’s stuff I have on my iPod. But if you ever have time, do listen to some music by Hedningarna, Les Colocs or Dead Sirius 3000 and find a way to mention them in the podcast.

  6. janet says:

    Hi All!
    Joseph- hooray!
    Andrew – Don’t worry! I don’t think I can stop saying “hey guys” now… I’ll just refer to the “Janetors” in other ways!
    Todd- thanks for setting me straight, Alice and Zima-wise!
    Nate – Agreed- I love Clea’s voice!
    Meg – two things I love! Jane Espenson and Pop My Culture! That reminds me, I need to have Jane on JV Club!
    Irham – I LOVE that you wrote in about your experience as a triplet!!!
    Stephen- I’m so glad! I’ll try for the other 2 you mentioned. You never know!
    PJ – what bands do you listen to? Maybe I can work them into a convo! šŸ™‚
    Juls – Kindred spirits extending to old lady-ness!
    Hannah – Look at you! Going to concerts so young. What a badass!

  7. Hannah says:

    I think the only times I didn’t have a seat at a concert was when I went to see Counting Crows & Wallflowers, and The Spice Girls, both times I had lawn seats (Desert Sky), but I was also 7/8 years old (music is very important to my family, so my parents started taking me to concerts early) during these concerts so I didn’t mind. Now I’m a lot more picky šŸ™‚

  8. Juls says:

    Okay, I am SO glad you guys talked about feeling old at concerts. Going to a concert might be the only time I actually feel my age. I used to arrive so early so I could stand up the front and get amazing photos, and now I’m like “if I can’t sit, it might not happen”.

    I also TOTALLY AGREE about people standing up if they have a seat. If you bought a seated ticket, it’s kind of a dick move to stand up all the time, because the people around you bought a seated ticket for a reason (and it’s often a more expensive ticket than standing), and by standing up you’re kind of ruining their ability to enjoy it fully. I’ve also lost all tolerance for drunk people periodically stumbling into you as they try to dance/remain vertical.

    I feel very strongly about concert etiquette, clearly! It all adds up to make me feel like an old lady when I go to concerts, but I’m actually pretty okay with that…I still feel like a clueless kid the rest of the time!

  9. PJ says:

    Yep, still don’t get most of the musical references. Sure, Bjork wore a swan as a dress once but I never listened to any of her stuff. Well, at least Hole, Nirvana and the B-52 are not completely lost on me. But I’ve never been to a concert that didn’t have seats, or where people stand up during the show.

  10. Stephen says:

    This is by far the most excited I’ve gotten over a guest! So SO happy! In junior high, I used to make geocities fanpages about Clea DuVall, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ali Larter. Most of her roles (minus like She’s All That where she was a rich popular girl) really resonated with me as an alientated outcast teen. She’s still a highlight of rewatching Buffy and Popular. I hope she makes more podcast appearances.

  11. Irham says:

    First, there will be some people that annoying in your life. Now the first thing I do is find something in myself the things that triggering why I find those people are annoying even though most of my friends agreed that those person is really annoying. When I did that thing, I felt better as a person because I set aside my ego to solve the problems.

    Second, I was born as triplets with one twin brother and one twin sister. Iā€™m not an identical triplets but Iā€™m a fraternal triplets. I love being triplets because it is so much fun. First, when I was a little, my mom used to put the same clothes for me and my twin brother and now me and my twin brother have a similar clothing styles and taste in some ways. Second, I feel more comfortable when I disclose my problems with my problems with my twin brother or my twin sister because they have similar views and approach to solve my problems.

    Third, about the cheating, when I was in grade school my teacher put me randomly to sit with besides my twin sister on a test. And I think you all know what will happen next.

  12. megisadisaster says:

    I was so excited to pull up the podcast this morning and see Clea’s name (I have a raging crush because I am a cliche. Also, I’ve seen But I’m a Cheerleader about a million times.)
    She’s a delight and seems to have a very interesting story. I was very interested to hear more about the “unusual upbringing” she alluded to but at the same time, I respect the fact that she might not be comfortable elaborating on it. Anyway, hooray for Clea!

    And did you guys know that Jane Espenson (my idol/ writer extraordinaire of Buffy/Battlestar Galactica/Husbands fame) named Zima? She talked about it when she was on the Pop My Culture podcast:

  13. Nate says:

    Fuk. Your voice is amazing Clea! You should do radio or a Disney flick. lol

  14. TM says:

    Ooops. Zima. Coors (naturally) apparently still makes it for some unfortunates…well, Zima tastes better than Coors, certainly. (Well, it’s been decades since I’ve suffered either.)

  15. Todd Mason says:

    Xima was a beer-like beverage that tasted about as much like Sprite as it did like beer.

  16. Todd Mason says:

    GO ASK ALICE is a flagrantly goofy “diary” of a teen whose life is destroyed by drug abuse…Paul F. Tompkins’s album FREAK WHARF is named for his routine about the more ridiculous aspects of the book, which takes its name (the book’s title, that is) from the Jefferson Airplane song, of course, which in turn was referencing Carroll and the Alice stories. ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE is the Scorcese-directed film about a widowed woman trying to remake her life (and was dumbed down for the sitcom ALICE).

  17. Andrew says:

    You know, even though I feel like most of your listeners are probably ladies, you do open every eingle show with “Hey Guys” spoken in a very specific and familiar way. I feel like there’s something important to that. I’d really rather that sweet soft-spoken introductory salutation not be replaced by anything involving “janitors.” Maybe that’s just me.

    I mean, maybe in some way, we’re all just your “guys,” not like your “dudes” or your “bros,” but like your group of friends that you hang out with share things and talk to. I don’t know if that terminology works for you, but that’s already the very specific way you’ve been addressing us for something like sixty episodes. Just Sayin’.


    Your show is awesome and your listeners know you care. I don’t think you need to settle on some name to call your listeners until and unless it either happens organically or you just hear one that really fits and that you really like.

  18. Joseph says:

    Janitor approved.