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Episode 54: The JV Club
Lynn Chen
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #54: Lynn Chen

How do YOU pronounce the word “nougat?” Janet and guest Lynn Chen (The Actor’s Diet blog) take a big bite out of the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of food. Also on the menu: when vanity bites you back, doorknocker earrings, and the savory churro of Taiwan.

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  1. Stephanie Y says:

    Really loved this ep. I related to the stuff RE:Asian ppl can eat anything and be thin-not true for me and I’ve struggled/continue to kinda struggle with weight so thnx to Lynn for talking about it πŸ™‚ and it was really funny about how growing up all you want is Western food and now when im older, when i go away or hang out with friends after a few days i really miss Chinese food!!

    P.s. In Australia we pronounce it “noo-gar”

  2. Jacquie F says:

    @megisadisaster – Wow I listened to the entire podcast without realizing she was in Saving Face. I agree that movie was really great and recommend it.

  3. Joseph says:

    Don’t take it personal if people don’t eat your special dish. I hear lots of people in LA don’t eat anything at all. hehe πŸ˜‰

  4. Paul says:

    Okay, all the way through now. Great episode. Also, can I say how awesome it is that Janet mentioned Jack Finney’s Time and Again!

  5. Paul says:

    I agree. β€œnew-git.”

    Also, soda is pronounced “pop”.

    I’m only halfway into the episode, but am loving it as always.

  6. Alec says:

    The talk about candy bars will brought back this one specific childhood memory for me. It was a cool morning during summer vacation, and my dad bought me a caramilk bar from a street vendor. (I’m guessing the vendor just kept all of his merchandise in a freezer overnight so that it could last the whole outside, but whatever the reason, the treat was super chilled.) Unlike the nougat Lynn described, the frozen caramel stayed SUPER sticky, and when I tried (and failed) to bite off a corner, my lose tooth stayed embedded in the bar.

    Also, “new-git.”

  7. PJ says:

    Poor Janet, listening to all the “Hey guys” in a row, there’s a clear pattern most of the time but they are clearly not the same notes every single time… aren’t you a musician? Wouldn’t your ear be trained for this, even without perfect pitch? (And if you had perfect pitch, you’d know… you’d know the notes to everything, assuming musical training of course; let me be snobby and guess you were not classically trained, tsk tsk…). Also the way to pronounce nougat properly is with silent t, you know, the French way. Sorry about the snooty comment, all this talk about food is making me hungry, and like in those Snickers ads, I get angry when I’m hungry…

  8. megisadisaster says:

    Wonderful interview! I love all your guests, but it’s awesome when you have guests that can talk about their cultures and how their girlhoods deviated from and intersected with the typical white girl experience (if there is such a thing.) I’ll definitely be checking out her blogs.

    Also I’ve gotta say that I *loved* Lynn in Saving Face, a great romantic comedy about relationships (both familial and romantic) between women. I recommend it to absolutely everyone, but especially to listeners of the lady-loving persuasion.

  9. Lynn Chen says:

    THANK YOU for the interview – so much fun!