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Episode 46: The JV Club
Paget Brewster
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #46: Paget Brewster

Take an evening walk down a quiet street or spend an afternoon riding your bike through the woods… or at least listen to Janet and guest Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) revel in the magic of unstructured time spent alone in this episode, where Paget also proves herself to be the creator of a VERY important masterpiece.

Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape

Watch Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Tape

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

ANNIHILATION's 'Shimmer' and Ending Explained

Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Expect Permanent Deaths For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR



  1. Very nice article. I certainly love this site. Keep
    it up!

  2. Boots_33 says:

    Justin: THANK YOU for posting a link to that Twin Peaks interview. Best thing I’ve watched in weeks.

  3. janet says:

    Guys! LOVED the comments! Justin- thank you for putting up the Angelo interview! Post it on the JV Club FB page too if you get a chance! I’m talking about it on this wk’s intro! So glad you guys enjoyed the ep- and Peachee that is AWESOME about Keeley/Matthew- mentioning that too!

  4. Hannah Lyons says:

    Love the podcast i look forward to Thursdays every week because of it! i was walking across campus while listening to this episode and laughed really hard when Scott farted i probably looked like a crazy person but it was defiantly worth it.

  5. Paul says:

    Great episode. I really liked that you got into her childhood and all of that stuff right near the beginning of the podcast. I love Paget in TAH and loved her her too.

  6. Cass says:

    Paget Brewster is amazing! Paget and Janet together…hells yeah! I’ve listened to the MASH game 4 times and it still makes me laugh. Best.Answers.Ever!!!!

  7. Peachee says:

    You guys! Keeley Hawes from The Last September is actually MARRIED to Matthew MacFayden of Mr Darcy! I became one of those people who yell at podcasts, I was so excited when they were both mentioned! How cool is that!?

  8. PJ says:

    It snows only in Alley McBeal”, stupid typos…

  9. PJ says:

    Ah winter and fall… never been to Massachussets, but a classmate of mine who went to MIT for grad school used to say “In Boston, in snows only in Alley McBeal”. Anywho, I totally get the “good, comforting loneliness” feeling of walks in the snow or at dusk. That and the talk of leaf peeping reminded me of this song (some Qu├ębec French immersion for Janet again, and anyone else interested).

  10. CXRengel says:

    Always enjoy seeing & listening to Paget Brewster. I got to watch her perform at the “Beyond Belief” reading at Meltdown Comics.

  11. DEC12345 says:

    Paget is great in Beyond Belief. It was nice to hear a little bit about one of the best parts of ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour’. It made me smile to hear some of the same vocal affectations used on stage show up in this interview.

  12. Jessi says:

    Those pictures are hilarious:) I totally get the atmosphere you were talking about in the beginning. Had a great time listening to your podcast.

  13. Justin says:

    That was my favorite MASH game yet.

    Here is a link to the Angelo Badalamenti interview you were talking about: