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Episode 42: The JV Club
Carly Craig
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #42: Carly Craig

Janet and guest Carly Craig (Role Models) share a metaphorical school locker together and fill it with a conversation about the companionship of volleyball and the isolation of swimming (echoing Mary Lynn Rajskub’s ep!), the liberation of writing your own material, and, yes, the benefits of cooking with grapeseed oil.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


Toto's "Africa" Gets a '50s-Style Cover from Postmodern Jukebox

What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?

What Are Captain Marvel's Superpowers?



  1. Al says:

    I love these childhood photos. They really ground the stories told.

  2. Rob S. says:

    If she was to be a redhead with blue eyes and big lips you can have mine.

  3. PJ says:

    Idea for a mash category: nemesis. You know, a rival. Sherlock Holmes had Moriarty. Obama had Romney (and McCain before). Korra has Amon. Paul McCartney had John Lennon. Even Maggie Simpsons has that other baby with one eyebrow. Why would one’s fantasy future would be all fun and roses? I think it’d be nice to spice it up with someone to best in one way or another. I mean, superpowers have come up before, but what’s a superhero without a supervillain?

    As for grapeseed oil, it’s too pricey. I settle for the cheaper rapeseed oil, which is better known as canola oil, for some weird reason…

  4. Curtis says:

    Man, I’m right there with Carly when she was talking about taking that acting class. I played football for almost 10 years in addition to various other sporty/jock things, so when I started taking acting classes in college all of these things we were doing just seemed INSANE to me (some still do).

    I, too had to do that sunshine through the fingertips thing; but the one that really got me was when they wanted us to, over the span of 10 minutes, go from birth to where we are now. I didn’t do well in that exercise at all. It only took my teacher 2 quarters to start figuring out how to talk to me cuz I wasn’t buying in to any of the hippie-dippie acting spirituality crap cuz I always viewed it as a sport. It’s a good thing that they figured it out I ended up acting in a lot of shows that I really loved.

    Great episode as always, Carly seems like a genuinely fun person.