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The JV Club #138: Maureen Johnson
Episode 138: The JV Club
Maureen Johnson
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #138: Maureen Johnson

This is an episode that can only be described as second to nun. [Insert 100 groans here.] But really! It’s the amazing and wonderful Maureen Johnson (The Name of the Star) and talk of metaphorical time traveling via one strict Catholic high school (shhhh… don’t tell anyone she was a Protestant!). Advisory: This episode may be habit-forming. “Habit” forming. Get it? Nuns? Habits? [slams door in own face]

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  1. Sydney says:

    Not had a chance to listen to many episodes recently but this was a great one to come back to.

  2. Mark says:

    I didn’t know who this was when I started, but just knowing that she loves Superego (and The JV Club, of course! 🙂 is enough to make me a fan.

  3. todd mason says:

    ah, janet, you almost break my heart when you ask who robert benchley is…till i remember how long it’s been since i read some stephen leacock…or jean kerr…and, as you probably know by now, benchley’s legacy ran through his novelist son Nathaniel and hid magazine essayist turned novelist Peter (JAWS). But gramps was among the giants, and his film work was often good, as well, such as in the fred allen version of THE TWELVE CHAIRS, entitled IT’S IN THE BAG…and glad to hear you back here again…

  4. Sheren says:

    This episode was so wonderful! As a daughter of a nurse I totally relate to how handy it is, saved a lot of money on casts and medicine and such. But Maureen’s stories were so wild and crazy, I definitely will listen to this a lot because of how entertaining(the jekyll & hyde restaurant) and disturbing (that Catholic school o_0) they were. The sound of the pen scratching during MASH was also very enjoyable for me, I weirdly find it a relaxing sound (probably because drawing a lot). Also, pretty jealous you guys share a birthday-I’m the day before (but i share it with Galileo so that’s cool i guess). 
    P.S.I’ve been trying to catch up on these podcasts by listening to them while I work and it’s been so great for getting me through late nights!

  5. Amy M. says:

    Holy crap, that high school experience sounds so ridiculous, especially the mean old nun who got her fun by picking on others, sheesh!  On another note, I would have pizza parties on my birthday too.  I’d invite a few friends and we’d build our own pizzas.  My birthday is in January so like Maureen, my parties had to be inside because it is so cold.  I would be so jealous of those that got pool parties or park parties.

  6. PJ says:

    Shout out to kids of medical people! I don’t know what it’d be like to have no parents with knowledge or connection in the medical field. It’s a huge privilege. They’ll diagnose and treat the minor stuff easily, and send you directly to the right people for the bigger stuff (not just in terms of correct specialty, but also the nicest and most competent ones). However, they will tell you they can be hypochondriac by proxy, in the sense that they’ll know all the other scarier diseases which are also associated with the symptoms you’re exhibiting. Like it’s probably a nasty cold but there’s a tiny chance it’s the plague…

  7. Nikki says:

    @Janet The Knick is so good!! I think it’s so underrated; more people should def watch it.I wasn’t familiar with Maureen until I listened to this podcast, but I really like her outlook on dealing with anxiety also, I live in Philly! Old City is my favorite part of the city–it’s so pretty and historical. The crime isn’t that bad as of now, it is mainly in sections of north philly.I went to a public school, but the they also locked the doors/you couldn’t go out and come back in. but this was post columbine so that’s probably why.That one teacher Maureen talks about sounds like Dolores Umbridge!

  8. tracy says:

    OMG so excited to listen to this one! MJ is one of my faves.