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Episode 121: The JV Club
Boys of Summer: Howard Kremer
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #121: Boys of Summer: Howard Kremer

How’s your summah? It’s about to get a bit brighter with the delightful Howard Kremer (Who Charted?), whose stories of non-caped crusading, rocks from the Boss, and the changing phases of his erstwhile band do not disappoint. What would YOUR superhero name be?

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  1. Joe says:

    Listen to Ep. 108 of Who Charted to hear more about Howard’s adventures with his superhero group, The Connivers. Its a great episode, with Jessica St. Clair as the guest.

  2. scott B. says:

    I love it when people sound 1 way but when you get to know them they’re completely different from expectations. Ho sounded like a stoner but had so many sharp comments and observations. Without a doubt the best version of ‘Boys of Summer’!! BRUUCCEEE!!!!

  3. Sydney Richardson says:

    Seconding the request to get ComicBookGirl19 on the show. I was also thinking that Felicia Day would be a wonderful guest.

  4. esdeem says:

    I’m going to be really sad to see the Boys of Summer series end… possibly the worst end of summer since the changing of the seasons signaled a return to classes. But, on the up side, I like that you’re considering doing it again next year! This, like all the rest, was a lot of fun.

    As for super hero names… ahem… well… I can’t believe I’m admitting this in a public forum, but when I was pretty young, my brother and I did play around as being superheroes. I can neither confirm nor deny that my brother was dubbed “Stripe Man”, nor can I comment on the possibility I picked the name “Toast” for reasons I still can’t fathom. (Seriously, talking about this podcast is the only reason I’d ever feel comfortable talking about all this potential blackmail material.)

  5. PJ says:

    I’d love a magic steak…

    But speaking of comic books, Janet, please get Comic Book Girl 19 on your podcast.

  6. ted says:

    #1 handsome man