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Episode 106: The JV Club
Jennette McCurdy
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #106: Jennette McCurdy

In this very special episode, Janet podcasts her very own DAUGHTER! … Well, at least someone who played her daughter in a thing. It’s the terrific Jennette McCurdy (Sam and Cat) and a sitting-on-the-rug hangout, covering such topics as feminism, faith, and becoming a real life Ghostbuster.

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  1. John says:

    As bad of a show as it was, it’s really too bad that McCurdy let her arrogance and greed get the best of her, which resulted in the cancellation of Sam & Cat. Furthermore, she has nobody but herself to blame when it comes to “not wanting to be a role model.” I mean, it’s not like she was forced into signing that specific contract. She could’ve just signed on for iCarly and that’s it. But in her case, she was seeing dollar signs and couldn’t resist more money coming her way especially if it meant guaranteeing a show with her as the lead star, which means top dollar pay. Granted though, Nick did seem to push her around a few times, but that’s no reason to go off the deep end and publicly blast your own employer about it. I mean, if any average joe happened to do that to their own employer, they’d get canned in a heartbeat. I guess celebrities get special treatment in that case due to their fame and fortune. In any case, rather than handle the situation in a professional manner, McCurdy threw a very public temper tantrum (on more than one occasion) and wrongfully aired Nick’s dirty laundry for all to see, which might have been her biggest mistake, besides the “leak” of her semi-nude photos, which was never officially proven in the first place, even though she blamed Drummond (typical). In any case, if Jennette wants to continue this brash behavior, then good luck making new friends and booking gigs, because no one wants to hang around somebody that is bitter all the time.

    • suck dickman says:

      Just talking right outta your ass. Fuck-wit.

    • Corntrollio says:

      Look up the word “apocryphal” in the dictionary, you cardboard cutout of a human being.  You can be better than this.  Climb the stairs that lead out of your mother’s basement, go outside, and actually do something with your life.  You seem to have a working, but misdirected intellect.  Put it to some good use.

  2. janet says:

    Guys! Thanks for the great notes! darth- I’m about to check out that link- thanks! And thanks for the Warehouse 13 shoutout, the Paris song, the sweet comments about the episode and how great Jennette is! Hooray for all of us!

  3. Sheren says:

    I wondering how it was gonna go because I didnt know/think if she had a high school experience and is younger than most guests and this was such a fun interview! And the Buffy reference related question was awesome! Also I’m now a fan of Jennette with her lovely personality and all the geek cred she showed!

  4. Jenny Smith says:

    As Whistler and Vancouver are my old hometowns, I can relate to the weather. If I didn’t have snowsports, it would have been too difficult with lack of sun. The trick is to get above the clouds to where there is sun and snow! Fortunately for Vancouver – it’s beauty outweighs it’s lack of sun. I will admit to calling it “Rain” Couver on more than one occasion.
    As for I-Carly, although it is a little after my time, I used to look after a tween up in Whistler and her favorite show was I-Carly, so I am schooled in many episodes. I always enjoyed watching it with my friend. I like how it showed the evolution of social media in regards to teenagers and their usage of it.

  5. Scott B. says:

    I know she’s under 25, but she speaks with the intelligence and maturity of someone older – – -until she starts talking about boys! Hahaha!! She does have a future in acting! By the way, loved your guest appearance in Warehouse 13 Janet!!

  6. Maisa says:

    That was so wonderful interview!! <3

  7. Max says:

    I just started listening to the podcast today (this being my first one) and I love it. Love the voice, the guest and the questions. I only realized half way through that Janet Varney is the voice of Korra which I also love.

  8. PJ says:

    I also miss gold-medal ribbon ice cream, though the one I was used to was 2/3 chocolate flavored, 1/3 vanilla with butterscotch (it’s the chocolate/fudge with the butterscotch that seals the deal). At some point Rolo ice cream seemed to have supplanted it and I couldn’t find it anymore.

  9. PJ says:

    I didn’t like sparkling water (still don’t) but last time I visited Germany, I suddenly adapted to their love of their non-flat apple juice: apfelschorle (well, it’s apple juice and carbonated water, and less sweet than pure juice). As a kid I hated that stuff. Tastes change I guess.

    And Paris is neat, but I’ve got so many other places in Europe to visit. Besides, last time I went was with my ex-wife (not ex- yet at the time). Still, a Brassens song about Paris, the bridges over the Seine and break-ups feels appropriate to post here.

  10. Reve says:

    When I was in school, we called “cootie catchers” fortune tellers. I had never heard of a cootie catcher till I listened to this podcast.

  11. June says:

    Love Jennette. Weirdly enough, I’m in my 30s and I’m a big fan of Sam & Cat. There’s so many prime-time, geared towards adult sitcoms that are not nearly as funny. I was pleasantly surprised to catch her on the Nerdist podcast a little bit ago and I’m psyched she’s doing more of these things.

  12. Alec says:

    Oof, I kind if just slid away from any religious views I’d had without any real drama or face-to-face arguments. Standing up to an authority figure on a matter of principle as a kid is pretty kick-ass.

  13. Amy says:

    One of the things that I love about the podcast is hearing from women who are a step ahead of me in life. That being said, it was really fun and interesting to have someone my own age on. I’d been hoping you’d get Jennette on after I listened to her on the Nerdist podcast. As always, I loved the talk on religion and hearing about both of your experiences with that. And let’s not get off on another apple tangent…

  14. darth_bill says:

    That’s in relation to the feminist mormon talk going on in the podcast. Good site.

  15. Joseph Young says:

    ….but as we all know Mos Eisley is a spaceport on Tatooine… excuse me while I heat up this hot pocket, and listen to commentaries….