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Episode 103: The JV Club
Sarah Tapscott
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #103: Sarah Tapscott

Will Episode 103 cut the mustard? Join Janet and guest Sarah Tapscott (Kroll Show) on a verrrrrry long adventure where, if you’re lucky— or unlucky— you may even be given your own horse. Plus: More Creepy Emma Thompson worship!



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How THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Sets Up a Possible Season 2

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  1. Julie Redlin says:

    Absolutely love the podcast!!! Check out 99% invisible with Roman Mars. It has beautiful stories about the architecture and design affecting our every day lives, focusing on things you may have never even considered the design of.

  2. PJ says:

    Can’t eat horsemeat? Janet, you anglo-saxon you. My dad won’t either. Apparently, it’s a “pet” thing. But you should totally try horsemeat, it is so lean yet so tender.

  3. janet says:

    Woo hoo! What great comments! So many great recommendations! I just ordered She is Not Invisible!
    But I can’t eat horse meat. I just can’t do it! 😉

  4. Erica says:

    1) I relate SO MUCH to Sarah’s desire to have the rules explained first, then push or transgress the boundaries.

    2) She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick is a gorgeous YA novel that addresses that quicksilver quality of coincidences, as well as the question of whether understanding the math and logic behind them diminishes the magic. I would highly recommend it to fans of the balloon story…

  5. Jenny Smith says:

    I almost didn’t comment because I had too much to share! 🙂
    But, I’ve narrowed it down.

    First of all, I went out and bought the pizza. I am gluten-free and it is now sitting in my freezer and I’m pretty excited. I’ll report back after it’s been eaten.

    Also, I can relate to the masculine/feminine thing. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy – skateboarding, hanging out with guys. But, yet also pretty girly. I make stuffed animals for a living. Yet, I never got my ears pierced. I used to be jealous of very girly girls and how they obsessed over make-up and hair and clothes. I think there are a bunch of us women who are equal parts male and female. We don’t obviously belong on one side or the other. A sort of androgeny of style. I can be quite girly, but also be one with the guys. Guys have never liked this, fortunately I am happily married to one.
    Thanks for a great episode. 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Oh my god, I loved Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants SO MUCH. I read all of the books until they fell apart; I watched the movie every day after school for the entirety of 6th grade. It is definitely Greece. And yes, the pants are magical, that’s how they fit everyone. I don’t remember the rules in the movies, but in the books, you aren’t allowed to wash the pants, because it would wash the magic off. I haven’t watched or read it recently, so I’m not sure if it holds up, but I LOVED them so much. My friends and I actually started our own “sisterhood” out of love for that series, and we still carry on with it almost 10 years later, which is very embarrassing and very wonderful at the same time. We don’t have dirty, magic pants though, unfortunately. Everything about this episode is perfect. Only disappointment in the whole episode was that Sarah didn’t get to marry Arthur the Aardvark.

  7. Scott B. says:

    This was a Fun One! Janet, if you did happen to run away with Sarah, everyone who heard this would understand!! I would make a movie of it in my head, but you know how that would end up . . .

    KNOCK KNOCK! . . .”Gluten Free Pizza Person here!!” “Why, Emma Thompson, why are YOU delivering pizzas?” “I’m doing research for a film I’m writing. That will be $12.50.” “Emma, my girlfriend Sarah and I don’t have any money, can we pay you . . .Some Other Way?” Bang chika Waaa Waaa !!!

  8. Todd Mason says:

    Radio and podcasts rather in the mode of RADIOLAB and THIS AMERICAN LIFE (leaving aside such arguably Very obvious stuff as TED TALKS packages):

    Well, for somewhat less-flashy production than RADIOLAB (and fewer of what are to me more-annoying artifices of structure and approach of TAL)(“ooops…did you think we’d hit bottom on this TAL story…the quirky music bed tells you that things are about to get Even Worse!”):

    Josie Long’s SHORT CUTS series on BBC Radio 4: I was very fond of her earlier ALL THE PLANET’S WONDERS (SHOWN IN DETAIL).


    …and, frankly, poking around on your own on the Radio 4 site will turn up some potentially interesting items…

  9. PJ says:

    I have to say mustard also goes well with horsemeat. 😀

  10. PJ says:

    I love mustard. I would totally buy some from Paris next time I go. But I’m in Canada where we produce most of the mustard seeds anyway, so why import… Still, fancy mustards, like this one, go well with, say any kind of sausage or a duck rillettes sandwich.

  11. Adonia says:

    Loved this interview. The rapport between you to was natural and so fun. Hope you two do become bosom buddies after this.