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Episode 98: The Indoor Kids
XBoxOne Galore with Kevin…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #98: XBoxOne Galore with Kevin Pereira!

Today we welcome the wonderful Kevin Pereira to talk all about the XBox announcements from last week- the good, the bad, what we still don’t know. Plus we talk Arkham Origins and EA passes, and Burnside joins us to play (within the episode) an iOS game called Spaceteam. Hooray news!

Games Discussed

Ruzzle, Candy Crush, Halo, Retro City Rampage, Tomb Raider, Planetside 2, Spaceteam, Call of Duty

TV Discussed

Game of Thrones


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  1. StuRuckus says:

    So, you guys keep saying no one is going to not buy this system. I have bought every major system since the Sega Genesis, NES, and from then on. My wife and I currently have hundreds of games and a PS3 and X-Box 360, want to know what we won’t have? XBone. Why? Because of its hardware and software limitations. I understand you guys have a certain circle of influence, but saying no one is going to boycott this system is an asinine comment. I will not be supporting X-Box, and I’ve already pre-ordered my PS4. Thank you. BTW, I enjoy your show, keep them coming.

  2. Israel V says:

    This episode sucked, I don’t like xbox , and now even less after hearing you guys, it seems like what ever xbox does you will love it ,even if it suck, ps rules

  3. phil medoc says:

    Great discussion, best episode in a while. I couldn’t be bothered to watch the conference, so I really appreciate the opinions and analysis. Pereira really knows his shit and I wish him luck on his further ventures.

    People are skeptical right now, but I think Kevin has it right: Microsoft is seeing how all entertainment media is converging, and they’re obviously trying to both shape the market and predict it — you can see where they’re going with Smartglass and the HDMI pass through, those are really big deals.

    All the cries of “I don’t care about tv on my gaming console, I’m not going to use any of the extra features”, that’s what everyone was saying when smartphones first came out. Now most people primarily use their phones for everything except making calls!

  4. John S says:

    I’ve had both generations of the xbox, and there is no way I’m going to buy the xbox one. My next console will probably be the steambox, or maybe the playstation 4.

  5. Derwith Kennedy says:

    Frothy Loads!!!!

  6. Mike says:

    This is a decent Xbox podcast.

  7. Chris says:

    @no99 Sony definitely forces competitors out of business. That’s why HD DVD players aren’t on the shelf next to Bluray. You don’t start a business with the goal of sharing the market with as many similar products as possible. It makes no economic sense.

    Side note about backwards compatibility too: who cares? I have never once put an original Xbox game into my 360. If it matters that much to just keep the 360 too! I’m fine with the trade off being better graphics and easier cross platform development.

  8. Chris says:

    It just seems to me that if the Kinect 2 wasn’t this advances people would be saying “why didn’t they do X-Y-Z to improve it?” It’s kind of a no win situation. The percentage of people who will use this technology for its stated purpose is probably much greater than those with malicious intent. As with any new technology it will one day just be another feature that we’re all used to and nobody will even bother arguing about it. Like the automobile. Or the internet. Both had detractors that said it could only be dangerous but I think we’re pretty much ok with both now.

    @PCMan My only point in bringing up gun control was for comparison. I also don’t think generalizing and saying everyone opposed is racist makes you sound any more intelligent than those you are trying to cut down. Either way I’m a gun control supporter so you’re not hurting my feelings. My comparison was just trying to highlight that conspiracy theories usually start with some basis and then go far out in left field. I think this may be an example. Just because something horrible can happen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to advance technology or society. The space race was all about trying to make sure the other guy didn’t put missiles in satellites. Notice how that hasn’t happened. Something being possible does not make it a legitimate concern.

  9. No99 says:

    Maybe I’m getting too old. Seemed a bit heavy on the fanboy side. So MS has done some dark stuff, especially during the “OS wars” and “browser wars” it’s amazed me at the level of xbox love the last few years (and I own and play one, it is a fun machine, I’ve sold out too) historically though, they screw anybody and everybody when it comes to making a buck; DoJ doesn’t call companies anti-competitive without reason… Sony isn’t run by saints either but I don’t know that they’ve attempted to actually drive their competition out of business where MS kind of has. Over the last handful of episodes though you’ve mentioned the problems you and others have had sending xboxes back to be repaired that took too long, even mentioned some issues tweeting and maybe pressure MS tried to apply, they’ve put out this game-lite xbox one launch, they’ve got all the pieces to spy in a very invasive way, they’re being jerks to the indie community and it just feels like you guys are very reluctant to say something negative about it. Or even suggest that you won’t race out and get it or accept that it’s not okay to get this thing.

    You guys have a little bit of clout, you know if MS has the ability to shutdown used games or spy on you in your living room, you could say you won’t get one and suggest that others don’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re a giant company that is going to do what they are going to do and they aren’t afraid of a little failure (windows phone, zune, kin, slate…) but I don’t think I’ve heard you mention a single Xbox One game worth making the box even a consideration to purchase yet. This is about games right? A podcast isn’t “news” and there is bias and it’s all fine, but it seems a little deep here.

  10. PCMan says:

    The issue of hacks coming along is a good one. Sony servers were compromised and credit card information was leaked, there is no reason why Microsoft servers can’t be hacked and malicious code be put into a software patch or downloaded to a person’s XboxOne when the machines have to their daily check-in to central servers to verify software.

    I also think Microsoft overplays it hand at times. Internet Explorer used to be the go to browser, but because Chrome and Firefox stuck to web standards, they have much more robust browsers that can do much more. MS is playing catch up after touting ActiveX and all that other nonsense that they tried to force on the web community. It feels like they’re doing the same thing with the gaming community and it may backfire on them.

    @Chris, the difference between gun nuts saying the President wants to take their guns is that they are stupid racists. They also think the President was born in Kenya. Their opinions on matters should be ignored.

    The XboxOne IS going to collect data about your usage of the machine and send this back to a central server because, hey, you have to connect the machine to the Internet at least once a day. Now why wouldn’t they sell this data?

  11. Xzen says:

    The dad box? More like the grandpa box. I am the dad and all of the Xbox one’s features are unappealing to me. As of now the PS4 is winning my money. However it is possible for sony to screw up at E3 and I won’t get either.

  12. bsg says:

    Boycott? Right here! I own 4700 video games and will stick with the WiiU this go-round.

  13. TJ Wells says:

    Very even-handed, in-depth discussion, guys. Great listen.

  14. david elliott says:

    xbox1. because we already had ur mother.

  15. Chris says:

    I’m gonna be that guy.

    You have a lot of conspiracy theories in this episode about how information about you can be stolen and used in bizarre ways with the new Kinect sensor. Do you lend the same credence to conspiracy theories about how a national gun registry could be used to target and/or track gun owners? Obviously the answer should be no. Clearly not the same thing, but I feel like a grain of salt is important in both situations. You can’t say the government is less shady than a corporation. Corporations have acquired personal information about people in the past. Governments have disarmed citizens before. Your Xbox is not gonna recognize you hitting a bong on your couch and call the cops any more than Obama is gonna send police to every gun owner’s house to collect their weapons. Possible does not mean remotely likely. Sheer paranoia.

  16. zeldaveritas says:

    You guys mentioned that no one boycotts corporations. Both me and my friends boycott Apple products and the PS3. Apple because charging 30% more for inferior technology and PS3 because of the bait and switch Sony pulled at their E3 press conference when they claimed everything was running in engine and it turned out to be pre-rendered video.

  17. Alec says:

    If you guys are really interested in that future of ubiquitous cameras and smart algorithms, and aggregated data, you should check out The Transparent Society, by David Brin. It’s more than ten years old at this point, but the issues he brings up are still relevant.

  18. Maiku says:

    I personally will not be getting the Xbox one. I don’t give a crap about all the TV stuff it does and the needing to connect to the internet at least once a day doesn’t help(Yeah technically it’s not always online but with having to check in every 24 hours it might as well be. The used game fiasco doesn’t help things and the nail in the coffin for me is the HAVING to have Kinect connected to the thing. I don’t want to use the thing and should not have to.

  19. Ryan says:

    Thank god Kevin is back, he’s seriously brilliant.

    Have him on more often, it’s been too long since your last show with him.

  20. Anon says:

    Just a correction: the Xbox One controller triggers don’t have variable resistance, they just have varying levels/patterns of rumbling. So, when you pull the right trigger to fire a gun, it might feel a little bit like recoil. And when you slowly depress the left trigger to brake a car, it might feel kinda like skidding tires. But a machine gun trigger won’t be harder to pull than a pistol trigger. And a car brake won’t have more resistance as you press it further.

    Some news outlets and internet peoples call this a “small form of resistance”. It sounds like a really cool feature, and even if I don’t buy the console, I might just get a controller to use on PC if PC games are gonna support it. I can think of a lot of really interesting ways this could be used for immersion. Imagine if doing a choking takedown required you to hold down both triggers, and you could feel the bad guy struggling through the triggers. Hell, imagine if you could feel their *pulse* through the trigger. I wonder if that would be a good thing or a bad thing in a violent game?

  21. Hien says:

    waaaaat, kevin is cool with privacy invasion and microsoft business policies??…… waaaaack.

    this guy is not a gamer aight. hes just another puppet.

  22. Jonbocop says:

    Great Episode!
    Kevin stated that the PS3 got “thumped”. While it’s true that it didn’t sell as well as the PS2 it currently has slightly higher worldwide sales totals vs. the Xbox360.

  23. GeekFurious says:

    My friends and I have started calling it the XBone for short. I think it fits so much better.

  24. Tumpatill says:

    Meh, I’m a Playstation guy,. Most of the things that the XboxOne is trying to promote don’t really matter to me.

  25. Storm Wooten says:

    Mothafuckin Kevin Pereira. Yes Hell.