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Episode 80: The Indoor Kids
The G4 Funeral with Blair…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #80: The G4 Funeral with Blair Butler and Matt Mira

Today Kumail and Emily are joined by Blair Butler and Matt Mira, two employees of Attack of the Show and X-Play, two shows that are now dead to G4. They discuss what it was like to work for the network, what they think happened, and where they think tech/video game TV is going from here. Plus we take A Walk on the Burnside with Far Cry, and more fun!
San Francisco listeners- come see Kumail at The Meltdown at SF Sketchfest on 2/1!

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  1. G4ever says:

    G4 is dead, old (corporate type) people just don’t get it. MXC was the precursor to Wipeout, and the other Japanese sensations such as Ninja Warrior were fun in the Japanese context. As a kid I was hooked on video games, and it became a billions dollar industry while the corporate types were reading accounting text books. ATOC was a cool show, X-Play was good with Adam, when the formulated NBC Universal took over it was like Apple in the 90’s, bland and directionless. G4 added light hearted fun for those of us studying and not really caring about regular TV shows, because the corporate machine generates formulated mind mush. I miss Olivia most of all, the crap she does now just doesn’t do it for me.

  2. Eight minutes in and you not really talking about anything yet. It finally happened. At 8:50 and you finally mentioned about what the show is about. A game review now, and no G4. Am listening to this for the G4 and your talking about a game that I can go a dozen other places to get reviews on, c’mon. I got more out of the comments than the show.

  3. YourMother says:

    The Black Friday Deal segment where Matt Mira draws wangs

  4. LinW says:

    I’m sorry, Damian– why was it painful to listen to? Was it hearing people’s stories of working there? Was it that the ‘shittiness’ of the content was in the back of your mind during Blair and Matt’s retelling and you’re having a hard time reconciling the amount of work they put in with ‘bad content’? Please explain.

  5. Grabnar the Wanderer says:

    Sorry for the double post but I meant to put up the live action Slasher School.

    Sorry about that, one guy reading this.

  6. Grabnar the Wanderer says:

    I loved all the sketches the X-Play crew put out– the musical ones especially. I’ve linked my favorites if anyone wants to watch them.

    X-Play the Musical:

    Ed the Department Head:

    Slasher School:

    Sessler Cell:

    And lastly, X-men: The Last Stand the Musical which seems to have been taken down. I can’t find the video at the moment but I’ll post the lyrics as I remember it:

    Don’t cross his path or you’ll feel his wrath,
    And once he goes
    Nobody knows how to stop him

    [Cain Marko]
    ‘Cuz I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!

    ‘Cuz he’s the Juggernaut, bitch!

  7. Damian says:

    As a fan of TWiT, Revision3, & Tech TV this episode was quite painful to listen to. Yeah, it sucks for everyone that worked there, and I truly am sorry that now they do not have jobs, but as noted this had happened several times before and everyone survived. In fact I would claim that TWiT.Tv and Revision3 were and are better networks than G4 ever got because of it. I feel like the talk about people getting burned out working there had a lot more to do with those people thinking their jobs were one thing and the audience thinking it was another thing, and the network itself having their own ideas of what people were supposed to be doing, all while watering down the content to such an elementary level that anyone with any sense in their head will undoubtedly feel as though there is an unjustified sense of condescension. Frankly, I feel that this “death” is an unintentionally positive move in the area of gaming and technology journalism. We ought hope this trend continues to weed out entities within that industry that support the negative environment that is being cultivated.

  8. Tina says:

    This episode was really interesting even though I never watched G4. I am totally going to look up the Achievement whores sketch on Youtube. It also reminded me how hopeful I am that there will be another “season” of skyrim cops on Nerdist.

  9. Ben Z says:

    I also cried during that last scene of Kevin.

  10. Chris says:

    Far Cry 3 is easily the most subversively meta games out there. There are a few interviews with the writer, Jeffrey Yohalem, out there ( that shed light on this. While a lot of critics have questioned the execution, I felt the subversion while I was playing it. I mean, how often does your avatar exalt how awesome an act of violence is, while you’re engaging in an act of violence (as Jason does during the plantation burning sequence)? And I’d like to hear your thoughts once you reach the end. Not to give any spoilers, but by choosing a certain path, you’re rewarded with a very wonderfully exploitative ending with a twist.

  11. Nick says:

    I remember every single time writing into Call For Help and Screensavers, they answered my question. I always wondered how many viewers they had, because they always answered me on air lol.

  12. Xeroz says:

    Thankfully someone has taken the liberty of uploading a lot of older stuff from G4/TechTV to Youtube lately. And, hopefully none of the stuff uploaded from the G4 account is taken down if they stop using it.

  13. Vincent S says:

    Goddammit! I was really bummed just after listening to this episode. I LOVED AOTS even though it wasn’t the funniest thing in the world. I’ll miss this show now and I have no idea what thing can fill the hole with the show gone.

  14. Storm Wooten says:

    That “Definite Point of Demarcation” Was probably when Neil Tiles took over

  15. brainpan says:

    olivia munn will not be on it

  16. brainpan says:

    g4 may be dead, but there is a niche that still requires a television channel. we will see a resurgence in a different format

  17. Doctor Timebomb says:

    Do you guys think Olivia Munn helped or hurt G4?

  18. Mike Mize says:

    I very much enjoyed ZDTV which became TechTV. I also enjoyed G4 when it had its game centric programming. For some time now its been on the thin side with only XPlay and AOTS worth watching but thats 6 hours less TV that I will be watching from this point on. This was the tipping point, from now on the Net provides the majority of my video entertainment. Loved Blair and her Comics update, hope she can work a deal on Youtube through “The Nerdist or Geek and Sundry”. Farewell !

  19. I really enjoyed parts of Attack of the Show for Blair Butler’s comics and see what would comic books she would recommend reading and X-Play because I would get to find out what were the best games that were coming out that Morgan and Adam would talk about. And who couldn’t forget, Anime Unleashed in which I was hooked into shows like Read Or Die: The TV, Cromartie High School, and Artimage III to name a few. What can I say I’m an Anime geek.

    When I heard that Direct TV was letting go of G4, I could tell it was going to be the end of an era and something wrong was about to happen. Hearing this, made me realize this wasn’t going to be a happy ending, but to people like Kevin Peirera, Blair Herter, Blair Butler, Matt Mira, Morgan Webb, Adam Sessler, Kristin Adams, and Kevin Rose to name a few, you were the heart and soul behind to Tech TV and G4.

    And I hope you the future will hold for you to see which direction the Yellow Brick Road will take you into.

  20. One of the reasons I loved G4 originally was a show called Judgment Day, made in Vancouver by Victor Lucas (who also made Electric Playground) and featuring his excellent banter with Tommy Tallarico (famous video game music composer). It ran 2002-2005 on G4 but was on in Canada long before under the name Reviews on the Run. It was a game review show. Vic decided not to renew their contract when it ended in 2005 because G4 acquired TechTV and therefore X-Play, another review show. Tallarico left the show to tour his Videogames Live orchestral and multimedia concert show, but another host joined. Lucky for Canadians, but not me, they kept maling new ones and showing them on commercial TV in Canada. The good news is after several years of waiting it’s finally available via web streaming in the US. If you need a replacement for X-Play check out

  21. Saam says:

    surprised someone didn’t make a joke about Jason Brody’s last name (BRO-dee). Good stuff, I will miss G4 deeply

  22. Wildride says:

    Amusingly,, the Canadian version of the channel totally stopped running AOTS after a single week of reruns past the final live episode. So, no Chris Hardwick best of episodes and no final wrap up episode. Oh, well.

  23. Krif says:

    I once dated a guy tgat worked at G4. There was this one room there that had every single video game for every single system to date. IT WAS AWSOME. (ps.he was a dick)

  24. GeekFurious says:

    I have already moved on from AOTS and G4 in general. Thankfully we have Nerdist and the Nerdist Channel on YouTube. That’s really the best stuff that was ever available on G4 anyway.

    Now, if Nerdist Channel can just start bringing us more of what was on TechTV, then nirvana will have been achieved.

  25. For techTV fans who still despise G4, just take a step back. It’s dead, and the founder and former-president of G4 said that he handled the merger terribly. It’s dead and gone, just chill out a bit now. Just a bit.

    And this episode promises to be a good one. I can’t wait to listen to it! Good thing there isn’t anything major going on live on TV all day today.

    Wait, what?

  26. Gene says:

    Somewhere in San Francisco, Leo Laporte is laughing at G4’s demise (while his is alive and well).

  27. Jessica L says:

    I know this isn”t a popular opinion but Im not sad G4 is gone. I was super pissed it took over TechTV and never got into its attention to Bro Gamers.

  28. Johnothan Pedak says:

    *Pours one out for G4*