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Episode 73: The Indoor Kids
Indoor Kids News Hour with…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #73: Indoor Kids News Hour with Gabe Delahaye

Today, Gabe Delahaye (Videogum, Emily’s cohost on Love in the Time of Robots) joins Kumail and Emily to talk about some of the weirdest news stories to hit our ears and eyes in the past few weeks. We talk Skyfall, Leisure Suit Larry, The Walking Dead games, Call of Duty, and more more more!

Potential spoilers: Around 58 minutes, there are some spoilers for Skyfall.

And please welcome Matthew Burnside (@matthewburnside), who is the official Indoor Kids assistant and will be helping us keep up with spoilers, news, and more!

You can watch the dating and technology show that Gabe and Emily hosted, Love in the Time of Robots, here!

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This episode is brought to you by Shari’s Berries! Click here for special deals!

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  1. Hunter says:

    They ARE working on a high-rez remake of Leisure Suit Larry, with more gameplay and features.

  2. Keith says:

    The taxis in GTA4 were awesome, I used to use them to get around to missions *all* the time. You could either just sit and watch the world go by, or skip ahead and get there immediately.

  3. norbizness says:

    Just for future reference, he actually fell in love and got married in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, spoiler alert from 43 years ago also died. And it was Diana Rigg from The Avengers.

  4. Eric says:

    You guys spoiled skyfall, then said, “Oops that’s a big spoiler, we will take that out.” AND DIDN’T TAKE IT OUT

  5. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    I have been out of the country traveling, but it was nice to have a whole slate of new Indoor Kids podcasts to listen to. I do have to admit Sheri’s Berries sponsorship first introduced in last episode with Jordan Morris was some kinda of sick inside joke started within the episode itself. (I usually read your banner, and people’s comments before listening). Well I enjoyed the episodes thanks for doing this.

  6. GeeWizard says:

    … because there is plenty of evidence that men aren’t averse to judgement? Where is this stronghold of emotionally secure adults?

  7. ablestmage says:

    Nothing will top Trent’s Quake 2 OST for me. Everything I hear of his always gets the Quake 2 OST comparison. “Nope, not even close,” is the consistent review from me =P What’s even better is that the retail disc Quake 2 was published on had the data for the game as the first track, and the OST was burnt into the tracks after that, so you could play it on a standard CD player if you wanted..

    Something I’ll never understand about women is their intense aversion to what they consider “judgment” even though it’s just thoughts and words. Thoughts and words are a dime a dozen. Who cares?

  8. LevelledUp says:

    Hah about Emily’s twitter name misunderstandings. I thought it was vaginamite for a while too, months ago. It’s because that makes a little sense whereas the real username doesn’t make any that I can see. So it’s completely normal to misunderstand it.

    I think you may need to spell it out every week because I’m sure you get new listeners all the time.

    No offense or anything, I’m a fan of you two.

  9. Alec says:

    You fools! Leisure Suit Larry was a Sierra franchise!!!!

  10. gary says:

    Tony Harris is awesome. Out of all the artists that I continually enjoy, Tony Harris ranks up there with JH Williams, Paul Pope, and Frank Quietly as my favorite comic artists. I’d like to think this is just an aberration…if only because I am an fan and this really feels like “I post stuff in my head without thinking or really caring who reads” and then realizing that people not only read, they boycott vocally.

  11. Aj says:

    “Who brings a gun to a call of duty midnight release”
    Uh, i’m going to guess Call of duty fans.
    Don’t feel bad Emily, I laughed too.
    While i’m not a CoD fan, I am very much down with Trent Reznor’s theme music for the new game. That shit was awesome. Definitely an improvement on the Quake score 16 years ago!

  12. Al says:

    PB, I wrestled in college, and in the locker room guys would talk about how the girls worked out in skimpy outfits because of attention whoreism. This attitude persisted despite day after day of seeing these women work out with professional attitudes and zero flirtation. Maybe it’s ego, but it might just be a part of the brain devoted to generating self-serving narratives.

  13. Al says:

    Harris Wittels looking son of a bitch holding a Jindo dog looking son of a bitch.

  14. PB says:

    I can’t help but sigh when I hear yet another angry male nerd bashing female nerds for cosplaying. No matter how much they love their comics or games, or how hard they work on their costumes, or how meticulously they corset, make-up, and hair-style themselves to look precisely like the characters they adore, inevitably there’s some angry idiot yelling about how insincere and fake they are.

    I think the real reason some half-brained losers are so hard on those talented cosplayers is because they are intimidated by them. They can’t have sex with them, maybe they are even a little scared to approach them, so they feel the need to tear them apart for the sake of their egos.

    Anyway, this is a great podcast, and Emily, you would make an awesome Leeloo from the Fifth Element.

  15. Brian says:

    LOL, my heart dropped when Emily said she and Kumail ‘Weren’t together’

  16. Darren says:

    Still laughing at Vin Diesel being called sausage compared to The Rock.