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Episode 72: The Indoor Kids
The Halo Episode, with…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #72: The Halo Episode, with Jordan “Gravemind” Morris

One of our favorites, Jordan Morris, to talk about everything Halo. Backstory? We cover it. Thoughts on the new game? We’ve got em. Thoughts on multiplayer? We’re all up in it. Halo-adjacent webshows? Watched them. Obsession with Master Chief? We’ve got that too. Plus we talk other games, Internet etiquette, and more!

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  1. DJniue says:

    I just listened to the Steven Yuen Podcast and your opinions on Halo completely changed. Here you say you love it and to Steven you say you said it sucked.

  2. CNesseth says:

    Master Chief is the highest enlisted rank in the Navy…

  3. Robert says:

    Thanks for the sharing of Shari’s Berries! I got some for my wife and she loved them. The strawberries were very good and flavorful and fresh even after sending them across the country to Boston!

  4. Vidja Gaems says:

    I just finished the last episode of the walking dead game, and have so many feels going on…

    You guys need to make an episode about it! plz

  5. cr1x says:

    guys, you got so much shit wrong about halo, the lore, the games, even the web show. I had to turn off the episode.

  6. Aeshir says:

    And whether or not you’re into Jesus (I’m not, and I still love the world of Halo and its story), there’s a lot of meat on them bones. Them biblical bones.

  7. Aeshir says:

    Concerning the weird names and shit in Halo, a ton of Halo’s mythology (at least the first three games) are based off biblical mythos. Joe Staten, who wrote all of Bungie’s games, consciously made a lot of these connections between various concepts in the two (he’s religious, and his father was a pastor). For starters, the names of some things are flat-out obvious, like the Ark (probably the closest and most literal match, they even both do the same thing in the Bible and Halo), the Flood, the Master Chief being known as the Reclaimer, who is essentially the messiah of that universe, the Covenant (and their religious hegemony and zealotry), all that stuff from the Gravemind about sins and stuff; the list goes on and on if you take a closer look at the construction of the universe Bungie built.

  8. TheCushion says:

    You guys realize that Spartan 117 has had dialogue in every game so far, right?

    Hurr durr.

  9. notadoctor says:

    A couple of podcasts ago Kumail mentioned people taking cutscenes from videogames and editing them together into full length movies on Youtube. For anyone who wants to catch up on the Halo story through the games this guy (not me) made a 4 hour movie.

    I have an insanely boring data entry job, so things like this and the Indoor Kids podcast keep me entertained while I work. Thanks.

    • ablestmage says:

      Do you remember which podcast in particular he mentioned them? I’m one of those YouTubers (YT username same as I use here), and have gotten loads of positive comments about my 4.5-hr Mass Effect (game 1) Complete Main Story film, from PS3 owners who never got to play the first game and wanted to get the scoop on the story =)

  10. Eric Johnson says:

    I nearly crapped my pants when they said Master Chief couldn’t be a military rank… people seriously don’t know any rank that isn’t used in movies.

  11. It's a me says:

    Fuuuck guys go play some old Halo

  12. RG says:

    I know Jordan’s love of humorously demographicizing things in very specific ways, and I love it, but he paints a really narrow picture on this one… because, man, I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love Adventure Time. I could see douchey types not liking it, but that’s only because douchey types tend to lump things together unfairly (“I don’t watch kids shows,” etc).

    Thing is, Kumail, as a standup, I bet you could have a difficult time getting into its humor; it’s so non sequitur and absurdist, and most comics I know tend to dismiss that kinda thing as cheap. But when you pair that with the really positive spirit of the show and the innocence of it, it totally works, and is worth watching from the beginning.

    I recommend watching it on DVD (or, heh, torrents), because ambiance is kinda ruined by the Cartoon Network commercials and logos being all over the place… sensory overload.

  13. lookleftandsmile says:

    The creator of Adventure Time is a HUUUUUUUUUGGGE gamer. You guys should get him on the Indoor Kids! He even has a tumblr called “I love games you guys” –

  14. Rachel says:

    Is there any way I can marry Jordan Morris? Because he is literally always my favorite guest (tied, perhaps, with Blair Butler), and he’s funny and so considerate with how much he talks! That’s such a beautiful quality in a guest. Jordan … marry me. I’ll only make you unhappy for half the year.

  15. Arthurbarnhouse says:


    You can’t download individual episodes through iTunes unless you use the crappy podcast app. It’s better to get a direct download link then download it in something like Filer or Goodreader.

  16. @ArthurBarnhouse: What I do is turn “Mobile Theme” to off, zoom in, and click the download button. You won’t be able to actually save the audio to your iPhone, but you can listen to it.

  17. Alec says:

    If you have an iphone, can’t you just get it through itunes?

    Also, tiny strawberries rule.

  18. ArthurBarnhouse says:

    Is there a reason that the mobile version doesn’t have a download link? It makes it hard to get the episode on my iPhone.

  19. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    On the subject on people playing videogames in movies and tv depicted unrealistically.

    Most videogames and PC-games requires pretty much precise, fast findermoves and nothing else and is pretty boring to watch.

    To move anything beyond this is a waste and sacrifices speed and precision.

    Driving games (car, planes, skates whatever) probably inspires most bodymovements apart from movement controlled games.

    I can understand from a directors point of view, that it demands action and movement to show something happens, but videogame playing nothing much actually happens apart from finger movements.

    Maybe when videogame playing is so normal something changes in its portrayal on other media – people demanding realism and knowing what that looks like outnumbering people just needing something happening to indicate something is going on in the directors eye.

  20. Dave Rottino says:

    That scene in swingers is the perfect depiction of guys just hanging playing video games realistically. AND they make Wayne Gretsky bleed. Bonus.

  21. Rob P says:

    I though halo 4 was a great start for 343 and the multiplayer lacks the rank system of HALO 3.

  22. Chuck says:

    Awesome comment, Darren. Let’s give Steve Downes the credit he deserves.

    Jordan Morris=The best guest.

  23. Tausif Khan says:

    M. Night Shyamalan’s first name is Manoj.

  24. Aaron says:

    Love it whenever Jordan is the guest. The chemistry is un-mistakeable. Or however you spell that

  25. bsg says:

    Jungle Jack Hanna works for the Columbus Zoo #OhioPride

  26. A says:

    Love Shari’s Berries. So Sweet! Love Jordan Morris. So Funny!

    Love to eat shit!

  27. Darren says:

    You want Moxxi cosplay? Jessica Nigri is the master(mistress?:D).

    Oh and if you missed it in the other comments. The Master Chief has always talked.

  28. ablestmage says:

    Like Emily, I loved all Halo games (except -Wars).. but Cortana looked hideous in Halo 4. I was in love with her from the other games, but she looks positively unattractive in this one, but perhaps from a “let herself go” metaphor at play, I have reasoned. After I finished campaign, I was highly in favor of dumping that skank. Move on, Chief.

    Master Chief does too talk in the other games. Even in Halo 1 you hear him say “Captain Keyes…” when he sees him on the bridge after waking up at the beginning, not to mention taking to Cortana throughout (notably when taking between Guilty Spark and Cortana after the Library) and in the “only the beginning” cutscene at the end).. He talks to Cortana in 2 when he’s discussing riding the bomb out the bay door into space to deliver the Covenant their own bomb, and he also talks to the Arbiter in 2 and 3. In the 3 talks to Cortana when he retrieves her and mutters the “mix it up a little” line.. There are loads of MC lines — MC speaking in 4 is not a surprise at all..

    Mass Effect was a huge copycat on Halo from the beginning. I’ve played all 3 ME campaigns to the end, and so much of each one reminds me of Halo subjects that had already long been established..

  29. Taylor M. says:

    Guys, Master Chief has talked in every single game. He is much more talkative in 4, but you made it seem (at least how I heard it) like he says nothing till the end of 3. Which isn’t true.

  30. erratic gorilla says:

    I totally thought Blood Storm was the Mortal Kombat style game from the ‘Bart shoplifts’ episode of the Simpsons, but that was Bone Storm.

    When you guys tip Moxxi, tip her over $10,000 per visit, it can be rewarded with an elemental SMG! My gunzerker got two versions of “Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch” and later one called “Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch.” They don’t usually have amazing damage, but they have Moxxi painted on the spinning magazine, so, pretty awesome.

    “They got” LOVE YOU GUYS!