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Episode 7: The Indoor Kids
Moshe Kasher and Brent…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #7: Moshe Kasher and Brent Weinbach

The special 16 bit music episode features comedians Brent Weinbach and Moshe Kasher playing their favorite music from SNES games and trying to figure out what the secret of Mana actually is.

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  1. Josh says:

    Brent weinbach is the best. Not that this episode was spectacular or anything. His appearance on jjgo is what made me seem out his podcast. Then I thought hey wouldn’t it be neat if he were on the indoor kids. Found this page and I do remember this episode being kind of unpleasant and awkward, but that’s sort of weinbachian. Anyways he’s the best. Give him another chance if you have the slightest inclination to do so.

  2. DerVorbote says:

    Was looking for something to listen to at work when I ran out of my usual shows. I was not sure I’d like this one at all but it turned out to be awesome! I won’t miss another episode!

  3. d says:

    Love this show but dude these guys should not do bits or talk off the cuff or attempt technical discussions of music. Let me reiterate, fantastic show, dud guests, but you knew that.

  4. norbizness says:

    So have those guests been prosecuted for tax fraud for listing “comedian” on their 1040s?

  5. Nick says:

    Love the show, but this episode really tested my desire to drive to L.A. and smack a bitch. Moshe was alright when he managed to get a word in edgewise, but Brent drove me absolutely batshit.

    And his claim that video games just aren’t as colorful now, or that they’re hyper-realistic, was absolutely absurd.

  6. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    I am really enjoying the show. I will tune in the next episode. I will miss Ali. I hope she gets to come back on as a guest or co-host.

  7. Matt says:

    Ali will be missed, sorry to see her go so soon into the run.
    Kumail, I love the podcast and heartily commend you for getting great guests that have a passion for games and usually have something interesting to talk about. That said, I think having Brent and Moshe on the same show failed. Brent seemed to have tremendous passion and knowledge, but was barely able to get it out. Being a part of Nerdist Industries should mean a guest is allowed to geek out without having someone constantly interrupt him to say that he’s “tuning out.” I think Brent deserves to be on again by himself.

  8. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    I don’t know how many of you know this, but Ali had to go back to school on the East Coast early, which means she is not going to be co-hosting the podcast with me anymore. This is a huge bummer, of course. We were going to do a big farewell episode for her but the hurricane made that impossible. We did not want to start out saying that she was only a temporary host, but I am extremely disappointed we were unable to do a farewell episode with her. Its nobody’s fault, just a weird confluence of events.

    So, moving on, we will have a new co-host. Steve Agee is our next guest again, since he was the first guest and in a way its a new beginning etc. We will be reading letters and comments we have gotten from you guys, as a recap for the “Ali Years.”

    I hope you guys continue listening. This show is very important to me, and it is slowly evolving and changing as I figure out what I want to do with it and what I want it to be. Most of all, I want it to be fun and interesting talk of video games. Hopefully you guys will come along and we can all figure it out together.

    Thanks for listening guys! And keep writing and commenting!


  9. K says:

    See, I liked what Weinbach had to say about retro game music, but he blanket dismissal of modern gaming despite having not experience of it turns me off to him. I started wanting to check out his Podcast while he was playing the Castlevania music but by the end of this podcast he managed to turn me around.

    Too bad dude. Maybe don’t be such a dick to people who’s interest may be slightly wider than yours.

  10. I have been listening to this show after Kumail stopped by TBTL. I have really enjoyed the show as you have found you footing, but I have to say I was really disappointed by the show. I may have laughed a few times at the show but it felt more like a bunch of comedians throwing out jokes, and not a discussion about video games. I would be upset if I was Ali, who kept getting drown out. I felt they were you worst guests, and it was your worst show. I think part of that might be because it came after such an awesome show with the actor who portrayed Dom in GOW. Also will you ever go into how you met Ali and created a podcast with her?

  11. Michael Painter says:

    After listening to the latest podcast, I also have to agree about Brent Weinbach. He says that retro games have better music, but he hasn’t given concrete examples of modern video games’ music. There are just as many captivating soundtracks now that are as fantastical as the SNES or SEGA games of the past.
    Katamari Damacy has a soundtrack that I enjoy listening to on a computer because it is fantastic. Also, the colors in this game and in others really disprove Brent’s points.

  12. Chas Veres says:

    This was the first episode that I had to listen to it all, fantastic! The debate on the emotional connection of old and new games was really fascinating. I personally don’t think you need an old controller to enjoy an old game. Emulators have proved that.

    And if you are looking for more 2D games developed now, look at Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, one of the best indie games and on websites top modern games list. It’s insane to generalize that old games/old styles make better games. Kumail made that great point. I would assume someone so “progressive” would understand why games have evolved.

    If you keep the topics this hot, I’ll keep listening!

  13. Matt K says:

    I love this podcast, but Brent Weinbach represents a type of nerd I have always had issues with: The guy who is so invested in telling you boring crap that he doesn’t realize that the conversation has moved on to something more interesting. He has to resort to lots of ” No no no, but wait…” and “As to what we were talking about before…” to get back to the boring crap the funnier more interesting people had moved on to. Sorry for the rant.

  14. Vincent S says:

    Just listened to the latest Nerdist podcast (117)–recorded before TIK (The Indoor Kids?). Grats on your (oooold now) Green-card-getting-nication-arriving.

    After some time, I don’t know why I’m digitally slobbering on this past event…

    TIK 07 was funny as hell BUT I found the current game critique odd. It’s like a person from the past travelling to the future then living here for a while followed by getting sick at everything and missing their own timeline. A really odd perspective but a completely valid one.

  15. Deadbeat Dad says:

    Castlevania 2: Belmont’s Revenge – Cloud Castle (Deadbeat Dad Remix)

    Moshe gets what Moshe wants. Threw in a dubstep-reminiscent breakdown for good measure.

  16. Loving this podcast. This episode was great and made me nostalgic for my days of the original Gameboy.

    The argument about retro games and currents games is interesting. I think without the retro games, we wouldn’t have developers who are inspired to make the current and future generation of games.

    Also, I love the old school platformers because they made use of the tech they had at the time. Even, as we heard on this episode, with the music. Today’s programmers are using the current tech to deliver a different gaming experience. I love games, both retro and current, but I have no doubt that we can thank the success of older titles to even allow us to be gaming now.

    Great podcast! Quickly became a favorite of mine and you’re only 7 episodes in.

  17. onTHEfritz says:

    great stuff again! i think the original name for the wii was the nintendo revolution just so you know….

    also my favorite video game music is probably chrono cross… so beautiful!

  18. Samus' Bikini Bottom says:

    Also, some game music I really loved was the Suikoden series’ soundtrack. I’d love to see that re-released, maybe on a portable system. Great rpg.

  19. Samus' Bikini Bottom says:

    First, I have got to say I love this podcast. I literally wake up early every monday to listen to this on my commute in.

    Ok, with that said, I think these may have been the worst guests ever, lol. They constantly bickered, appeared pretty indifferent about video games and tried to be funny more than discuss game related topics even though Kumail and Ali tried to steer things towards gaming. I especially like the part where Kumail kinda checked Brent after he went on a small rant basically dismissing current games as ineffective skill-less, soulless dribble. Moshe and Brent quibbled and talked over each other so much that poor Ali barely got a word in edgewise.

    I still love this podcast SO MUCH! Kumail and Ali are Great as always!

  20. Grunge says:

    Great, as always.

  21. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Thanks Mandy W! Great to hear.

    Joey W, funny you say that. I was just about to emailBrent and recommend him Bastion. Xbox Live Arcade has amazing stuff right now. In fact, I think our next episode is going to focus on the best Arcade/PSN games we’ve ever played.

    Thanks again for listening!


  22. Mandy W. says:

    Congratulations to the Indoor Kids!! After listening to Smodcast, WTF, Doug Loves Movies and the library of podcasts on the Nerdist site for a little under a year, The Indoor Kids is the first podcast to make me laugh so hard I spit water out of my mouth all over my PC. Yup, right at the 23 minute, 13 second mark. Good work guys đŸ™‚
    – Mandy W.

  23. NAKO says:

    These guests sure had a lot of opinions about musical composition for not actually demonstrating any knowledge of musical composition…

    also, I’m addicted to this podcast

  24. Joey W says:

    Hey, regarding your argument about the newer games being inferior to older games. I suggest you checking out bastion, that game is very colorful, the story is amazing and the gameplay is very intuitive and challenging at the same time.

  25. Rob O. says:

    I used to love the music for Ecco the Dolphin but I went back and listened to it again the other week and was sort of disappointed. I still love the Chemical Plant theme for Sonic 2. And the Ruins levels. Sooooo good.

  26. Livius says:

    Love the music from the NES, SNES, and Genesis.
    Aladdin was my favorite game, I still have it too.
    Need to eat some pickles for my Mana.


  27. sam says:

    Retro games used to focus on running/jumping and simple tasks out of necessity. There were limitations to the technology.
    That’s not to say that they were inferior in any way other than said technological aspects.

  28. sam says:

    Retro games used to focus on running/jumping and simple tasks out of necessity. There were limitations to the technology.

  29. Livius says:

    Downloading now to listen to before my next class.