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Episode 56: The Indoor Kids
Undying Zombie Consoles…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #56: Undying Zombie Consoles with Stephen Johnson

This week, joining Kumail and Emily to talk about this freakishly long console life cycle is Stephen Johnson of! We’ll discuss what long console cycles mean for the industry, what the next cycle could improve upon, and some of the greatest hits of this endless summer of gaming. Plus we may apologize to people we were mean to in high school.

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  1. Dave says:

    I wish I was shittier to mean people in HS also.

  2. jonnyapplesemen says:

    I haven’t experienced a loading screen in forever because I’m a PC gamer. In games like skyrim you can just go wherever you want whenever you want without any loading/slowdown due to the glorious invention of SSD hard drives. The new generation of consoles would probably want to incorporate this, but maybe they’re waiting for the prices to go down…

  3. Nick Anderson says:

    I love the Kinect. I only use the gesture controls with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 which I like a lot. Its not perfect, I would say its between 90 to 95 percent accurate in reading my motion, but for this game as long as I’m doing what the game tells me to do I’m getting the benefit of the exercises. What works even better is the voice recognition. The number of commands you can do in Skyrim is very impressive and as long as I speak up in a clear voice and the room is otherwise quiet, it doesn’t fail to understand me.

    This is very exciting because I feel its a real step into what we’ve been seeing on TV and movies for a long time; talking to our computers like the Computer in Star Trek:TNG or using gestures to quickly navigate computer files like in Minority Report, and you won’t even need any special gloves to do it!

  4. Alec says:

    Not sure if I’d use Fallout 3 as an example of graphics not being noticeable. It looks and feels like ass and its strong points were eclipsed by New Vegas.

  5. Lydia says:

    1. There’s already plenty of fighting game talk on this podcast, from the point of view of someone who doesn’t really like them.
    2. Emily and Kumail don’t talk about PC games or strategy games or adventure games very much either. Some people are not into some kinds of games and that is okay.

  6. WesFX says:

    Aww, you guys didn’t forget the portables.

    Or maybe the art you found already pictured them…..

  7. Skataneric says:

    I use the kinect for ME3 and Skyrim voice recognition, Dance central, and kinect sports. I’ve also downloaded demos for the biggest loser and the exercise programs. They seem to work well.

  8. commonperson says:

    @Tjohn P.S. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt you’re not paying attention but it’s Kumail not Kumal and by the way with three episodes about fighting games (that I can remember) including one dedicated to Skullgirls where they spoke with the creators and the multiple times they’ve talked about how they play fighting games together I’m pretty sure Emily doesn’t hate them.

  9. commonperson says:

    1. It’s “Breathed new life” or “Shone new light” there’s no such thing as “Breathed new light” use your brain, can you breath light? Are you some kind of phospherous life form?
    2. Emily is freaking hilarious, as much as I enjoy Kumail he’d not be half the fun as the two of them together.
    3. He’s her husband/she’s his wife so miscilanious internet dude who struggles with metaphore versus intelligent, funny, cute WIFE… hmmm… who is going to win that decision.

    Lord love a duck internet, the people you dredge up some times!

  10. commonperson says:

    Love you guys, but Kumail it’s elfin adj.
    1. a. Relating to or suggestive of an elf.
    1. b. Made, done, or produced by an elf.
    2. Small and sprightly or mischievous.
    3. Having a magical quality or charm; fairylike

    You are thinking of elephantine:
    1. Of or relating to an elephant.
    2. Enormous in size or strength
    3. Ponderously clumsy

    Keep up the great work guys you rock (and really Stephen should watch Sherlock it’s really really good I know I’ve not seen it yet but I’m pretty sure it’s going ot be better than Elementery ever could be!)

  11. Will says:

    Where can I go to find Kumail’s live performance dates?

  12. Tjohn says:

    I really wish you would talk more about fighting games. This generation of consoles has breathed so much new light on them! Its like a fighting game renaisance! Its to bad Emily hates them… thats ok because i cant stand her. I love kumal, but you NEED a new co host… one that appreciates all video games!! Get off the podcast emily your voice is starting to sicken me…

  13. Emily says:

    Andrew- I grew up watching Murphy Brown with my mom too, and it was the best. Eldin for life!
    Also, yay Aldrin! He’s great!

  14. Storm says:

    The only thing I’ve ever used my Kinect for is voice recognition for ME3 and Skyrim. Kind of ridiculous to pay $150 just for that, when you SHOULD be able to plug in your headset into your controller and do it. It would friggin work better that way too.

  15. I am a longtime listener and fan of the Indoor Kids, and as soon as I heard the introduction, I had to write in. I grew up with Murphy Brown–my mother was a big fan and she made me a fan–and Eldin, played by the late, great Robert Pastorelli (also in “Michael” and plenty other films), was a favorite of ours. She will still pull out his taunt of Murphy…”You dance like a white girl!”
    So by the comments thus far, this makes two. I also personally don’t know Emily, but we have a mutual friend in Aldrin Cornejo, @AcorNayho

  16. scabfarm says:

    Awesome episode!

  17. Captain Slaw says:

    Joy, I get Indoor Kids, then a very special JJGo immediately following it staring the Indoor Kids. It was Christmas in July! Clearly the recording of the JJGo episode had been slowed slightly, as you both sounded like you had much deeper voices. It was odd but worth it.

  18. Greg says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. I can relate to the entire part about people you know from high school.

  19. Daniel A says:

    Saw the trailer for Looper on TDKR and it does look interesting. I would’ve LOVED it if the trailer was filled with clips of Joseph Gordon-Leavitt playing the harmonica, singing the Seagrams Golden Wine Cooler song while wearing Ray Bans and insisting on calling himself ‘Bruno.’

  20. Benjamin Clarkson says:


    House= Dickhole

    Holmes= Dickhole

  21. MikeSol says:

    House is based of off Sherlock
    Holmes = House
    Watson = Wilson

  22. polpot says:

    I gotta agree with Kumail, I don’t think that portable game/console gaming is dying. Yes, the IOS devices have games but can you seriously say for a “hardcore” that an Angry birds or Tiny Wings be enough. Yes, people buy them up b/c they’re so cheap but replay ability has to be drop sharply.

  23. Ben Z says:

    One IP that I really enjoyed on Wii (and the original is the best Wii game, IMO) is No More Heroes. Not first party though.

  24. ZZax says:

    Anyone else laugh when Stephen went from talking about the how Elysium would be a commentary on classism one second to describing paying lower level employees to stand in line for higher level employees? I think Alanis wrote a song about that type of thing in the 90’s 😉

  25. Ben Z says:

    I would agree with Emily. If I’m waiting in line for something I really am anticipating, a two minute wait feels like 6 hours. If I’m waiting in line and have nowhere to be, a 15 minute wait feels like 30 seconds.

  26. Ben Z says:

    It’s cool that you guys are getting some money from sponsors. I tried Comedy Bang Bang, and it’s just not my cup of tea. However, I would recommend everyone watch a couple episodes and decide for themselves. I can definitely see why people would enjoy it, and more joy in the world is always a good thing.

  27. Lamb says:

    Murphy Brown’s house painter (who I think eventually became her son’s nanny as well?) was named Eldin.

    I also loved Murphy Brown- although I do not personally know Emily.

    And, of course, I love The Indoor Kids! New episodes are always the best part of my Monday mornings. Thanks for being so awesome, you guys!

  28. Yay, always happy to start the week with a new episode from one of my favorite podcasts. =)

    Interesting subject and this episode has a lot of potential.

    Thanks guys. You rock ! =D

  29. EgoGraphics says:

    You guys are awesome and soothe my inner nerd everytime I hear you! THANK YOU!

  30. R says:

    Thank God. I was refreshing this page in a panic to find the new episode. Hooray, thanks guys!