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Episode 54: The Indoor Kids
The Comic-Con Episode
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #54: The Comic-Con Episode

The Comic-Con episode with Devin Faraci, Matt Mira, Jordan Morris, and more!
Kumail and Emily wanted to bring Comic-Con to you, so they decided to bring along a recorder, Twin Peaks-style, to capture every floor walk, (almost) every friend, every weird party, and every exhausted, stinky, fun moment.
Here are some random pictures of our experience, and if you want to watch the Wii-U commercial made by Rob Schrab and starring Myke Chilian, watch it here at Know Your Meme!


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  1. Ben says:

    Started listening to you guys 3 weeks ago and I’ve finally caught up today, am so guttered that I don’t have another 50 hours to absorb. You guys are truly tremendous, really opened my eyes to a lot of intriguing perspectives surrounding gaming culture.

    Keep up the great stuff =)

    p.s. What happened to Side Quest?

  2. Devin says:

    Great episode, always nice to hear a little insight on Comic-Con, especially as someone who has never been able to scrap up the funds to go (East Coast, sadface). Maybe next year will be the year – and if I do go, I will make sure to dress as a Navi in Stormtrooper armor, just for you guys.

  3. erratic gorilla says:

    For me, Zac Gorman has already nailed it on the topic of the WiiU
    but “You can get tips from the internet, in your great big controller!” doesn’t seem like a very strong selling point.

    Also, YouTube is a beautiful thing sometimes.
    Full Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel

    Just the end bit with Joss responding to fans

    Brown Coats forever.

  4. Derek Meier says:

    I laughed so loudly after your Godzilla/Ferris Bueller mash-up one-liner that I made a whole group of college kids turn around and glare at me while walking. Best laugh I had all day.
    Thanks guys!!

  5. Jeff MacDonald says:

    The Law and Order batman shirt they talked about is totally a Brandon Bird painting. He mostly does absurd paintings involving celebrities such as Christopher Walken making a robot in his garage or Bea Arthur(RIP) wrestling a velociraptor. He is awesome and everyone should check out his stuff.

  6. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    Thanks for the diary. I don’t know if I am jealous for missing comic con. Seems like the release the cool panels in youtube form later on. I mean I am glad I got to see the Punisher short… since I don’t think we will ever watch a great film about that character.

    We rest and have some love K & E!

  7. onReload says:

    Went to G4 to check out some of the segments Kumail did; I don’t usually watch the channel but wow, they leave *nothing* in. I mean I’m sure some of the interviews weren’t very good, but there’s interviews that are just one or two sentences long. I’m sure it was fun to talk to the people before/after the tapings but man…must be disappointing to see all that work cut down to a few minutes.

    Anyway, each year, I feel more like I should be going to Comiccon….but thank you guys for covering it. Injustice looks like fun to me, but I’m kind of disappointed in NRS for including stage hazards…It makes for a less serious fighting game, which can be fine, but I would imagine the die-hard Mortal Kombat fans must be shuddering at the similarities to MKvDC.

  8. erratic gorilla says:

    Although I had a bag of He-Man toys as a child, the only one I distinctly remember is Moss Man, because of the smell. I never knew Ninjor, but it’s funny that a ninja has a giant logo on the front of his shirt!

    Emily, your “gonna start punching people” song is my favorite part of the episode! Also, dynamite Simpsons reference!

    I’m glad there’s plenty of talk about the actual comic con element of SDCC in this episode. A lot of attention goes to stuff like the red carpet and movie panels, but its great to hear the joy of fans checking out classic toys, posters, and even comics!

  9. Carter says:

    Stanley Tucci? Brilliant.

  10. Emily says:

    Aaron, that’s terrible about your camera! I’m so sorry! And I wasn’t weirded out, I just desperately needed to sit the fuck down for a few minutes and relax a little.

    Glad you had fun! Let’s do it again next year!

  11. Aaron says:

    I was surprised at about 19:30 to hear you two and Jordan had recorded at the Fox Sports Bar. I was the guy who took several pictures with you since no one could figure out how to use a simple point and shoot camera. You must have recorded that shortly after we left, I guess.

    Anyway, funny (tragic) story… I lost that camera in a cab heading home that night. Lost all of my pictures, including the ones I took with you both and the other Nerdist crew I ran into over the course of Comic-Con. And what makes it even more funny (tragic) is that it was a friend’s camera that she had bought only a week before. So, instead of attending Comic-Con on Friday, I went shopping to replace her camera.

    My feet are recuperating today, too. It was nice meeting the both of you, and I hope I didn’t come off as too overbearing, trying to chill with you all. I understand it must be weird meeting fans who listen to your podcast regularly who talk and act like they know you, when you’ve never seen them before in your life. But you did okay with it. I could tell Emily was a little weirded out though. Understandably so. Whatever.

    P.S. Kumail’s Cyan bit during the Nerdmelt killed. I was in fucking tears. 🙂

  12. bsg says:

    You guys should hit up the Classic Gaming Expo in Vegas in a few weeks. Rumors are swirling around that Steve Wozniak may be there.

  13. ratpatrol says:

    indoor kids diane tapes, so fun to listen, more con episodes, anime expo next year or comikaze?

  14. Chuck says:

    Ermahgerd! Comic-Con sounds like it was awesome. Hey, I didn’t hear, did Kumail meet Stan Lee?