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Episode 51: The Indoor Kids
Keith Apicary/Nathan…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #51: Keith Apicary/Nathan Barnatt

First The Indoor Kids talk with Keith Apicary, video game fan boy, whose overzealous demeanor has gotten him kicked out of video game events and conventions from coast to coast. He has a lifetime ban from PAX. Then, we talk to Keith’s creator, comedian Nathan Barnatt, about his life long love of games and how he used it to make a career for himself.


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  1. Nick Phillips says:

    Wow a lot of haters Nathan is awesome yall just ignant to his comedic genius.respect your scittles spokesperson damnit.

  2. Xzen says:

    A lot of you guys need to find a since of humor. Nathan Barnatt and his character Keith are fantastic. G4 is ruined don’t ruin this too.

  3. Jake says:

    The outrage and indignation nerds generate when they feel like they’re being made fun of. Never mind that he clearly actually likes video games, as you can tell from him being able to immediately pick up on and drop references that couldn’t have been planned out beforehand.

    Of course he could be the worst guy in the world and it wouldn’t matter since he did this:

  4. Sean says:

    While I did not enjoy the “Keith” portion of the show, I found the Nathan part was excellent. I just don’t get “Keith”. Real people having a real conversation is always welcome. Thank you! Emily and Kumail are a delight, if I can borrow a Pete Holmes’ saying.

  5. Damien says:

    I am an avid listener of this wonderful podcast. I listen to it every night when i go to sleep, to the point where i could probably recite the Paul Sheer and Jensen Karp episodes from beginning to end. (those were my favorite guests) So it is coming from the heart when i beg that you guys never have this person on again. I hated his character, i hated his stories about crashing cons, and i wish he had been hit harder by that security guard so he would never do it again. Love the show guys, keep up the amazing work. Just without Keith Apicary.

  6. Phil Medoc says:

    I’m familiar with Keith Apicary through general web osmosis but yeah, his in-character voice was kind of a chore to listen to. Nice to hear someone with real knowledge of retro games and systems, though! Good for him and his success.

    Kumail, my wife and I saw you on the first episode of Bunk. She commented twice on how handsome you were, even doing the silly fanning-her-face “oh my” thing.

  7. Tarabisu says:

    I stopped listening to this episode. This dude’s “character” is annoying. Is he making fun of people with disabilities? I’m glad he gets kicked out of cons.

  8. bsg says:

    There was a Yo Noid Game on the NES. Capcom took an existing Japanese game and plastered the Noid into the game Doki Doki style. It wasn’t a bad game, but it was super friggin hard.

  9. bsg says:

    Don’t listen to the haters. Good stuff.

  10. Fred Morant says:

    Glad I’m not alone in my general annoyance with this guest. Yucky episode. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kumail and Emily though! This just happened to be the worst guest you guys have had on.

  11. KevinL says:

    Never post comments online, but this one put me over the top.
    Avid listener of the podcast, but couldn’t tolerate this guest’s ‘character’. Had to turn off after 5min. Skipped ahead just to confirm that he kept this schtick going but just couldn’t handle it. Just too obnoxious for my liking. Hoping for better next week…

  12. chuck says:

    He crashes G4 events and accosts celebrities, then wonders why they don’t want anything to do with him? For starters, he’s just not very funny. Plus if they let him on, every other attention seeker would be crashing events with hopes of making it in the industry. I got an idea for him. Try doing something original or funny. And the fact that he mentioned Sasha Baron Cohen in comparison to himself just makes me sad. Your time would’ve been spent much better by actually playing some games.

  13. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    This dude was not for me. Some of his songs were okay, but the character… shrug and I guess insulting.

    I vote for a hostful episode as well.

  14. markimark says:

    INDOOR KIDS HOSTFULS! I re-listen to that one and only hostful ep. all the time. You guys are so great with just yous! I haven’t listened to this episode yet, I just wanted to add to the push for Indoor Kids hostfuls, cheers!

  15. oneVote says:

    for a hostless episode once a month

  16. Matt10 says:

    This guy is not very funny really. The character he plays is like one of those terrible one-dimensional nerd characatures in a Michael Bay movie.

    Is it really a good idea to have someone like this on this website? This guy seems to be making fun of people who are considered nerds and gets kicked out of conventions for some sort of shot at fame. His songs are not funny and this episode just never got better even after he dropped the insulting fanboy persona.

  17. Al says:

    I thought that the guest was fun and offered interesting stories in both incarnations.

  18. zeldaveritas says:

    @Contra Code, I think you need to watch some of his Video Classics clips on or Keith’s youtube channel to appreciate his character.

  19. Contra Code says:

    I enjoy this podcast immensely. With that said, and I’m not usually this guy, but:
    This was a horrible guest. I didnt find him or his schtick to be entertaining in any way. He irritated me from intro to outro. Even after he retired his slurred, lispy alter ego I was agitated by his presence on the podcast. I’ve literally liked EVERY other guest but this one. I had a hard time finishing this on my way to work. I completely understand why he was banned from any convention. Strong creep factor with this guy…

  20. Travis says:

    I had been meaning to ask if either of you had ever heard this song before but now it seems particularly apropos.

    or search for Eiffel 65 – My Console

  21. LevelledUp says:

    This is no reflection on this week’s guest but I think it would be cool if you guys did a monthly “hostful” episode, with just Kumaiil and Emily shooting the bull about whatever pop culture stuff is on their mind.

  22. Brandon says:

    Global Gladiators! 😀

  23. Ben Z says:

    Axel is not close to my favorite. In order it goes:
    Blaze from Streets of Rage 1
    Blaze from Streets of Rage 2

  24. Ben Z says:

    I don’t know if it has been wrapped up yet, especially since it’s in your email auto-response, but have you guys finished Skyrim yet? You know… just in time for the DLC to drop?

  25. ComedyRun says:

    It was called “Yo! Noid” It was just as good as the games featuring the 7-Up Spot and Chester Cheetah, meaning it wasn’t very good….

  26. Vince! says:

    You’re right Emily, there was an Avoid the Noid video game! I remember playing it on NES, but I can’t remember if it was any good.