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Episode 49: The Indoor Kids
E3 Reactions with Ali Baker
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #49: E3 Reactions with Ali Baker

Today Kumail and Emily welcome Ali Baker, the original cohost of Indoor Kids, to catch up on life, talk about games we’re playing, and discuss all the biggest news out of E3. What games wowed us? What press conferences embarrassed us? What is Smart Glass? We’ll discuss it all!


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  1. Roy says:

    Like what Ali said about being able to log onto Guild Wars and playing for a short time and getting off (in 1-3 ways), that’s what I really like about Halo/Gears/Call of Duty. You can just play for like 20-60 minutes and get on with your day. When I start a long single player game, it basically takes over my life until it’s finished. Final Fantasy 13 made me want to kill myself, because a life taken over by that horrible game is one that isn’t worth living. I know I could have just quit playing, but by that logic I could cure cancer and space aids with legos and imagination, and build a castle in the sky out of spray butter and hope.

  2. clivodimars says:

    jesus you guys these are real human beings. Ali seems like a nice person who enjoys video games. you guys come off as elitist dicks.

  3. Alberto says:

    kinda hoping some of the Rooster Teeth guys could come in for an indoor kids episode.

    Also kinda hoping one day Rooster Teeth can be on all star celebrity bowling.

  4. Captain Slaw says:

    IK mentioned the Rooster Teeth Podcast this week. Alternately, the RT Podcast mentioned Hardwick and the Nerdist podcast. MIND BLOWN! Thank you for being one half of my two favorite podcasts!

  5. WesFX says:

    Since I was yelled at last time for asking a “mean” question, let me just say that I mean little offense and I honestly want to know the answer. Here goes:

    Is Ali Baker a marijuana enjoyer?

  6. Chad says:

    I just learned today that Disney has actually made Wreck-It Ralph’s game (called Fix-It Felix, Jr.) and put it online. It’s actually pretty fun:

  7. Kyle S. says:

    Kumail and Emily, I noticed Ali made a reference to Deus Ex: Human Revolution that neither of you seemed to pick up on. You guys really should check that game out. It’s similar to Mass Effect in that it’s a hybrid shooter/RPG with player choice affecting how certain plots play out, but with much smoother gameplay and a more fully-realized stealth system.

    What may be of greater interest is that it subverts the “Nathan Drake: mass murderer” issue by only forcing you to kill a handful of enemies throughout the entire course of the game; the vast majority of enemy encounters can be resolved through the use of non-lethal weapons or simply by sneaking around them. Also: there are “boss battles” that are just conversations. You have to see it for yourselves, it’s pretty awesome.

    The dude you play as comes off at first as stereotypically gruff and taciturn, but by the end of the game I found I’d developed a tremendous amount of empathy for him. The game just finds these odd ways to tug at your heartstrings, I can’t explain it.

    Shit, I just keep going on and on and on; what a jackass I am. But I think you guys will love the game. Check it out sometime.

  8. GTK says:

    I think Ali’s pretty cool. Gonna throw that out there.

    Hatahz gon hate.

  9. Mark Rajca says:

    Hey… you guys…. guild wars 2…

    …<—- ellipses

  10. Lee Benningfield says:

    I think Ali is better on this episode that she was on those first few when she was co-hosting. It sounds like she’s still trying to find her voice, and she’s sort of forcing an on-air personality. She does seem to have a genuine enthusiasm about the stuff she’s talking about.

  11. Overlord says:

    Whoa, I’m a bad grammar jamma. Any who let’s try not to be typical anonymous dicks.

  12. Overlord says:

    Aaron, you’re entitled to your opinion but we nerds, being a long mocked and sometimes ridiculed people should not tear be trying to tear eachother down. Atleast not with such vicious language.

  13. Cmonnowsrsly says:

    I guess I’m the minority but between the E3 footage and the Game Informer article, I’m really bummed about Dead Space 3. It seems like they’re making every possible easy decision for maximum market potential and assorted other marketing buzzwords.

    You know fight human enemies as well (and duck behind cover a la Gears Of War while you do it). The eaten-by-a-monster-and-fight-your-way-out thing from the E3 footage is straight lifted from Gears Of War 2. They’re designing the game to be co-op but not changing anything about the environents if you play it solo… So it won’t have any of the claustrophobia and atmosphere of the first two games.

    Oh, and your Generic Gruff Space Marine Co-Op Partner Who Doesn’t Like Issac But Comes To An Understanding With Him By The End Of The Game is actually named “Carver.” Which is so on the nose that I want to facepalm. Why not just name him “Murderberg” or “Killerstein?” (There aren’t enough bad ass Jews in video games anyway. Two birds, one stone.)

    It’s always been on the action-y end of survival horror but it looks like they’re going for a straight up action game. I think they’re trying to have it both ways and are going to end up with a muddy, mediocre product. They couldn’t get any more paint-by-numbers if they tried.

  14. Aaron Haycraft says:

    Just voicing my opinion. Normally, these podcasts are fun to listen to, but this one…..

  15. Overlord says:

    Guys, (Ben, Aarron) there’s no cause to be nasty. There’s nothing constructive about your criticism. Perhaps you can find away to voice your opinions in a more respectful manner.

  16. Aaron Haycraft says:

    I’m about 20 minutes in and I’m not sure I can finish this. Ali is the most annoying person I have heard in a long time. We get it, you’re a unique, internet savvy gamer “GRRL”.

    Thank god the two hosts are funny and able to save most of this.

  17. @Kumail & Emily

    This comment thread reaffirmed that Ben Z is kind of a dick.

  18. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    It was nice to hear Ali back.

    I was a little confused about the Racket medium. Was that a video game or was it a movie.

    Nothing seemed to excite except the chainsaw game but still not sure if is my cup of tea.

    I did laugh when you mentioned catching up with the world. I am still playing Skyrim… I should put it down, but it keeps compelling me to play.

    I still need to play Mass Effect 3.

  19. Carson Craig says:

    Nice podcast. It was nice to hear Ali on the show again.
    On a side note for Emily: A boat works great with a water elevator in minecraft.

  20. billy says:

    i love bunk. great show i hope it makes it.

  21. Brodie Spears says:

    Ally is goregous.

  22. Ben Z says:

    @Kumail & Emily
    This episode reaffirmed that Ali leaving the show was a blessing. She talks like a 14 year old girl, which is incredibly annoying. This exchange pained my brain:
    Kumail: Did you see Beyond?
    Ali: Oh snap! No, I didn’t.

    That doesn’t even work together!

    Smart Glass is a way you can use a smart phone as a remote/keyboard/mouse for your xbox. It also provides more information on certain aspects of the game. Just google it for a better explanation.

    Also, I didn’t do Tower Defense outside of grinding the first tutorial for the achievement.

  23. Matthew Wilson says:

    ^ I did! Sort of. Did the introduction level, then went through almost all of the game without doing it. Then I got called to do one, failed it, and didn’t have to re do it. So basically yes. Aha.

  24. Mathis says:

    Did they explain what smart glass was? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention during that part… Someone explain please…. I’m to lazy to listen again. Also I’m very excited about assassin’s creed 3. Did anyone else go through the their play through of assassin’s creed revelations without having to play the tower defense game besides the intrduction to it? Just curious…