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Episode 45: The Indoor Kids
Journey Puns, Gaming, and…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #45: Journey Puns, Gaming, and Avengers with Kellee Santiago

Today on The Indoor Kids, Kumail and Emily are joined by Kellee Santiago (@kelleesan), one of the founders of thatgamecompany, the company behind Flower, Journey, and more! Kellee joins us to talk about how she got into game design, the theory of fun (cooler than it sounds), and more! Then stick around for Kumail and Emily filling you in on all the things they’ve been shoving into their earholes and eyeholes lately.


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  1. Conner says:

    Ico was cute. I want to see her do a remix of Killer 7

  2. Conner says:

    Cloud looks gorgeous.

  3. conner Fields says:

    An online game you can play and not verbally interact at all. I haven’t downloaded this yet.

  4. Conner Fields says:

    22 minutes, and the topic of comment isn’t Journey. I was going to listen to this for a little while then walk my dog.

  5. Richard Harris says:

    Where are the photos we were promised? 🙂
    I really want to see the movie screen.

  6. adamb says:

    love the podcast! also love the call for a dark souls show in the comments. i get a wierd type of upset when people who love video games don’t try this game; best since zelda ocarina of time IMO. you should play the game and then podcast bout it… love the show either way, but dark souls…seriously

  7. Amy D. says:

    I love the Davis Theater! It’s the best place to go when you’re a little drunk and want to go see a movie.

  8. TheIrishGuy says:

    Hearing you guys talk about how intensely scary Silent Hill was, I couldn’t help but post my very first Nerdist comment.

    Being a guy who admittedly has never been particularly frightened when playing Horror games, I had always distanced myself from the genre. That is, until I discovered “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”.

    No other horror game has ever made me jump so much as Amnesia. If you’ve never heard of Amnesia, I’d advise you to look it up on Youtube to get a sense of what it’s about.

    You have no weapon. All you have is a torch. And your being pursued by a single monster.

    I would love to hear Kumail would have to say about this game. It would be really interesting.

  9. luigifreak says:

    Loving the show, the Bioshock delay sucks but I’m all for delays if the games turn out better.

    Still plenty to look forward to this year though, Halo 4 in November!

  10. First you guy’s convinced me to give Mass Effect another try. Now after hearing about Journey, I kind of want a PS3. This show is going to be very dangerous for my wallet….

  11. Tom F says:

    You should definitely give Diablo 3 a try!

  12. Finally someone who knows about games is on the show!

    I hope Kufail and co don’t bore her to death too.
    hahah kufail, I just made that up… I should have a show on Nerdist!!

    I kid, I kid,
    grrrreeaat work as always.


  13. SteveR667 says:

    I think the makers of Silent Hill 2 were looking at a map of the uk when naming their protagonist, I’m from a city called Sunderland.

    Excellent show, once again.

  14. Don says:

    From Chicago, LOVE the Davis theater. Went there for A-Team and got a twilight commemorative cup. Awesome place, love the drop.

  15. bsg says:

    The arcade Journey game was pretty friggin badass in the day. It had a cassette player inside the cabinet that played Journey songs at certain points of the game. Way better than Revolution X.

  16. Michael says:

    Do an episode about Dark Souls. I know it came out last year but not nearly enough people played that game.

  17. Ben Z says:

    Just wanted to give a heads up. Amazon doesn’t always give better rates on video game trade-ins than Gamestop. I recently traded in a bunch of games to Gamestop (because they were giving a large bonus). Even without the bonus, there was only one of my games that Amazon gave more for (and that was only 25 cents more!). After the bonuses, it was no contest.

  18. Nick says:

    I kinda wish you guys would record new ad/intros >.>

  19. Mik says:

    Since you like Silent hill 2, try Siren: Blood Curse, its SH2 on crack with 3 dead babys around its neck…..

  20. andrew says:

    Journey is incredible. You didnt talk about the music which I think really completes the game. I enjoyed flow and flower but both seemed to be practice for journey.

  21. Ben Clarkson says:

    I love Kumail less for making fun of Hawkeye’s costume. Its majestic.

  22. Jon says:

    Just want to say I like the new format. Personally I always found Side Quest to be too short, so this is a definite plus for me!

    Great show as always, and thanks for taking the time to record so us poor cubicle monkeys have something to blur out the back-at-work realisation for an extra hour.

  23. Jake says:

    My favorite survival horror is Deadly Premonition. It is so creepy and has such a unique atmosphere and the sound is excellent.

  24. Bobby G says:

    Kumail and Emily, if you love Law and Order you need to watch the EP of Community called “Basic Lupine Urology.”

  25. Emily says:

    @krantus- nope, we give no spoilers away whatsoever, you can totally listen to this episode before playing Journey!

  26. Geoff says:

    While it does suck that Bioshock Infinite is being pushed back, its hardly a blackhole this fall.

    I’m excited about Borderlands 2. And I’ve you guys (+Pete Holmes+Steve Agee) talk about the great first game.

  27. krantus says:

    Should I play Journey before listening to this? I’ve been too busy catching up with assassin’s creed before the new one comes out to play it yet

  28. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    The sirens from those first 3 games still give me chills.

  29. Russ says:

    I just beat Silent Hill 2 last night and I can’t wait to play through it again for some of the other endings. I beat it on ps2 originally, but I forgot so much about it. I love that game.