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Episode 44: The Indoor Kids
Skullgirl Talk with Mike Z…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #44: Skullgirl Talk with Mike Z and Alex Ahad!

This week, The Indoor Kids sit down with Mike Z and Alex Ahad, the respective game designer and creative director of Skullgirls, to find out all the dirt. How did these two create such a badass game? How did they meet? How did they get into the business of creating games? Who is their favorite character? Tune in to find out!


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  1. ColonelForbin says:

    Amazing to hear Mike Z and Alex on this pod. They are two great guys, and Mike makes such a great guest. They are both very knowledgeable about the in-depth mechanics of fighting games, and are pretty damn good at explaining the high, tournament level stuff to the layman. Almost as good as James Chen and Ultradavid. I would love for you guys to get more…’high level’ video game players on the show. Besides just comedians and devs. More people from inside the gaming community in general. From tournament level starcraft/halo/counterstrike/fighting game players, to well known editors of gaming publications/reviewers, people like Scott Sharkey, Jeff Gerstmann, Jeff Green. Lots of interesting, funny people in the gaming industry that would make great guests!

  2. Sean says:

    This was an awesome episode. Would love to hear more from developers.

  3. Kyle Steed says:

    I’ve listened to this episode three times now. It’s really enjoyable listening to passionate people in the industry talk about games.

  4. Ryan says:

    Great episode! I hope you are able to get more game designers on. Even tho I never played Skullgirls and I am not a fighting game fan I still loved hearing about how it got made. It was also really cool to hear how Mike and Alex were able to make their dream happen for themselves.

  5. This imo was easily one of your best podcasts to date, just awesome all the way through. Thanks!

  6. Whoa! I feel like I just took a course in fighting game design. You guys discussed stuff that hadn’t even occurred to me or stuff I understood on a very basic level just by the virtue of playing fighting games all of these years. To hear it broken down like that, wow. This imo was easily one of your best podcasts to date, just awesome all the way through. Thanks!

  7. Cosby Sweaters says:

    Those guys were so cool & funny

  8. Taylor Darnall says:

    Heh, great cast. I absolutely love Mike Z.

    I think the Indoor Kids were out-nerded on this one, ha. Especially with that X-Band stuff.

  9. bob says:

    great podcast!

    tired of people telling you video games are meaningless? play foldit

    does your console or computer sit idle? run [email protected]

    please talk about kickstarter or skyrim mods or spore or creativity in gaming or games where you can make your own maps or content (trackmania, little big planet) or games that make you smarter (lumosity)

    emily is so smart and hot

  10. onReload says:

    So glad to see these guys on the podcast, and I love hearing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff. I really want to start a references list, just in aesthetic/writing, there’s so many games included.

    I have to wait for the dang PC release, but maybe this means I’ll get to see if they’re able to add even more content…most importantly, the word “Gronk”.

  11. Blackula Jonez says:


    Finally I get a fighting game episode. Between games like this, Journey, Fez, Trails Evo, Walking Dead, Sine Mora some of the best summer games are on xbla/psn.

    Yo Kumail you picking up Akai Katana?

  12. SHOGUN says:

    Skullgirls, such a great fighting game.