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Episode 42: The Indoor Kids
What Came First- The…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #42: What Came First- The Chicken Rollers or the Easter Eggs? (with Dominic Dierkes)

Today Kumail and Emily welcome Indoor Kid favorite Dominic Dierkes (@dominicdierkes) to discuss some of the oldest, biggest, best, and most elusive Easter Eggs in video game history! We run through early ones up through the eggs of today, and why we love them. And then there’s also talk about Mortal Kombat character ethnicities. Plus Kumail gets some odd food from a 7 Eleven and we can’t seem to stop talking about it.


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  1. Gimpydingo says:

    There is also an easter egg in the NES version of A boy and his blob. I found this when I rented the game when it first came out. I can’t find any posts online relating to it, so maybe no one else has found it.

    From what I remember you need to make it past the “sewers” at the beginning of the game. Once you find a place that has ground that goes from one screen to the next (no levels underneath) make a hole (I think ketchup jelly bean?). Step in the hole and wiggle (yes wiggle) the pad left and right and have the boy walk in and out of the hole. Call back the blob and if done correctly your feet are slightly under the ground. At this point you can run to the right, through walls and enemies (I think enemies as well) and you can run to the end of the game. If you walk pass the last boss there is a poem about a cat stuck in a tree and needing a ladder.

  2. Gimpydingo says:

    Indiana Jones was a tough game on the 2600. I played it so much as a child. You needed to use two joysticks, one for the character and one for the inventory, since there was only one button on the controller. I never knew about the easter egg, but know exactly what you are talking about with the mesa field and parachute. I remember beating the game, I don’t think I did everything I needed too. The Ark at the end of the game would raise higher and higher based on your score/how well you did. I have to give it a try again on an emulator.

  3. Anonymous Burrito says:

    Seconding what ironring said. Yar’s Revenge is one of the games I always play when I go on a 2600 bender. The initials are fairly easy to bring out, I won’t say how since it’s something you’re likely to stumble upon, (or you can just google for the damn thing.) I’m sure every kid who had the game found it by accident; and thought the Atari broke since the game comes to an abrupt halt when it happens.

    And I’m sure the Quotile is 110% flamin’ gay.

  4. ironring says:

    Hey, guys, great episode. Perhaps Yar’s Revenge was a little before your time, but probably was my all time favourite game on the 2600 when I was a kid. If you get the chance to play it, give it a try. I bet that it still holds up 🙂

  5. btribble says:

    Just popping in to mention another favorite easter egg of mine – the original Metroid had areas that were normally completely hidden. If you use a certain technique called “door jumping” you can get to them, and they are extremely bizarre. They look like unfinished areas that are full of glitchy stuff that can cause you to travel offscreen, or otherwise get stuck.

  6. Stevie says:

    Semantics. Saying “That is a thing that is racial in nature” is not as funny as “That’s racist.”

    Even ” Laticia the trash lady” is not racist, racism is action based on prejudice (not hiring based on race, hate crimes). But luckily this is just a comedy podcast and it matters literally zero.

  7. onReload says:

    Well for one thing, saying out loud “that’s racist” or something breaks the awkward tension, and lets people move past things instead of constantly having to start a discussion on “What is too far/Where do you draw the line?”, and some people would see perpetuated stereotypes as racism; even if it’s not the worst thing in the world.

    I don’t think they really mean to condemn anything by calling it racist, we all do it here and there…and when you’re joking around with people, it’s more fun to go to the most extreme conclusion. I wouldn’t take it too seriously, I don’t think anyone’s passing heavy value judgment based on these tiny things. Maybe I’m wrong!

  8. Daniel says:

    I don’t want to shake things up or get tense, but guys, isn’t “racist” being a little too overused and misused on these podcasts? When Kumail said the guy writing “Congraturation” into the game he made, I think I said out-loud, “Really?!” (during the discussion of the man proposing to his girlfriend via video game easter egg) It seems like a nod to how old video games, either written in Asia or translated from one of their languages, had dialogue lost in translation, producing typos. During this and the first Dominic Dierkes episode, there seemed to be little distinction made from “portraying stereotype” or “lack of being politically correct” and full-blown racism, indicating utter hate for an ethnicity. From merely speculating on a Mortal Kombat or Mario character heritage to the outwardly offensive Laticia the trash lady, there’s no real distinction made. I don’t understand the ethics here of tip-toeing around any things racial, and calling out the wrong things for insensitivity. It’s Just wanted to bring that up, because it has honestly (and respectfully) been bothering me.

  9. Zac says:

    “Congraturation” is an in-joke relating to the ending of “Ghosts’n Goblins” for the NES. GnG was known for its extreme difficulty (I think two hits killed you), and after beating the game, you had to beat it a second time to get the “good ending”. And the good ending was mangled English. If anyone was racist, it was the original Japanese programmers.
    I’m also disappointed you didn’t mention the easter egg in Adventure, which was the first video game easter egg ever. Adventure was released on the Atari 2600 in 1979. You play a guy, represented by a square who fight dragons (who looked more like giant ducks). You need to bounce up against a certain wall to pick up a gray dot (which you can’t see because the floor in that room is gray as well). You need to carry the dot into a certain room, then take two more objects into that room, then a black line will start flashing and you can walk past it. And you get to see the programmer’s name. BSG above explains why that was so popular.

  10. Alec says:

    I can’t remember if it was Heretic or Hexen, but I laughed when I put in the doom cheat code ‘iddqd’ and it slashed my health down to one point, and ‘idkfa’ replaced all my weapons with a little stick.

    Also, Apogee was other half of 3DRealms. 3DR was the in-house developer and Apogee published other peoples’ games.

  11. onReload says:

    The Easter Egg in Doom II that Kumail might have been talking about:
    Though it’s worth noting, I remember that in Quake III (I adore that game), if you typed certain names/phrases to the bots, they’d respond. For example, if you typed something like “CARMACK SUCKS”, some of the bots would scold you. John Carmack’s severed head was also in that game, but I guess for Doom II they settled on John Romero being the Easter Egg.

    Here’s one I’ll throw onto the pile:

    Mario’s face becomes Wario’s in PilotWings64:


    In the original Deus Ex, if you threw a basketball into the hoop in Battery Park, a status message of “Sign him up for the knicks!!” would pop up. Later, in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, doing the same thing would net you an achievement. Hmmm. There’s a few Easter-Eggy references in DX:HR that relate to the original DX.

    I could go on and on, but I’m sure a lot of people can too! Great episode, I love Dominic and all of the Derrick guys, glad to hear from him again.

    Also, one time at a party, I opened Cakefarts on a friend’s computer (which at the time looped) and left it on, blasting into his bedroom. Any new guest was then instructed to go “check it out.” It would have been more of an Easter Egg had I not been so excited to make people go watch it.

  12. Max G. says:

    @Emily: Every guy wants to shit on a girl? Where the hell did you get that from? Also, I think it is the other way around. Every girl wants to shit on a guy. I know that a lot of guys would like that. If you read the comments at a lot of different places, you would find that a lot of people are into coprophilia. I say whatever turns you on is fine as long as it is consentual. We are all into different things.


    I love it when the show goes off the rails and into some weird places. I love you guys.

  13. bsg says:

    Back in the Atari days, programmers did not receive any credit for their work. (That was one of the major reasons why David Crane and Garry Kitchen founded Activision). Programmers like Warren Robinnette, Howard Scott Warshaw, Rob Fulop, and others hid their initials via convoluted easter eggs because they wanted credit for their work. If these easter eggs could be found during play testing, the code would’ve been removed before being burned into cartridges. Howard Scott Warshaw produced a great documentary on the Atari called “once Upon Atari”. chekc it out.
    Howard Scott


  14. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Thanks all for listening and enjoying! Dominic is one of our favorite guests too. We would love to do a series on Easter eggs so please let us know if you guys know more awesome ones.

    I promise I will never eat another chicken roller in my entire life.

    And Emily saw 5 year engagement last night. They had to cut a lot of the improv stuff but as you guys said, that’s just how it goes. It was awesome being on the set. And Emily says the movie is great!

    I really feel like we aren’t far from the first gay main character in gaming. As you said, would give that person sort of a unique perspective.

  15. Nick says:

    I’m intrigued by the idea of a gay main character in a video game, a question that came up in the last 20 minuets. Dierkers joked “isn’t Max Payne gay?” no, but why can’t another character just like him be gay? With dramatic stories becoming more important in today’s games it seems it would only be a matter of time before there is a gay main character; its different and comes with the drama of being socially stigmatized, making him/her an outsider from moment one. Just a thought.

  16. Will_Jac says:


  17. Will_Jac says:

    Want to feel old/know that I’m a douche?

    I only knew the Midway “Toasty!” thing because it’s sampled in Skeillex’s remix of Reptile’s theme. And I didn’t know what it was until I heard this episode. Doucheeee chillllll.

  18. Jake says:

    Speaking of 5 year engagement, and how people propose, I saw a news story where a man proposed to his girlfriend after an early screening of the 5 Year Engagement during the actors Q&A. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt were both there in the background watching it unfold, it was pretty touching.

  19. Aj says:

    The most pointless but funny easter egg I remember, was the cheese in Perfect Dark. Served NO purpose whatsoever, but entertained me for some reason!

  20. BJ says:

    Oh wow, and it all ties back to the podcast lol. I feel like in that live show there was a lot of discussion of Kumail’s filming running long; I’m gonna go ahead and jump to the conclusion that there were some magical Apatow style improv riffs going on and Kumail was killing it so hard with the extemporaneous ad libs that they couldn’t stop rolling. I didn’t expect to be pumped for this movie but between this and the WTF with Kevin Hart I’m definitely starting to get big expectations. Just crossing my fingers they kept Kumail’s best bits, that editing room can be a cruel bitch, wishing we got more in the trailer… Congrats again sure you are both super proud/pumped

  21. Emily says:

    Yup, BJ, that’s Kumail in the red band trailer of Five Year Engagement, and that scene is why he didn’t make it to the first live Indoor Kids show. Fairly worth it, overall, I would say!

  22. BJ says:

    Btw it’s the redband trailer I think. Just a quick shot hope it’s not just some random pakistani extra lol. That laugh is pretty unmistakable though, not pete holmes level, but still.

  23. BJ says:

    Anyone think the girl from the Easter Egg proposal maybe just didn’t want to deal with being proposed to via video game and saw it but ignored it. Dude had probably been holed up developing this game, probably not a great time to pop the question via a medium she doesn’t like when you’re not even in the same room as her…

    Also sweet Kumail sighting rocking some chefs duds in The Five Year Engagement trailer, can’t wait to see more. Congrats man just being on Apatow’s radar is huge!

  24. Matthew says:

    start is the lonliest number.

  25. SHOGUN says:

    Not sure if this classifies as an Easter Egg, but does anybody remember in Duck Hunt, that if the 2nd controller is plugged in addition to the light gun being plugged in, that the 2nd player can control the ducks by moving the d-pad around?

    There was also an Easter Egg, more like glitch cheat, in the first Double Dragon to gain more hearts and special moves.

  26. Fantas! says:

    Good episode, Dominic is indeed a great guest. Random Kierkegaard reference at the end. Is Kumail into philosophy or has he been watching Woody Allen recently?

  27. Jack Conroy says:

    Gran ma ma = Larry Johnson

    Best Hidden character = Chow Chow

  28. John Rosenberger says:

    @billy price, If I remember correctly, the concept behind the Granmama character was Converse’s way of showing that balling was in Larry Johnson’s blood.

  29. Josh Monken says:


  30. billy price says:

    Great episode, dominic is one of my favorite guests.

  31. billy price says:

    Gran ma ma was larry johnson dressed like an old lady for a shoe comercial. Don’t ask me why.

  32. Brodie Spears says:

    Did everyone there eat the Chicken Rollers? Should probably eat them more often…heard things I never thought I would….but I loved it.