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Episode 34: The Indoor Kids
Live Episode No. 2: Match…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #34: Live Episode No. 2: Match-Ups!

It’s another The Indoor Kids Livestravaganza, as we invite Blair Herter (G4’s Attack of the Show, Feedback) & DC Pierson (Derrick Comedy, author of “The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To”) to discuss such important topics as Parappa The Rappa, the Soul Calibur series, & the worst roommates in gaming. And match-ups! Bubsy vs. Alex Kidd! Sega Genesis vs. Super Nintendo! Plus, super special appearances by Matt Mira & Jessica Chobot!

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  1. Dylan says:

    I’m working my way through this podcast from the beginning, and I really enjoy it about 90% of the time… but some of the guests (and occasionally Emily, and sometimes Kumail) can make some kind of shitty “jokes” or comments that are somewhat cringe or headache-inducing. It’s not usually blatantly sexist, misogynistic, or homophobic (now and then it is), but its takes a weird, casual form when it happens. I actually think Emily and Kumail are each pretty pleasant and for the most part very progressive/liberal-minded in their attitudes.. Its just these occasional moments..

    I guess there’s no point to be making a comment on such an old episode. I’m just hoping it lessens as I progress in episodes. Otherwise I understand that it may just be the way the hosts/their friends and guests are (personality-wise). If that’s the case, I’ll stop listening..

  2. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Thanks for listening guys! This was super fun to do, and glad you guys liked it.

    Sega Genesis all the way! I had an SNES too, much later, but my Sega Genesis was my first game console, and nothing will top playing Golden Axe & Altered Beast & Shinobi for me. Very few video game experiences come close to the first time I saw a guy transform into a werewolf. SNES was great, yes. And A Link to the Past may be my single favorite game of all time. BUT. Genesis man. It does what Nintendon’t. These are the facts.

    I just pissed off Miranda to. Sucks. I had my eye on her, and weird boobs.


  3. Lydia says:

    No, dummy, being excited doesn’t make you smart or funny — being smart and funny makes you smart and funny, and luckily, Emily wins on both counts. Enthusiasm is just a bonus!

    Great episode! I nominate Moira from Fallout 3 for worst roommate. “I forgot to pick up milk on my way home! Can you do it? The only problem is there might be some tiiiiiiny little poisonous gas clouds in the supermarket. But you can just hold your breath, right? Okay, see you soooon!”

  4. Skataneric says:

    Also, I had a save game before the relay jump. I used that to hook up with them all to see if there was any difference. There really wasn’t … Shepard gets jumped by them all.

  5. Skataneric says:

    Sorry for the multiples. My phone had an error pop up that said the post didn’t work

  6. Skataneric says:

    Sega Genesis wins for only one reason – Sega Channel. The most bad ass thing for a console ever. I had it and loved it.

  7. Skataneric says:

    Sega genesis…. only one reason needed

    Sega Channel

    Best thing ever for a console in its time. Yes I had it.

  8. Skataneric says:

    Sega genesis…. only one reason needed

    Best thing ever for a console in its time.

  9. Emily says:

    Hey, thanks for the specific and charming criticism Ju! Enough indeed!

  10. Ju says:

    Enough. Emily’s high tone voice got me out. Screaming and being over exited don’t make you neither smart, nor funny.

    • onReload says:

      Well, now you have to consider: Were too exCited, or too exited? Hmmm. Maybe he wants more of your voice!

  11. Ben Z says:

    Sega Genesis for sure. Another game that was better on Genesis than SNES? Aladdin! I’m pretty sure every game that was on both systems was done better on Genesis. Like Maximum Carnage.

    • UberFab says:

      Agreed, Ben. Virtually every game that was on both the Genesis and the SNES was almost always better on the Genesis. Hell, just to focus on one game maker, it’s like EA wasn’t even trying when they translated games to the SNES.

      The SNES’s games were much more directed towards a younger audience. Whereas the Genesis’s game seemed much more mature.

      Sure, the SNES has some gems, such s Zelda, Final Fantasy 2 & 3, one of my all-time fave game Super Metroid, but so did Genesis with had Star Control, the Phantasy Star series, and the Shinobi’s.

      Overall as a whole, Genesis’s games when comparing one on one, were much more in-depth, had better graphics, and sound..

  12. mike says:

    I wish these live episodes were on video…hmmmmm.

  13. Robbie Keizer says:

    Okay SNES had a WAY better library of games Sega just scuked other then Sonic. Thats all there is to it.

    Also Melinnia needs a metal mask on her head, not a paperbag. Also I agree with Emily as well that doggystyle would be the way to go & convently enough doggystyle is my fav postion so it works out……until she manages to bite her way the fucking metal mask and Preymantis on my ass while fucking her O_0

  14. UberFab says:

    Just like Kumail, I’d do Melina in a heartbeat!
    But no bj’s, of course.

  15. Mike D says:

    SNES will always be supreme over the Genesis. Nintendo was always the one coming up with the original ideas and SEGA would just copy it. (Kind of like SNK always taking ideas from Capcom.) The SNES had better sound and graphics, and mode 7 kicked ass.

    I ended up with Tali in Mass Effect 2, but only after I pissed off Miranda to the point she didn’t want to deal with me anymore.

  16. onReload says:

    I’d fuck Mileena. Any damn way she pleases.

    …and yeah, there is plenty of “fan art” for her out there, so Kumail and I are not the only ones.

    Also to the guy who talked about the versions of SNES: weren’t there 3 Geneses? And I don’t recall having trouble with my SNES…hmmm…

  17. Stephen says:

    The intro reminded me of Eureka’s Castle. Picnic time!

  18. Chris says:

    I was at the show (guy with the nomad) and it was fricken hilarious you come on trolls, this podcast is hilarious and free back off that means you Howard D. Also when is the next live show so i can get tix

  19. Kevin says:

    Best Promo intro Ever!

  20. Howard D says:

    I am so disappointed that the so called comedy has come down 2 rape jokes and racism…. I know U can do better.. and I know U are better then this..

  21. Paul says:

    But why is DC Pierson’s book title wrong in the description box?

  22. HardlyWalken says:

    Hi guys,

    First of all, great episode. Kumail’s increasingly desperate “Who WOULDN’T fuck Mileena?!?!?!” to an increasingly judgmental room really cracked me up.

    I asked on Twitter and got no response, but I’ll try again here: Did you guys play Mass Effect 1 before you started playing Mass Effect 2?

  23. sad panda says:

    This could not be viewed on my PSVITA. Son, I am disappoint.

  24. Oh my goodness. I just listened to your second live show. I should state that I listen to your podcast at work (with headphones, because you guys are filthy fuckers). I was laughing so hard I my co-workers wanted to know what is going on. Alas I am the resident nerd (geek) in the office.
    I told them it was a podcast about video games, and comedians. For some reason they couldn’t see how it would be funny. (After the what is a podcast question) Anyways thanks for making me laugh so hard.

    Some comments: It is about time you guys started playing Mass Effect. I am both sadden and happy the final installment is coming out soon. I also want to thank you about getting me into Skyrim. I hope my constant ravings about Mass Effect played a small part in getting into that game, as you have conversely got me into Skyrim.

    Something to add to your arguement about Sega Genesis. Hello Madden Football and NHL Hockey. I don’t even watch those sports and loved those games. Also NHL Hockey made a sweet cameo in Swingers, which is a film that doesn’t suck. Any cameos in good films for Nintendo. I don’t think so.

    Coming soon to a movie theatre near you.

    Two room mates living together after being recently single: Kratos and Psycho Mantis are the Odd Couple Part 2.

    Joshua from Seattle.

  25. Chris H. says:

    Best indoor kids yet! more live shows ASAP!


  26. Rob P says:

    awesome show , 150+ hours on skyrim damn! i only played like 50 waiting for DLC now.

  27. LevelledUp says:

    Good podcast overall but one minor thing: was weird to hear a repeat of the exact same anecdote about the guy sneaking out to get Skyrim while his date waited, telling it like he’d never said it on the podcast before. Not a big deal, just odd. Next time tell Matt to talk more. 🙂

  28. Matt C. says:

    Heres a soul calibur wiki, I didn’t look through it so it might no be what you were looking for

  29. ThrowAway78 says:

    Mellencamp nowhere, y’all.

  30. Slaw says:

    I believe that the intro song to the brilliant Chris Elliott early 90’s show “Get A Life” was “Stand” by REM, not “Life is a Highway,” but it was an easy mistake as both were horribly overplayed songs of the era.

    Thank you for making the podcast available early on Monday mornings! It makes my Monday commute bearable.

  31. Andrew says:

    great intro. you guys are adorable.