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Episode 33: The Indoor Kids
Kevin Pereira is a F*cking…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #33: Kevin Pereira is a F*cking Genius

Kevin Pereira (host of G4’s Attack of the Show) comes in to talk about his gaming history, about running bulletin boards at 9, and about getting to 2nd base in a pizza restaurant at 12. At 12, you guys. His story should be made into a movie starring Matthew Broderick.
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  1. A says:

    He mentioned Wetrix and Chu Chu Rocket. The Dreamcast was my first console, and those two games, and Sonic Adventure, are the reason that I became a gamer.

  2. Gimpydingo says:

    Awesome! Kalisto and Echelon were THE release groups in the DC days. I had a hotline server to trade 0 day DC games. Those were the days. I still have my DC and all the games, most are selfboot, but still need that utopia bootloader with the reindeer. Making those GD Roms fit on a CD and all the tricks to compress or rip movies and music. Those were the days.

    And Kevin, Too Human was horrid game 😉

  3. Ben says:

    I completely disagree with the dismissal of Call of Duty’s single player. Pertaining to CoD 1-3 I don’t think anyone cared about the multiplayer component, it felt like a medal of honour knock off. I love Modern Warfare’s story, I rented the second just to play through the story, as I’m not interested in the multiplayer.

    Other than that, loving the podcast, binging on it podcast at the moment =)

  4. Ginj says:

    God me too! I remember watching the softcore sex scene in 7th guest with my friends over and over, and listening to the soundtrack like it was cool. I got into BBS’ing when I was 10 too, and it seemed like I was the only girl in my toll-free calling area. One time I invited a sysop kid to my house to hang out. He was an effing ogre. The biggest, fattest, 14 year old I’d ever seen. Oh internets <3

  5. MajorTool says:

    GREAT! This episode really hit home. Kevin’s childhood and gaming history really paralleled mine. And when he mentioned 7th guest and Myst at the end I wanted it to keep going for another hour :(.
    Please have an episode with Kevin again where you talk about the old puzzle games, graphic adventure games, and Dreamcast! please!

  6. DerVorbote says:

    I’m a software architect that was looking for something to listen to at work when I ran out of my usual shows. I was not sure I’d like this one at all but it turned out to be awesome! I won’t miss another episode!

  7. Tony C says:

    I alway loved the story aspects of the Twisted Metal games. they ending are so deranged and have a great twist(i guess pun intended) that they make the SP worth playing

    FYI: the playstation online service is still PSN, the accounts are now under the SEN division

  8. Colin White says:

    Sometimes you guys really prove your weight on the podcasts. I never would have though Kevin was so good with computers. I had a a similar story except I never left computing. Very cool. Also I thought you might like this pick with a crazy clown in the back:

  9. I just experienced a crazy coincedence. After hearing this interview, I got an email announcing winner of the “best ad of the week” contest, judged by Kevin Pereira.

  10. ironring1 says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say in my last comment: great episode, guys. I really enjoyed the discussion. Keep up the great work!

  11. ironring1 says:

    The topic of no one caring about single-player mode on Call of Duty Modern Warfare… I’ll out myself as potentially the only person who does care, but I SO CARE ABOUT THE SINGLE PLAYER PLOT!!! My first CoD game was MW2, and I enjoyed the plot a lot, so much that I went backwards (usually a bad idea) and played the first Modern Warfare game. I was pumped for MW3, ’cause I really wanted to see how they wrapped up the story, and I was SO PISSED about how awful (and short) it was. Yeah, the “inspirational” quotes when you die were stupid, and frankly embarrassing when a non-gamer friend was over and wanted to try it out… But seriously, I really enjoyed the plot (until they ruined it in MW3).

  12. Robbbbeeeeerrrrrt says:

    Ditto on that Dreamcast episode!

    I was just old enough to have my first job as a little-league scorekeeper that made 10 bucks a game when Dreamcast came out so I was crushed after saving up, purchasing, and then a year or so later having Sega announce they were done with it…

    Bring on the nostalgia! 🙂

  13. Vincent S says:

    This was a better podcast episode on Kevin Pereira compared to the nerdist on they did on NerdMelt/ Meltdown. He was oddly self-“destructive” (maybe not as strong) on that Nerdcast and he’s fcking amazing with AOTS, always. I think is was the many eyes watching Kevin directly in Nerdmelt that really stopped him from relaxing and he had his guard up for most of it.

    😀 enjoyed this one. I didn’t grow up in the western world for most of my adolescence and had a completely different experience because of it. Good to know that this was how the early internet worked.

  14. gary says:

    I think Kumail has found his Dreamcast Soulmate in Kevin.

  15. Michael says:

    As a fellow former 12-year old WWIV BBS SysOp, Kevin is giving me some hardcore deja vu.

  16. jake rutkowski says:

    There’s a couple episodes under the nerdist umbrella that really stand out. This is definetly one of them, i’ve looped this one at least like.. 10 times in the background while playing league of legends. Kevin’s comining up story is absolutely amazing, he’s such a cool dude. Instantly one of my favorites among the pete holmes jake and amir ep. and the todd glass sara silverman ep.

  17. Lydia says:

    Dear Kumail, I love you and Emily and all of your guests and Bagel because you are very funny and lovable and have a wonderfully intelligent video game show! By the way, this comment counts for 12 negative comments so you should be good for a while.

    Also: this weekend we bought a “Tri System” (NES/SNES/Genesis combo) and went down memory lane with some games we used to love…and found out that a lot of them are ridiculously hard and terrible (I’m looking at you, “Bubsy” and “The Lion King”…). Have you ever had this happen? I wonder how we put up with such cruel fake-difficulty in games when we were kids! You could do a “nostalgia/disillusionment” episode. Or not. That might be too sad. Just a thought, though.

  18. bclikesyou says:

    really, really want you guys to do a dreamcast episode.

    also – hunting down and starting shenmue because of this podcast.

  19. Ben Z says:

    This podcast makes me think I wasted my childhood trying to make friends, play sports and play video games. I should have saved my video game money for a computer and the internet then learned how to code.

  20. Lauren says:

    Please bring Kevin back again. He was an amazing guest. All three of you guys together are awesome!

    When Kevin mentioned 7th Guest at the end, I got so pumped. That game was amazing! That game freaked me out more than any other game I have ever played! I’d like to hear what you guys thought of the older Sierra adventure games, as playing those took up a giant chunk of my childhood.

  21. Spray-Tan says:

    @ Blake

    Dark Souls is the sequel to Demon’s Souls and I loved that game.
    I’m surprised half of the Dark souls buyers never played the first one.

  22. BlakeW says:

    Have either of you played Dark Souls? I feel like Kumail would really enjoy it since it ‘s difficult and plays a like a survival horror.

    Great show! Kevin was a very interesting guest.

  23. Ben Clarkson says:

    I think I like Emily’s style because she also subscribes to the gaming school of shock and awe. Never stop jumping.

  24. Jack says:

    Hey Kumail, you don’t deserve to breath or exist..

  25. Mathew says:

    I am from Kevin’s hometown of Antioch. I will always be reminded of this podcast episode anytime I eat at the Straw Hat Pizza in town.

  26. Fausto rivera says:

    THIS SHOW SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKEDD REMIND ME TO NOT EVER LISTEN TO THIS STUPID PODC– kidding I love the show been a fan since the start. Btw kumail and Emily maybe one podcast you could get the old co host back for an episode and have it like she is an ex of the show or just tell stories of boobs I don’t care

  27. Rob B says:

    Hey Kumail, you’re a poopy-face! Yeah, that’s right. I just ruined your coffee. Deal with it!

  28. Tyler says:

    This episode was awesome. You need to have Kevin back as often as possible.

    In the episode you mentioned you love survival horror but haven’t found a good one in a while. You need to download a game called Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Its pretty cheap and one of the most horrifying games I have ever played.

  29. Slaw says:

    Long time G4-watcher, but never got into AToS or Kevin (Olivia was easier to like). I was blown away by all his “street-cred.” I didn’t realize how little I knew about Pereira and how much poorer I was for it.

    Great episode and please bring back Kevin in the future.

    Neither here nor there, but loved the discussion about the downfall of survival horror games.

  30. Nathan says:

    That was absolutely hilarious, more Pereira please!

  31. Sp4rK3Y says:

    @Joshua have you downloaded and played the demo for Mass Effect 3? You can play the multiplayer. It is only a co op game much in the way of Horde in Gears. It’s frickin amazing and in no way will take away from the single player. Also, this episode is awesome. Only problem I had was that it ended.

  32. Ryan says:

    Since you do ready EVERY comment, Kumail….

    The podcast is awesome. You and Emily are very funny!

  33. Mac says:

    I always look forward to this podcast, Kevin was very interesting. There was alot of talk about pirating games and I’ve never been clear on where Kevin stands on the issue. Looking forward to future episodes keep up the great work.

  34. I enjoyed the show. Don’t know how I feel about touching the boob comment. Yeah I don’t know how I feel about 400 plus hour games. I am playing Skyrim and have about 100 hours into it. So much do. I go off and doing side and miscellanous quests, but with that said I am enjoying it quite a bit.

    I have a job and have been getting games new, so I don’t understand what ridilicious things they are doing. Could you go more into detail.

    I don’t know what I am playing next. Probably the first batman game and then followed by the new one.

    Oh I will play mass effect 3, and I am irked they are having a multiplayer aspect in it. It drives me crazy.

    Oh you should do a show about games you are looking forward to in 2012.

  35. Kraken Attack says:

    Awesome. Everyone wishes they could go to LeetUp but damn it I live on the otherside of the country and need to work. I felt so young when you where talking about codes and dial up, bulletin boards and what not because I was then playing mini-golf games and learning adventure cd’s. I love the imense discussion on gaming and how studios are trying to give both great single player and equally great multi-player even though it’s not a game where multiplayer will last as long as say Battlefield 3 or Call Of Duty. I know Gamefly sponsors the podcast so you couldn’t talk about renting without biting the hand, I for one am not impressed with Gamefly buy more fusterated with Redbox, and they’re with renting games for both platforms even though say there’s ten different kiosk’s within walking distance of eachother. Hope Kevin returns after LeetUp because I could’ve happily listened for days.

  36. Reed says:

    I love that Emily mentioned the Star Wars port of Age of Empires… Galactic Battlegrounds!

    When I was a kid, I actually used the scenario editor of that game to make RPGs. They were super raw, and the code only had like 4 stat counters which you had to find a creative way to display… But I made some awesome stuff.

    This episode brought back great memories about modding and such as a kid… I was nowhere near as savvy as Kevin, but man, I amaze myself that I was modding Jedi Knight when I was 10. That game was perfect for modding, because it was simple to create content for but still looked great at the time… I made so many mods that NOBODY ever saw.

  37. David DaRosa says:

    Loved the episode! Kevin’s life story was awesome; coolest 12 yr old ever.

  38. mesna7797 says:

    When is this posting on I-tunes?

  39. John Edgington says:

    Great Episode guys!